Meanwhile, the northern underworld.

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In fuyaohai, a huge palace on the sea, Kun Shaoyu stands in front of the gate with his hand on his back and looks into the distance.

"Congratulations to you, young master, for your achievement in the highest Holy Land

On the square in front of the main hall, all the powerful Kunshi people of the largest family in the ancient northern Ming Dynasty, whether they are the king of Changting, the ordinary true saint or the supreme saint, bow down and salute.


Qingming is one of the eight great masters of Qingming. It is the first God of war of the young generation of Kun nationality. It is like a legend and is famous in the ancient area of Beiming.

He was dressed in a black robe with wide sleeves. His eyes were long and narrow, and his nose was straight and straight. Standing at will, he was able to shake for 90000 Li.

Then, in the nearby area, other strong people of all ethnic groups in the ancient Beiming region also bent down to salute and express congratulations.

One man's power, the whole audience!

Kun Shaoyu takes back his eyes, glances at the people in the square, and then turns to walk into the main hall.

From beginning to end, he looked calm.

But when he entered the hall, he seemed to think of something and said:

"I heard that not long ago, there was a strong man named Lintian in the ancient wasteland who killed the blood demon world upside down. Help me find out the details of this son."


In the corner, a gray figure of the old man appeared. He bowed his head and took orders, and soon disappeared in the hall.

"When xueqingyi goes back, I'm afraid he will be furious. I'll see what action he will take in the face of such humiliation."

Sitting on the only throne in the main hall, Kun Shaoyu thinks about it.


He doesn't care.

He was just curious whether xueqingyi, who was one of the eight great masters of Qingming, would personally kill this guy named Lintian.


There is no boundary of Yin.

"It's interesting that when we entered the secret place of Jue prison, the blood demon world was made by a man and lost face."

Dressed in a jade robe, his forehead is bright and clean, his sword eyebrows and stars are shining in the sky, and he feels thoughtful.

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The candle reflects the sky.

Qingming is one of the eight Jue, Yin Jue, the emperor of the ancient candle dragon!

"Damn it! It must be the guy

On one side, the candle reflected the snow and made a sudden angry sound.

The candle reflected in the sky, and there was a cold light in his eyes: "do you mean that Lintian was the guy who defeated you and other messengers in the ancient wasteland?"

"Absolutely not."

Zhu Yingxue gritted her teeth and said, "at the beginning, at the top of the soul refining building in Baiyujing, this guy was very arrogant. He was regarded as the first person in the ancient wasteland."

"I see."

The candle reflects the sky and nods.

"Brother, you have to avenge me! I don't want you to kill that guy. I just need to capture him alive. I want to tame him into a slave. I can only crawl under my feet all my life! "

As soon as she thought of her defeat in the ancient wasteland, she was so angry that her body trembled.

"Well, as you wish."

Candle Yingkong's eyes were soft and caressed his sister's head like a pet. His sister had never hated a person so much.

Since she has something to ask for, why does he not agree?

In the whole ethnic group, Emperor Zhu Yingkong is the most proud, but he only dotes on his younger sister.

"However, you'd better wait to see the reaction of xueqingyi. If you can kill people with a knife, why not?"

The candle is shining in the sky.


The world of Darrow.

In front of a sword house.

With the report of the attendants around him, a man wearing a feather coat, wearing a flying sword as a hairpin, and inserting his hair in a bun, slowly opened his eyes.

Deep in his eyes, it seems that there is a heavenly sword flashing, which can cut off all things and collapse the galaxy.

"Younger martial brother mu, you once fought with Lintian. What kind of person do you think this son is?"

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The voice of the man in feather coat is as loud as the sound of sword. It reaches the heart of the people and frightens people.

Sword clear dust!

He is the descendant of Tianjian Pavilion, the first sword sect in Daluo ancient region. He is one of the eight regions of Qingming. He is a rare swordsman in ancient times.

In the ancient region of Daluo, where the world is full of sword cultivation, the name of sword Qingchen is a dazzling existence like the sun in the sky.

His swordsmanship has long been the most powerful among his peers!

"It's very strong and domineering. Before becoming a saint, its combat power can almost compare with that of elder martial brother you. It gives people the feeling of unfathomable and unshakable."

Mu Jiexing looks complicated. He is still scared when he remembers the tragic defeat he experienced when he went to the ancient wasteland as an emissary.

"Oh, there are such characters in the ancient wasteland?"

It was Jian Qingchen who asked casually. At last, he was interested.

"I didn't expect that such an unexpected evil would emerge in the ancient wasteland, which has already declined. Now he has become a saint, and has caused a big disturbance in the blood demon world. It can be inferred that even in the holy land, he is not generally comparable."Take a deep breath and analyze carefully.

After listening to this, Jian Qingchen nodded and said, "it's really amazing. It's not surprising that such a peerless figure came into being after the ancient wasteland has gone down for thousands of years."

