Finally, there is the supreme Saint jumping out?

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Lintian's black eyes flashed coldly, and said, "don't worry. I didn't intend to hide the matter of rebuilding the city of moat from the beginning. It's just that the foreign enemies in the eight regions are only on the alert now, which makes me a little surprised."

SHAOHAO and Ruo dance were stunned.

"Brother SHAOHAO, you're going to rest assured that I'll take care of the rest."

Lintian didn't explain anything. He told him, "in addition, please help me spread a piece of news."

"What's the matter?"

If you are curious.

"It's said that Lintian will rebuild the moat city in three months!"

Lintian put his hand on his back and said quietly.


Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO were all surprised, "if the enemy should know..."

"I just let them know."

Lin Xun said, "of course, there is another purpose to do this, which is to let the ancient wilderness strongmen who are now distributed in other areas come to listen to the news and act with us."

"I'm afraid it's hard to resist the enemy's massive invasion with our present strength."

SHAOHAO frowned.

Lintian said with a smile, "when the time comes, you two will wait and see."

SHAOHAO and ruowu look at each other, and they don't know where Lintian's self-confidence comes from, but in the end, they don't ask any more questions.

If Lintian wanted to say it, he must have said it.

However, this made both of them curious. What method would Lintian use to resist foreign enemies?

From that day on, Lintian began to leave the camp frequently.


Over the black ocean, Lintian's black eyes were deep, and the power of "the pupil of the wind" was running in his eyes, scanning and exploring the depths of the ocean.

After half a sound, he yanked his hand.


The sea was suddenly rolling, the tide was like thunder, and a spiritual vein thousands of feet long and as thick as a house was taken out.

Like a giant python dragon!

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The resplendent divine luster is diffused, and the pure and heavy spirit transpiration turns into light and rain, which is extremely sacred.

This is a rare "Saint level" spiritual pulse, mixed with a thick divine breath, with amazing value.

If placed in the outside world, such a spiritual vein is enough to build a good cave!

Hua La ~

with the waving of Lintian's sleeve robe, he folded up the spirit pulse and went away.


A rocky beach.


The ground was cut open a huge crack by a sword light, and Lintian flashed into the crack.

A thousand feet.

Three thousand feet.

…… When he reached nine thousand feet underground, a dazzling red light came into Lintian's view.

This is another holy spirit pulse with excellent appearance!


The jiuyu battlefield is an extremely mysterious world, which is built between the nine domains. It is dotted with many secret places, small worlds, and also contains many rare treasures.

Even the appearance of Lingmai is amazing!

With the help of the pupil of mocking wind, Lintian collected hundreds of spiritual veins in less than 20 days.

Some spiritual veins are thousands of feet long, and the whole body is magnificent. The air of divinity makes the void gorgeous.

Some of them were only ten feet long, and the purity of the accumulated spiritual power was enough to shock such top saints as Lintian!

These spiritual veins are the key to provide strength for the "four unique eight Royal" holy array.

Late at night.

In the temporary camp, Lintian finished everything in his hands and stood alone at night, looking into the distance.

Nearly half a year has passed since we arrived here.

In the past six months, I have been practicing array, refining array plates, and collecting array materials It almost occupied most of Lintian's time.

But all the efforts are worth it.

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Just like now, if we just need to collect enough building materials, we can start to rebuild the moat city!

After standing alone for a long time in the dark, Lintian murmured: "everything is ready, just wait for the wind!"


At the same time, the news about Lintian's desire to rebuild the moat city was also pushed by Ruo Wu. During this period, it spread all over the nine regions.

For a time, it caused a shock in the world.

"This guy announced this matter so blatantly that he didn't worry about being suppressed by the foreign enemies of the eight regions?"

Heaven and fire.

Yechen, who has just returned from a secluded world in the depths of a mountain where few people visit, also brings back this news, which makes xiaocangtian frown.

From entering the battlefield of nine regions, xiaocangtian and yechen meet unexpectedly and hide together in the fire world of this day.

"Do you think Lintian is the kind of person who has no brain?"The night Chen Mou light is burning, "I pour feel, we are also time to leave, all when nearly a year of shrink head tortoise, stay here again, I must be depressed."

Xiaotiantian was silent for a long time. He took a deep breath and said, "then go. I've had enough of that for a long time!"

They look at each other and smile.


At the same time, most of the ancient wasteland strongmen who survived in the battlefield of jiuyu were excited when they heard the news.


This is a legendary figure in their ancient wasteland. If he dares to do so, he must have something to rely on.

No one would think that Lintian would overstep his ability.

This is the prestige and reputation of Lintian, which was created by him in the past years after a series of killing and bloody battles!

"Go, even if there are many dangers along the way, I will go back to the ancient wilderness and join with a group of people."

