Chapter 129. Have a body checkup

For the ordinary people nowadays, wasn't the happiest thing the moments right now?

This year's production was also a bumper harvest. As long as they worked hard, every household can get enough food for the winter.

Now the winter wheat had all been planted and the team had the meat divided as well. At the end of the year, it will be divided again. The common people can also eat a few good meals. These days were really beautiful.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou think so. Wasn't it the same for the others at their age in the village?

Especially for the elderly who have gone through three years of famine. It was a blessing to have a peaceful and stable life right now.

After dividing the meat, the food at home was indeed a grade better.

Although Lin Qing He lived a bit extravagantly according to the people in this era, in fact, her family really didn't eat meat for every meal.

Even if there was, it was some meat bits.

As for eggs, it can be eaten every day.

But it was only at not so eye-catching moment like now, where it was possible to openly take action.

Early the next morning, Zhou Qing Bai rode the bicycle to get firewood again. In the past two days, he had already gathered a lot of them and were left in the yard. Some weren't dry. At this time, the wind was a bit chilly, so it can only dry a bit.

Lin Qing He led Er Wa, San Wa, and Mother Zhou on making buns.

Yesterday's oil residues were still there. Even though the kids snacked a little, there was still a lot left. Although they were greedy for the oil residue, they knew that it was going to use for making buns today and knew to restrain themselves.

Counting the days, they haven't eaten meat buns for a long time.

In fact, the meat buns in Lin Qing He's space only had one-third left. Occasionally, she gave the three brothers one each.

Then she would say she bought it from the city, and it was only when they did not have meat at home she would give them.

Zhou Qing Bai also ate a few times. Afterward, whenever she gave it to him, he never ate it. Instead, he urged her to eat it herself.

Mother Zhou still had some understanding of Lin Qing He, this daughter-in-law, so she didn’t say anything about making buns today.

After breakfast, she started to help.

As for Father Zhou, he went out to chat with others. Before going out, he only asked what he would have for lunch when he returns.

White flour Buns, his most favorite.

Because Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were included, Lin Qing He made more. But because of the limited oil residue, not much was made.

Probably enough for one meal.

"It's enough for two meals. Cook some congee to go with it and leave some for later." Mother Zhou said.

According to Lin Qing He's thoughts, just having steamed buns for lunch was enough. At night, she wanted to make mushroom dumplings. However, after hearing Mother Zhou's suggestion, she didn't object.

It was fine to cook millet porridge to accompany it.

At noon, the buns were naturally very flavorful. With the palm-sized buns, Da Wa had three and drank a bowl of millet porridge.

Er Wa also ate three, but only drank a half bowl of millet porridge.

In the end, San Wa was still a bit small. Even if he had the heart to, he had no capacity to. He still ate two steamed buns and half a bowl of millet porridge.

With this volume, it caught up with Lin Qing He. Lin Qing He had one bun and two bowls of millet porridge.

She preferred to drink more millet porridge. As for this oily cabbage dumpling, her feelings toward it was so-so.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou had eaten a lot. The two of them were old but vigorous. Initially, the two had stopped at three each. However, Lin Qing He knew that it wasn't enough for the old couple and each of them was given one more.

After eating this, there wasn't much left of the buns made in the morning. Zhou Qing Bai returned after one in the afternoon. Lin Qing He heated the rest of the buns and the leftover millet porridge for him.

Five big buns and almost two bowls of millet porridge all ended in the belly.

There were only eight buns left from the morning, which was definitely not enough.

Mother Zhou's thoughts were too beautiful. She didn’t know that her youngest son’s fighting power as well as her grandchildren's weren't small.

Lin Qing He sent Zhou Qing Bai to sleep and she began to make the dough.

There were only eight buns left, how could that be enough. Adding a mushroom and pork dumplings was about enough.

Originally Zhou Qing Bai wanted to help, but Lin Qing He didn't need him. Just bit of work, how could it take two people?

Mushrooms have to be soaked in warm water. It was too late to use cold water. Once the dough finished rising, it should be mostly ready.

Zhou Qing Bai woke up after lying down for half an hour.

The dough was still rising. Lin Qing He was sitting on the Kang edge knitting clothes, which was for Er Wa. It was almost done. Da Wa was the only one left.

"I'll bring all the firewood back these few days, so let's have a trip." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"OK!" Lin Qing He chirped brightly.

"Can't bring the children." Seeing her perked up, Zhou Qing Bai's lip corner carried merriment.

"Why bring them? We have to go and have a two-person world, right? A bunch of little nuisance light bulbs." Lin Qing He said.

Although many vocabularies can't be heard, it didn't mean it can't be understood. Zhou Qing Bai was in a good mood.

"I have to knit out Da Wa's vest before departure. You will make the dumplings tonight." Lin Qing He directed.

Making dumplings was simple for Zhou Qingbai. At the force, he knew how to, even though his wife never had him to cook after returning home.

Mother Zhou brought little Su Cheng over at four o'clock. Now she often came over and it was great to talk to Fourth's wife.

She came across Zhou Qing Bai chopping the filling.

"Why are you making dumplings?" Mother Zhou asked.

"I have eaten a lot of steamed buns. There's not enough for tonight. Qing He asked me to make some." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"And Qing He?" Mother Zhou asked.

"She's knitting for Er Wa." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

"It's really not easy to take care of you father and sons." Mother Zhou also said truthfully.

She came here often and could witness it. It can be said that Fourth's wife was at home all day. In fact, throughout the day, she had no idle time.

Every time she came over, she saw Fourth's wife sewing the soles or knitting sweaters or reorganizing the garden in the backyard. If not, then she was preparing food for her youngest son, who had been busy outside for a day, to come back to eat.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded: "Qing He really doesn't have it easy. Mother, I will go out with Qing He in a few days. Probably takes seven or eight days. At that time, let Father come to live at home and take care of Da Wa and his brothers. ."

"Where are you going?" Zhou Mu paused for a moment.

"We are going to the capital. But don't tell others, Mother." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"What are you going there for?" Mother Zhou couldn't help utter.

"Go and have a body checkup." Zhou Qing Bai had already thought of the explanation.

Sure enough, as soon as he said it, Mother Zhou immediately understood. She whispered: "How can Qing He possibly have problems with her body? The boys are like you. You can't think about nonsense, understood?"

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