After a pause, he said with a smile: "however, it depends on whether he can bear the anger of xueqingyi. If he can survive from xueqingyi..."

The wood picks the star to erect the ear immediately.

But in the end, Jian Qingchen didn't say anything more.

He closed his eyes and meditated.

The wood picks the star to want to say, but finally still hold back.

He knew that such legendary figures as elder martial brother Jian Qingchen didn't need to remind himself.


Similar situations also occur in other areas of the nine domain battlefield.

The boundary of Jiuli.

Chi Wu Shu, one of the eight regions of Qingming, is the emperor of Chi nationality, the leader of the ancient region of Jiuli. He just gives a cold hum: "in the ancient wilderness, only this son can be seen, but he will die after all."

The world of Xingsha.

Shi POHAI, the direct descendant of the Shi family of the imperial family and the leader of the Xingsha ancient region, laughed with schadenfreude when he heard the news: "it's not pleasant to see the blood green clothes. Now, his blood demon world has suffered a big loss and his face is ruined!"

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Heaven and fire.

"Lintian? It's not enough to have only one ear. He can't change the situation that the ancient wasteland will lose after all! "

Lieqian, a descendant of the lie family of the emperor's family, is one of the eight great masters of Qingming. His voice is rumbling with disdain for evaluation.

The eastern mulberry kingdom.

Hua Hongxiao, who was bald, barefoot, fire pupil, and had a strange face, said only one thing after hearing the news: "this son will die, the ancient wasteland will be defeated, and the general trend can't be disobeyed!"

As the first orthodoxy of dongsang ancient region and the first direct disciple of Shintoism, no one dares to question his words!


Blood demon world.

The city of road protection, Desheng building.

Lord xueqingyi is back!

At this moment, I don't know how many eyes in the city are all gathered in Desheng building. Everyone is nervous and dare not go out.

The atmosphere of such a big city is eerie silence.

In the ninth floor hall of Desheng building, the air is frozen and oppressive.

The great figures from the major forces of the blood devil ancient region are on pins and needles one by one, their heads down, and their hearts are tense. They dare not look at the blood green clothes sitting on the central throne.

TA TA ta

The white and slender fingers of xueqingyi, tapping on the back of the chair, became the only sound in the hall.

He was still dressed in green, with thick black hair. He was sitting there lazily, holding his chin in one hand, and his scarlet eyes narrowed slightly, as if in meditation.

But no one knows what he is thinking at the moment.

The atmosphere became more and more depressing.

The great figures in the hall are almost all saints at the top of the mountain. They all exist like masters, but they are silent at this time!

In particular, bijianqiong, the sixth elder of the congenital demon sect, had pale cheeks, and was extremely nervous, nervous and scared.

A while ago, Lintian started a killing, which made them lose face and morale. Now, it has become a joke in the battlefield of the nine realms.

All this humiliation and hatred happened during the period when bijianqiong was in charge of the overall situation. How could he not feel uneasy?

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At the moment, he just felt like a prisoner waiting for trial.

For a long time, a sigh sounded, breaking the silence of the hall.


Hearing this sigh, bijianqiong suddenly fell to his knees and said in a trembling voice, "I'm the one to blame for everything. If you want to punish me, I'd like to bear it alone!"

All eyes turned.

On the main seat of the Central Committee, xueqingyi raised her scarlet eyes, glanced at bijianqiong, and said, "now, the other seven regions must be waiting to see our jokes. At this time, I don't care who is right or wrong."

Then he got up, stepped forward, lifted up bijianqiong, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "martial uncle, I don't blame you for this. Why should I kneel down?"

Bijianqiong was stunned, and then she was moved. The corners of her lips trembled, and she felt like tears.

No one knows how much suffering, fear and uneasiness he has been in these days since the brutal and bloody attacks.

Originally, he was ready to be punished.

But who ever thought that xueqingyi didn't ask for a crime!

"Qingyi, I'll make it up!"

Bijianqiong took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

All the other big people on the scene also showed their hatred. A Lintian, however, disturbed the blood demon world, causing them heavy casualties and becoming a laughing stock. He should be cut to pieces!

Xueqingyi smiles, returns to the seat, glances at the crowd, and says: "I'm sure I can't swallow this tone after such a big grievance. I'm waiting to see how I fight back."In the main hall, people are sitting in danger. They know that xueqingyi will make a decision on this matter!

"But how can I let them?"

Xue Qingyi suddenly sneered, "do you want to see me go down and kill Lintian? There is no door

All the people are stunned and don't take revenge?

This makes them unable to understand at all. How can they not take revenge for such a great feud?

It's said that their blood demons must be regarded as insufferable, weak and incompetent!

"Revenge, of course, but not now."

Xue Qingyi took a deep breath, tapping on the armrest of the chair with her fingers and opening her mouth calmly.

"This is a knife. Now it hurts us, and in the future it will hurt other people. At that time, I'd like to see if those who watch jokes can still laugh!"

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