Someone gritted his teeth.

"After hiding for so long, I finally heard such good news. I can't be indifferent even with my life!"

Some have firm eyes.

This kind of thing began to happen in different regions, and the ancient wilderness strongmen, who were tolerant and hiding, all took action.

Target, go to the ancient wasteland!

But at the same time, there are also many ancient wilderness strongmen, after learning the news, chose to look on coldly.

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Lintian was really strong and full of courage, but it was the battlefield of the nine regions after all. As soon as the news came out, how could the foreign enemies of the eight regions sit down?

There is no need to doubt that today's ancient wilderness must have become the center of the storm. It is destined to be targeted long ago, and there will be terrible and unimaginable killing all the time!

It's not wise to go at this time!


Lin Xun was able to rebuild the city of moat and block the attack of the powerful enemies in the eight regions. Maybe it would be time to return to the ancient wilderness.

However, these strong people who have decided to sit on the sidelines think that the possibility is very slim.

The reason is very simple. The inside information and strength of the foreign enemies in the eight regions are so terrible that people feel desperate just thinking about it.

This is the question of personal choice.

Although they were in the same camp, not every strong man in the ancient wasteland was willing to support Lintian regardless of his life and death.


The northern underworld.

On the sea, in the palace.

"This little bastard surnamed Lin is really arrogant. Don't he know how the moat city of his ancient wasteland was captured in the previous two battles of the nine realms?"

An old voice laughs, full of sarcasm.

"According to the records of our ancestors, in the first battle of the nine realms, the city of protecting the road in the ancient wasteland was captured, and a total of 300000 two legged sheep were slaughtered. At that time, the sky was full of blood and rain for ten days!"

"In the second battle of the nine realms, the ancient wasteland wanted to rebuild the city of protecting the road, but it was still in the middle of the battle. Our eight realms allied forces broke it down together, slaughtered 90000 people on the spot, and shed blood!"

"Now, did Lintian dare to do this, not afraid of repeating the same mistake? He's not looking for his own death. He's just trying to pit all those two legged sheep in the ancient wasteland. "

In the main hall, there was laughter everywhere.

When they learned that Lintian was about to rebuild the city of moat, their first reaction was, did the boy have a cramp in his brain?

Even if you want to die, you don't have to be so anxious!

Then, there are all kinds of scorn, ridicule and laughter.

"Little Lord, with a command from you, I will take people to step down the ancient wasteland!"

A bell like voice rang through.

For a moment, all the adults in the hall looked at Kun Shaoyu on the central main seat.

Kun Shaoyu took his glass and sipped the mellow and fragrant liquor. Then he gave a smile, deep eyes and long mouth:

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"If heaven wants to die, it will make him crazy. This son said that in three months, he will rebuild the city of protecting the road in the ancient wilderness. In that case, he should give him a life blow."

After a pause, he changed his words and said, "however, this matter can't be done by us alone."

"What the little Lord means is that he wants to pull the forces of the other seven domains to attack together?"

Someone asked.

"Not bad."

Kun Shaoyu calmly said, "first cut the ancient wasteland, and then fight for the high and low. Our eight regions have always been united in fighting against the ancient wasteland. We can't do without them."

"Next, I'll write in person and inform their leaders one by one."

After that, he looked up and drank his glass.

It has been nearly a year since the opening of the jiuyu battlefield, and it is time to achieve the goal of "cutting the ancient wasteland first"!

Soon, the letters written by Kun Shaoyu were sent to the leaders of other domains.

"When Lintian rebuilt the city of protecting the road, it was the day of his doom. At that time, I hope you will send each of you ten top saints to lead 30000 troops to the ancient wasteland!"Da Luo Jie, after receiving the news, Jian Qingchen, the first descendant of Tianjian Pavilion, only thought about it for a moment, then agreed.


Yin Jue ancient domain, candle dragon vein, Emperor candle Yingkong also agreed.

Ten top sages, 30000 troops, only one tenth of the power of the ancient Yin Jue.

"It should be."

In the eastern sanggu area, the descendants of Shintoism were transformed into Hongxiao, with a sonorous voice and an amazing killing spirit.

Then Chi Wushu of Jiuli, lie Qian of Tianhuo and Shi POHAI of Xingsha agreed one after another.

No matter which force it is, it is impossible to tolerate the reconstruction of the city of moat in the ancient wilderness!

Only when the news was sent to the blood demon world, to everyone's surprise, xueqingyi refused.

"Tell Kun Shaoyu that I have no interest in intervening in this matter."

This decision has not yet spread out, but in the blood demon world first caused a storm, from the blood demon ancient domain of the major forces, all feel a burst of suffocation.

Blood green clothes, he How can it become more and more counseling?


(second, later, cavenka's scratching his ears...)

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