Chapter 130. Arrived at the capital

Zhou Qing Bai didn't get what his mother was saying at first, but when he did, he was dumbfounded.

"Mother, it's not Qing He who needs a checkup. It's me." Zhou Qing Bai took it upon himself.

"Your checkup?" Zhou Mother froze for a moment. "What's wrong with you?"

"I'm afraid it reached the foundation that time I was seriously injured, so Qing He hasn't been able to have children until now." Zhou Qing Bai said.

It wasn't really taking all the responsibilities. He did have such a suspicion. Although the injury did not damage his lower body at that time, it was indeed heavy.

Most likely the reason was him. Otherwise, with his wife's belly's capability, why haven't she been pregnant until now?

It dawned on Mother Zhou. She was saying San Wa was already this big, why wasn't Fourth's wife pregnant yet. Could it be this was the reason?

"Did Da Wa's mother tell you off?" Zhou Mother couldn't help utter.

"No." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head, and then said: "Mother, it's enough that you and my father can take care of the boys for us then."

"Can't you do a checkup in the county hospital?" Mother Zhou couldn't resist saying.

"It's better to go to a big place. I'm afraid we won't get any result here." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

Mother Zhou sighed and said, "Then go. Just get Da Wa's mother to take good care of you. Father and Mother will keep watch at home."

Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Because of this, Mother Zhou couldn't taste the delicious dumplings in the evening. Her mind was full of worried.

"What did you tell Mother when making dumplings to make Mother so soulless?" Lin Qing He asked Zhou Qing Bai when going to sleep at night.

Zhou Qing Bai gave a simple rundown. Lin Qing He: "..."

You don’t have to doubt yourself. You hurt your upper body. I can assure you on the lower body, that your big brother is really strong and has no problem at all!

However, Zhou Qing Bai obviously felt this way. So even though it was Lin Qing He who wanted to go the capital this time, Zhou Qing Bai did want to check his body for any after effect.

Lin Qing He whispered: "Qing Bai, what to do if it's my problem?"

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "You won't have any problems."

It should be him, who couldn't make her pregnant. Her body was the type to be pregnant once touched.

Lin Qing He mourned for herself in her heart. She planned to wait until they went to the capital before confessing to him honestly. With only two people, it was easier to talk.

Now that there were so many people in the family, leave it.

Seven days later, Lin Qing He finished knitting Er Wa and Da Wa's vest. Zhou Qing Bai also saved a lot of firewood.

And this year, there were a lot of straw and cotton stalks allocated to their home. No need to completely rely on Zhou Qing Bai to get firewood, so they didn’t need that much.

Lin Qing He prepared a full pot of eggs for the family, which could be as much as four or five jins.

Other materials were also abundant. So Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai brought their marriage certificate and their travel certificates and headed out.

The three brothers especially wanted to follow, but there was no way. The two of them came out to do business, not to play.

Besides, the situation outside the village was much more severe. Lin Qing He wasn't willing to let the children take risks.

At this time, when a man and a woman go out, their marriage registration certificate must be brought with them, or they will be treated as an improper relationship between man and woman.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai also encountered few checks on the train.

The other person was aggressive. However, when he came across Zhou Qing Bai's obvious military aura as well as Lin Qing He's extraordinary speech, which was a clear indication of good origin, he didn't dare to be too presumptuous.

After checking that the two of them were husband and wife and they wanted to go to the capital to deal with a matter, they didn't say much.

But even like this, Lin Qing He still frowned.

"Now the situation outside is like this. Just endure and it'll be over." Zhou Qing Bai grasped her hand and said.

Lin Qing He nodded.

The way to the capital wasn't very short. Just a one-way journey took five days.

Have to say, the moment when Lin Qing He got off the train, she felt that she was alive again. She never imagined that the transportation was falling behind to this extent.

After riding on the transport for the whole way, Lin Qing He was drained. So without saying a word, she started to find a fairly good guest house with Zhou Qing Bai, showed the documents, and then opened a room.

After confirming the sanitary conditions, Lin Qing He finally fell into bed at once: "I will only come out this time. The next time I am invited, I will not come!"

My god, she didn't know how she endured the whole way.

"Go take a bath first." Zhou Qing Bai chuckled.

He was used to suffering, so he didn't find it unbearable. But he knew that his wife would definitely be tired.

Lin Qing He went to take a bath first. Zhou Qing Bai also went to take a bath. Both couples felt much refreshed before going to bed.

They really didn't get to sleep well along the way. Let alone Lin Qing He, Zhou Qing Bai himself was a little tired.

So the two had no time to eat and went to bed at once before they decide anything.

This sleep lasted it was really pitched dark. Zhou Qing Bai got up after two hours of sleep. In the end, his previous foundation was still there. After he got up, he saw that his wife was still asleep and did not disturb her. After going out to bring delicious food back, he woke his wife for a meal.

Lin Qing He was still very sleepy. She casually ate a bit and then went to sleep. The rest was finished off by Zhou Qing Bai.

Zhou Qing Bai continued to sleep after eating.

The two were asleep from early evening to early morning.

In the morning, Lin Qing He couldn't tell the difference between north and south. Once she moved, Zhou Qing Bai woke up too.

After sleeping for so long, her spirit had recovered a lot.

"What time is it?" Lin Qing He asked.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at his watch and said, "It's half-past seven."

"Slept that long!" Lin Qing He was also a little surprised. She really didn't expect to sleep for so long.

"Much better?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

"I'm fine, just tired." Lin Qing He stretched out comfortably.

After sleeping for such a long time, her body really felt a lot more comfortable. At least not like half-dead condition when she first arrived at the capital yesterday.

The two sprawled in bed for a while. When it was almost time, they got up to wash up and went out.

Lin Qing He was not in a hurry to collect things. First, she walked around with Zhou Qing Bai, and then came to the hospital that day.

Lin Qing He thought he would take her out for shopping, never expected him to bring her here.

"Let's go." Zhou Qing Bai led her.

Even in this era, even if the couple was married, they cannot hold hands when walking on the street and also can't walk too close.

"Qing Bai, I want to tell you something."

Lin Qing He looked at the hospital and sighed after a moment. She stood still and looked at Zhou Qing Bai with resignation.


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