If you want a group of ordinary people to be regarded as leaders, it's very simple. Just give them benefits, meet their needs, and then have a set of control skills.

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It is very difficult for a group of monks to be regarded as leaders. It is just like being in charge of a sect. If you want to control a group of strong people, you must have the strength, wisdom and dignity to be the only one.

And I want to make SHAOHAO and Ruo Wu, the great sages, willing to work with them and regard them as leaders

It's more difficult than going to heaven!

After all, in the ancient wilderness, sages have been called a giant, standing on the top of the world.

At least in the boundless years since ancient times, there has never been such a saint in the ancient wasteland.

It was also some time before the opening of the nine regions battlefield that SHAOHAO and ruowu set foot on the top of the holy land one after another, becoming a more dazzling legend than ordinary true saints.

But Lintian, obviously, had never worked hard for this, but unintentionally, he did something more difficult than going to heaven!

Now, for example, SHAOHAO and ruowu all take him as their leader.

This makes it impossible to refuse to dance.


Time is in a hurry, a month is fleeting.

In this month, SHAOHAO led a group of ancient wasteland strongmen to gallop in different areas of the ancient wasteland, setting off another bloody storm.

I don't know how many foreign enemy forces in the eight regions were swept away.

SHAOHAO, the supreme sage, is in charge. All the fighting along the way is invincible!

And then, batch after batch of enemy bones and blood, which were used as building materials, were sent to the temporary camp.

The bones were piled up into hills after hills.

The blood water was poured into one pool after another.

In such a large temporary camp, there is a bloody landscape of "corpse mountain blood pool".

Because it was too bloody, the sky above the blood pool of the corpse mountain even caused many ferocious visions, such as the wind and thunder, the sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling for a long time.

It should be noted that almost all of these slaughtered enemies are immortal kings, and some of them are true saints.

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Even if they were killed, their bones and blood were still full of resentment and resentment, but it is not surprising that they are now piled up together, causing some terrible visions.

For this reason, Lintian specially placed a ban and suppressed it. Otherwise, these bones and blood would accumulate in one place, and the breath would even affect people's mind!

In these days, the ancient wasteland strongmen seem to have found the backbone one by one. They are no longer as anxious and desperate as they used to be. They are all full of fighting spirit.

Yes, they work hard against the clock.

Some of them help to explore the cultivation resources in different areas of the ancient wilderness.

The battlefield of the nine regions is vast, and there are many mysteries dotted among them. Some mysteries are full of great dangers, but some mysteries are full of unimaginable opportunities.

Most of these opportunities are rare treasures, such as precious materials, precious medicines and rare treasures. Some of them are so rare that even saints covet them.

In short, in recent years, the whole temporary camp has shown a scene of "enthusiasm and energy" every day.

If dance will see all this in the eye, the heart is also excited.

Before, she didn't even dare to think about it.

All changes have taken place in this short period of more than one month!

In the distance, SHAOHAO led a group of strong men to return to the camp, each with a flying look.

Obviously, today's harvest is obviously very good.

Ruo Wu couldn't help looking at the distance. There, as before, Lintian was thinking and deducing intently, completely forgetting himself.

There was a trance between her eyebrows, and she murmured in her heart: "no longer wandering, no longer running in a hurry If only it could continue like this all the time... "

Immediately, if you dance, calm down.

This is the battlefield of nine regions. The temporary peace will be broken. Bloody and cruel fighting is the normal situation of the battlefield of nine regions!


"It's done!"

On this day, Lintian woke up from the deduction. He vomited a long breath of turbid air, and his black eyes were bright. The whole person was relaxed.

In his mind, he has thoroughly deduced and shaped a dense, vast and mysterious holy array for protecting the city.

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Based on the "Zhou Tian Xing Dou formation", Lintian arranged four main killing formations, namely, "Jue Tian", "Zhu Di", "Po Shen" and "Mie Ling".

Every main killing array is covered with all kinds of patterns, and each pattern is branded with tens of thousands of patterns power!

For example, the most powerful "Jue Tian Sha array" is drawn with 64 Taoist patterns and 8.4 million Taoist patterns. As soon as it moves around, even if the true saint comes, he will be easily killed!

In addition to the four main killing arrays, there are eight defensive arrays for defense.

These eight defensive plans will be covered all around the city walls, connecting heaven on the top and earth on the bottom.After nearly two months of continuous deduction and meditation, he finally perfected every detail of the array one by one, which made Lintian feel exhausted at the moment.

No one knows how much effort and energy he has put into it!

This is also thanks to the fact that he has obtained the complete inheritance of the "Zhou Tian Xing Dou Zhen". Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to work out such a large-scale holy forbidden city with both killing and defense in just two months.

