Chapter 128. Comfortable life

"Who would deny that. The family had already split. The two old ones are eating with Fourth's family, it goes without saying that their share will be sent to Fourth's house. Our own family also has work points, we won't eye on Father and Mother's meat." Third Sister-in-law followed up.

The other people nearby had some opinions when Wang Ling spoke out, but after Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law's words, they said nothing.

Who in the village doesn’t know now that the old Zhou couple didn't open fire anymore (i.e. cook) and ate with their old Fourth?

Therefore, it was normal for the meat to be sent to Fourth's home.

Wang Ling didn't say anything once she saw that everyone was not on her side.

It was only Second Sister-in-law who kept a terrible expression, especially when it was her turn. Her family could only get a cut of three jins of meat.

One must know, Lin Qing He got a large piece of fatty meat just now, while she got a cut of three jins!

What about the other meat?

Because she bought a good bit of ribs and bones, it looked like a hefty amount. Due to these being cheaper, she requested more of these.

After the meat distribution and reaching home, Second Sister-in-law's face was still very unsightly.

On the other hand, Second Brother was very delighted and said, "Let's eat dumplings tonight!"

After a long day of exhaustion, eating dumplings were still affordable.

"Eat, eat, eat! All you know is to eat. What do you know besides eating!"Second Sister-in-law lashed out.

Second Brother was shocked. He just wanted to eat dumplings. Why did he get yelled at? He said: "What's with you now? Who has angered you?"

Second Sister-in-law gritted her teeth, "Just now, Mother was with Fourth's wife during the meat distribution and got allocated a big barrel!"

"What's the matter? Father and Qing Bai both get ten work points." Second Brother responded.

Two sets of ten work point ah! Think how much meat was given this time?

"All those meat was sent to Fourth's place!" Second Sister-in-law continued on.

"What is there to say? Father and Mother are eating over there now. If the meat isn't sent over there, then where?" Perplexed, Second Brother responded.

He really couldn't understand what was going on with his wife.

"Say, how about letting Father and Mother come and eat with us?" Suggested Second Sister-in-law.

She felt it was better to let her in-laws eat with her family. Currently, Father-in-law was still able to move and can earn ten work points. Although Mother-in-law wasn't working in the field, the child will soon grow up and she'll be free to gather pigweeds in exchange for work point.

So there was no loss.

"You can really think. How can your cooking compare to Fourth's wife? Didn't you see how delighted my parents were since they headed over there for meals?" Second Brother laughed.

He knew that his father and mother were over the moon. And he had to admit that his father and his mother looked much better since they joined Fourth's family during the meal. It evident how good the food there was.

His wife wanted his parents to come to his house to eat. It'll be strange if his parents were to be happy with his family's pickled vegetables and vegetable lumps.

"You haven't mentioned it yet, so how can you know whether your father and mother are unwilling!"

"Don't make trouble," Second Brother stated.

Not to mention his father and mother, if it was him, he won't change. He heard that the dishes on the table at Fourth's place weren't repeated and there were meat or eggs in every meal!

It can't true that there was meat in every meal, but it was definitely true that every meal had eggs. Last time he saw it, Fourth's wife returned with a basket of eggs from the outside.

A big basket full of it ah! It must be bought from the community's supply and demand cooperative.

Second Sister-in-law was very angry: "You won't say, then I will!"

"Then you go." Second Brother waved his hand.

Second Sister-in-law didn't immediately go. She planned to find a suitable opportunity to bring it up.

However, Mother Zhou had no time to bother with her at the moment.

Lin Qing He was also very busy. So much meat brought back home. It must be sorted out.

She chopped the large fatty meat and then started cooking the lard.

There were only two barrels of peanut oil left in her space, and it was consumed at a speedy pace, so if there was big fatty meat, she was more than happy to get it for oil extraction.

At this time, the pork was all raised by nature and did not eat the fodder, so the oil extracted was particularly flavorful.

The oil residue was also good stuff. The children love to eat them very much.

Lin Qing He intended to make steamed buns.

Oil residues and cabbage as filling. As for other ingredients, it wasn't needed. Even the end result of this steam buns was so delicious and so fragrant.

As for the pork belly, Lin Qing He sprinkled a handful of salt and left it for frying for consumption.

Lean meat, pork ribs, and big bones were all arranged to the fullest. None will be wasted at all.

However, the weather wasn't too cold at the moment, so the meat should be eaten as soon as possible.

Pig's large intestine, pig's stomach, and small intestine were all processed by Mother Zhou and didn't need Lin Qing He to intervene. The pig large intestine was fried with pickled vegetable bits. The pig stomach was sliced and stewed with pepper into a soup. And the small intestine was steamed in an airtight container.

In short, the food on this day was all top-notch. Zhou Qing Bai also took out the wine and had a drink with Father Zhou and Mother Zhou.

Lin Qing He and the kids didn't drink it. Da Wa actually wanted to drink and shrank back under Lin Qing He's glare. Not fifteen years old, then not a drop of wine was allowed to touch.

The dishes on the table were very rich and everyone ate until their heart content.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou was extremely pleased with the meal.

The old couple went back to rest after eating. They were drained from all activities during this while, and now they need to take a good rest.

As soon as the two returned, Second Sister-in-law brought a bowl of dumplings over with a smile.

"Father and mother, this is the dumplings I made. Try it?" Second Sister-in-law offered.

"No need. We ate it at your fourth brother's house." Mother Zhou said.

Second Sister-in-law smelled alcohol, and said, "Father and Mother had wine as well?"

"The dishes over there were so delicious, so I had a drink." Mother Zhou grinned.

Second Sister-in-law couldn't maintain her smile. She hadn't spoken yet and still got her mouth blocked by her mother-in-law.

Mother Zhou didn't know about Second's wife's plan, she simply took her little grandson back into the room to rest.

Second Sister-in-law returned with the dumplings.

"I told you, no need to bring it over. Old Fourth can't possibly starve father and mother." Second Brother remarked.

"Don't care about my filial piety, then I'll eat it myself!" Second Sister-in-law uttered with irk.

Second Brother didn't say anything and told his kids to eat quickly. It was a rare opportunity to eat dumplings. This was full of flavor unlike the coarse grains, which was hard to swallow.

Even so, there was only so much wheat allocated to their home. They can only eat it for a few meals.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law were also given a lot of meat today. Both brought some to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, but the elders didn't accept it. They had them take it back to eat.

"Father and mother are very elated to eat at Fourth Brother-in-law's house." Eldest Sister-in-law chuckled.

"Today is certainly pleasing. Both of you go back to eat. Your father and I know you are filial." Mother Zhou said with a beam.

Third Sister-in-law also nodded with a smile.

Both sisters-in-law went back.

"The two of us are having a good time now," Mother Zhou grinned at Father Zhou.

Father Zhou narrowed his eyes in comfort. The current days were really well.

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