Xueqingyi said, leaving only bijianqiong to disperse the hall.

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"Do you understand my intention?"

Until there was no one in the hall, xueqingyi said.

After thinking for a long time, bijianqiong suddenly brightened his eyes and said, "save your strength and kill with a knife?"

Xue Qingyi sighed: "this time, our blood devil ancient camp, together with Le Xuexiu, a total of 30 top saints fell. This loss It's not that big

"In the future, we will fight for hegemony among the eight realms. With this loss, we will be in a disadvantageous situation."

"Under such circumstances, if I go to kill Lintian regardless of everything, it will be better if I can kill him at one stroke, but what if I can't kill him?"

Bijianqiong couldn't help saying: "Qingyi, with your strength now, how could Lintian be your opponent?"

His scarlet eyes were full of awe: "do you think Lintian's temperament will wait for me to kill him?"

"Not to mention..."

He stared at bijianqiong and said, "martial uncle, you've seen Lintian's method with your own eyes. Don't you understand that it's so easy to kill him now?"

"Le Xuexiu's seven men together failed."

"Le Tianheng and his three men failed."

"The five men of Lieyu and the other 16 sages of juetong all failed."

"Such a big city of road protection, it's surrounded by him

Speaking of this, a frightening light appeared in the eyes of xueqingyi, and his voice was low and frightening. "Martial uncle, do you still think it's wise to take revenge now?"

Bijianqiong shivered all over, and his back was chilly.

Xueqingyi looked back and said: "I said, Lintian is a knife, which can cut us and cut off several pieces of meat from other seven regions! Don't other domains want to see jokes? I won't let them

"If we want to be damaged, we will be damaged together, and no one can run away!"

At the end of the day, xueqingyi was already sending out a force, and his look was cold.

Bijianqiong couldn't help asking, "well We're going to put up with it and do nothing? "

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"Of course, we can't do nothing," she thought

The spirit of bijianqiong was boosted.

But listen to blood green clothes have said firmly: "will our blood devil ancient domain power, all withdraw from the ancient wilderness, later, without my order, can't step into the ancient wilderness one step!"


Bijianqiong is so stupid that he almost screams out. Doesn't this tell other forces in the realm that their blood demon ancient realm is bowing to the ancient wasteland?

"Martial uncle, this kind of thing, of course, can't come aboveboard."

Xueqingyi sighed, disappointed by bijianqiong's startled reaction, and didn't bother to explain again, saying, "go ahead, just do as I said."

Although bijianqiong had some doubts in his heart, he still took orders to leave.

Xueqingyi stood alone in the hall, silent for a long time, the body suddenly emerged uncontrollable terrible murder.

How could he not be angry at such a disgrace?

"Lintian! If you're allowed to wander for a long time, it depends on how sharp your knife is. In the future, I'll settle the bill with you slowly! "

The sound, word by word, burst out, showing endless hatred, resounding through the silent and empty hall.


"What? Did xueqingyi resist

"Is it that the loss of the blood demon world this time is too big for the blood green clothes to act rashly?"

"Hum, there must be another plan for the blood green clothes."

"Ha ha, the guy in xueqingyi obviously doesn't want to be shot by others."

Before long, the decision about xueqingyi spread all over the world and was known by the leaders of other domains.

For a moment, they were all surprised and speculated.

Blood green clothes can hold back such a big grudge. What kind of medicine does this guy sell in the gourd?

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Because of this news, the other strong people in the domain all laugh. They think that the leader of the domain in xueqingyitang, one of Qingming's eight unique talents, is arrogant. But they are too timid and unbearable to bear it.

"This blood green clothes, simply too have no guts, I all doubt, he is how to become one of the eight absolute talents of Qingming."

"He didn't think that the blood devil had lost enough face in the ancient region?"

"he was scared by a great sage in the ancient barren region, the blood green clothes It's so disappointing. "

As more and more people know about this news, other domains are full of all kinds of ridicule, which has greatly damaged the reputation of xueqingyi.

Xueqingyi didn't explain anything. Since that day, he has been meditating, practicing and living in shallow places.

Don't be surprised.


In any case, the storm raised by Lintian was silent in the forbearance of xueqingyi.The name of kelinxun also entered into the field of vision of eight domains, which is known to all.

Now everyone knows that the dilapidated and weak ancient wilderness camp has finally played a role worthy of entering the target.