Back then, on the Bank of the star chess sea, Lintian just used the power of the "Zhou Tian star fight" to kill the king group. He killed thousands of miles and the sky was dark.

Even if the saints come here, they are afraid to cross the thunder pool because they are afraid of the power of "Zhou Tian Xing Dou Zhen"!

And the array that Lintian deduces now is born out of the star fight array in the sky, and the green is better than the blue, and he poured all the mystery of Tao pattern that he had learned.

It's no exaggeration to say that this array is the most obscure and powerful forbidden array created by Lintian in his spiritual pattern up to now!

And this array was called "four unique eight imperial" by Lintian!

"Next, we need to consider the sacred materials needed for sacrificing and refining array plates, array flags and array arrangement..."

Lin Xun thought.

Like this kind of big array, the appearance of array plate and array flag need at least the level of holy treasure, otherwise they can't use the power of big array.

However, the most important thing Lintian needed at present was holy treasure. He just killed a group of top saints before that. He collected dozens of holy treasures.

Some of the sacred treasures can be re refined and engraved with Taoist patterns to serve as array plates and banners.

Only the array material is a bit tricky. It needs a large number of materials and has extremely strict requirements for quality.

"Brother Lin."

SHAOHAO came from a distance and asked, "how is the deduction of Daowen forbidden array?"

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"It's just a matter of materials." Lintian said calmly.

SHAOHAO immediately laughed, a look like early knowledge, said: "I just come to you for this matter, you come with me."

With that, he led the way and flew away.

Lintian was surprised. Although he was confused, he still followed him.

In a quarter of an hour.

In the two full move, came to a desolate huge canyon.

"There is a secret world here. I believe it can solve your problem."

With that, SHAOHAO's figure swept into the canyon and disappeared out of thin air.

Lintian was stunned, and he could not help looking forward to it.

Hua La ~

in the canyon, there was a layer of magical regular power fluctuations. As soon as he approached, Lintian felt that the stars were changing and the time and space were overturning.

When the vision was restored, Lintian's eyes were almost blinded by the golden light.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, his consciousness spread, and he was stunned.

In this heaven and earth, flying all over the sky of golden sand, like golden stars, densely dotted in the void, crystal clear, brilliant, magnificent and dazzling.

If you look carefully, each grain of sand is as round as a bead, the size of almond, and the golden divine luster flows on it, giving people a sacred breath.

Empty crystal sands!

Lintian was shocked and recognized the origin of these rare materials. For Buddhism, the empty crystal sands was the purest and most solid Buddhist treasure in the world, and the treasure of building the lotus platform of his own life.

For sword cultivation, it's a priceless treasure for refining the flying sword of one's own life. A flying sword only needs to be mixed with some empty crystal sands, and its sharpness can be increased by 30%!

For the saints in the world, the empty crystal sands is a kind of immortal material for sacrificing and refining holy treasures!

Generally speaking, a handful of empty crystal sands is enough to meet the needs of sacrificing and refining holy treasures.

But now, what appeared in front of Lintian's eyes was a piece of empty crystal Sands Covered with heaven and earth, just like the golden Milky way, floating and dancing between heaven and earth!

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SHAOHAO came to Lintian and began to smile.

Lintian took a long breath and said, "enough, enough. Brother SHAOHAO, you gave me a big surprise."

SHAOHAO burst out laughing and said, "I'm also looking forward to your surprise for our ancient wilderness camp."


When Lintian returned to the temporary camp, he immediately began to work.

Half a month later.

Sixteen sacred treasures serving as array plates and 24 sacred treasures serving as array flags were successfully refined by Lintian.

It's hard for Lintian to carve Taoist patterns on the holy treasure.

A month later.

Lintian quenched batch after batch of empty crystal sands, with a total of about 100000 Jin.

Only the "four unique eight imperial" array was arranged, and these materials were more than enough.

It was also on this day that SHAOHAO returned home injured, causing a lot of strong people in the camp to be agitated and suspicious.The original calm atmosphere was also covered with a cloud.

"Brother Lin, the foreign enemies of the eight regions have guessed that we want to rebuild the city of protecting roads here. From today on, I'm afraid there will be many enemies in the future."

SHAOHAO spoke in a deep voice.

Today, when he went out to take action, he came across three top figures of eight regions sneaking into the ancient wilderness. After a fierce battle, he killed two people and escaped one.

He was also injured as a result, not seriously, but not lightly.

However, after this battle, SHAOHAO immediately made a judgment that the foreign enemies of the eight regions had already noticed their intention to rebuild the city of moat!


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