But that's all.

After all, Lintian was a man after all. In the battlefield of jiuyu, where there were so many powerful people, he was doomed not to change the outcome of the defeat of the ancient wilderness camp.

This is the consensus of the eight regions.

At this time, Lintian was wandering around on the ruins of the moat City, performing deduction and thinking from time to time.

In order to build an unbreakable moat City, the layout of "moat array" is undoubtedly the most critical part.

As a Daowen master, it's not difficult for Lintian to set up such a large array by his current means, but it takes a lot of time and energy to deduce.

This is the 19th day he is surveying the terrain and deducing the array map.

During this period, SHAOHAO, ruowu and other ancient wasteland Qiangzi have built a temporary camp on this site.

Also in this period of time, I do not know how many foreign enemies of the eight domains came in droves like smelling bloody flies.

But before they got close, they were killed by SHAOHAO and ruowu.

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All the bones and blood left by the enemy were collected. This is the material that will be built later. Naturally, more is better.

"In the past two days, the number of times and the number of people invaded by the enemy have dropped sharply. If this continues, there will be some trouble in collecting construction materials."

If dance ponders a way.

"The real tough stubble hasn't appeared yet."

Shao Hao's eyes are bright, looking into the distance,

"you should know that most of the foreign enemies of the eight regions who are rampant in this ancient wilderness are from the ordinary true holy band, which naturally does not pose a threat to us."

"I believe they must have realized now that we are not easy to be provoked, and those who are not strong enough will not dare to come and die."

"However, when we understand the purpose of our gathering here, the big men in the eight regions' foreign enemies will certainly not be able to sit still."

"After all, who can watch us rebuild the moat city?"

If the dance nods, the star eye flickers, "so, when we really start the city, we will encounter unimaginable obstacles?"

"It's inevitable."

SHAOHAO tone calm, "this storm, sooner or later will come, but at present for some time, the situation is not as serious."

Speaking of this, he couldn't help laughing: "the most important thing is that Lintian was determined to build a city with the bones and flesh of the enemy. But the materials needed for such a big city were unimaginable."

"What we collect now is just a drop in the bucket. We can't even build a wall."

If you dance dumb.

She looked up at Lintian, who was focusing on deducing the array diagram in the distance, and said: "this matter, you don't have to rush, just take your time. I believe that since he intends to do so, there must be his way. "

SHAOHAO let out a sound, and suddenly said, "it's not a good way to wait here. It's too passive. In the next period of time, I'm going to take some of our strong people from the ancient wasteland out to practice together."

"Where to?"

If dance a Zheng.

SHAOHAO held his hand on his back, looked arrogant, and looked around: "this is the territory of our ancient wasteland, but now there are many foreign enemies invading it, and they are rampant everywhere. I plan to sweep them one by one."

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After a pause, he said: "at the same time, this action can also help Lintian collect more materials for building the city. Why not?"

If the dance nodded: "then you have to be careful."

SHAOHAO tilted up his lips and said with a smile, "it's not so easy to kill me."

On the same day, SHAOHAO left with a group of 50 strong people in the ancient wasteland.

If you watch them leave, you will feel some emotion in your heart.

Emperor SHAOHAO is a man of great courage and broad mind. He has the skill and strength to lead the masses.

It is difficult for such a proud person to obey and cooperate with other people's actions.

However, SHAOHAO was different. Even though Lin Xun was the main group in the ancient wasteland camp, he never showed any resistance or dissatisfaction.

On the contrary, all actions are based on the overall situation and unreservedly contribute to the ancient wilderness camp.

This made Ruo Wu, who was worried that SHAOHAO and Lintian might have an internal fight, feel a sigh of relief and admiration.

If the dance even dare to affirm, if there is no Lintian, the ancient wilderness camp will respect SHAOHAO!

And SHAOHAO is destined not to let you down.

If Wu couldn't help looking at Lintian in the distance, this guy was also an alternative.

He never had the consciousness of controlling everything, nor the consciousness of being a leader. However, it was strange that SHAOHAO was willing to cooperate with his actions.Think of this, if dance a Zheng, oneself Why not?

From the first time I saw him in the blood demon world, until now, I have also unconsciously followed him around and looked forward to him.

And, it seems that I have never resisted or resisted

"People can't help but sincerely follow. Maybe this guy is the natural leader?"

If you dance, if you think.


as usual, 2 shifts!

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