Chapter 127. Meat Distribution

This quilt was made to be very warm and durable. Lin Qing He had also weighed it. Not a gram short.

That bolt of fabric had a lot of leftovers too.

"There are still some scraps. I'll get them for you." The little old lady judged her expression and said.

"It's okay. Ma'am, keep them for yourself." Lin Qing He responded.

Then she passed the basket of meat in her hand over to show her.

This time she came over and she sold a part of it off. What remained was also of good quality. Among them was a piece of big fatty meat, about half a jin. In this era, this was regarded as the number one meat.

In addition, there were other meats. In short, about two or three pounds.

Seeing that Lin Qing He really brought meat over and it was all top-notch stuff, the little old lady was overjoyed. The two had their exchange and then Lin Qing He departed in her bicycle from the little alley with her quilt strapped up.

Once turned into an empty alley, she immediately took in the quilt and immediately rode the bicycle back to the village!

This big quilt was brought back home. Mother Zhou had a shock. She had never thought Fourth's wife would even make such a big quilt for her and the old man!

"This... how many jins of cotton did this take?" Mother Zhou couldn't help exclaiming.

"Seven jins." Lin Qing He said: "It'll cause too much stir to bring it back now. Wait until night. I'll ask Qing Bai to carry it over to you."

"With such a big quilt, did anyone catch sight of you along the way?" Mother Zhou rushed to ask.

"Catch sight of what? They all went to work and I crossed through the grove. I didn't see anyone. You can rest assured, Mother." Lin Qing He pacified.

"That grove isn't very safe. You don't need to take such a risk next time. Just get Qing Bai to bring it back at night," Zhou said.

"That's a good idea. I will do it next time." Lin Qing He displayed an agreeable expression.

But in fact, it was impossible. She wouldn't ask Zhou Qing Bai to stick in these things.

Seeing she was able to take some sense into her, Mother Zhou said nothing more. However, how much did it cost for such a big quilt?

"You don't need to make such a big one," Zhou said.

"Since we're making it, might as well make it bigger. It can last it for many years, and you don't have to worry about freezing in the future." Lin Qing He said.

Needless to say, Mother Zhou knew such a quilt must be cozy. Seven jins ah.

This year, each household was allocated some cotton, but only a half a jin had been divided between the whole family. What was this cotton enough for?

Their family's cotton received was simply sent to Zhou Xi by Lin Qing He. She also cut out a cloth for her to make something cozy.

For this reason, Zhou Dong brought over the fabric coupon that were allocated to their home this year. Money too.

"Aunt accepted the coupon. Forget about the money. If you are free, go help Aunt see if there are any loach or eel at this time. If there are, catch some back for Aunt." Lin Qing He took the fabric coupon and told him.

Zhou Dong nodded and went to catch the ricefield eel and loach.

At this time, it was already cold. The eel and loach began to hide, but once they have time to catch, they can still catch some.

In just a few days, Zhou Dong accumulated a pot of eel and brought it over.

Lin Qing He didn't act reserved and accepted it.

For Zhou Dong and Zhou Xi siblings, this pot of eel's value couldn't compare to the cotton she gave. However, in Lin Qing He's opinion, it was more valuable than cotton.

It was just that the cotton of today's people was indeed rare.

Especially when winter was coming soon.

The half jin of new cotton given to Zhou Xi was in fact only enough to make a thin winter coat.

The half-jin of cotton she gave and the share they received themselves, couldn't make thick clothes when combined. It was always better than nothing.

Last time Zhou Xi asked her to buy knitting wool. The siblings could wear sweaters this winter. Their life was getting better each year.

A pot of eel brought over by Zhou Dong was used up by Lin Qing He after braising two dishes. The taste was particularly savory and delicious.

As for the quilt, Zhou Qing Bai carried it over to his parents' home after ten o'clock in the evening. It could be counted as stealthy handiwork.

Otherwise, a seven-jin quilt would really cause a scene.

However, his family got two large quilts of this size. He had no idea how his wife brought them back. But he had to say, they were really warm.

After the winter wheat was planted, it was really cold.

Lin Qing He had already woven Zhou Qing Bai's vest. Wearing a shirt inside and putting this vest on the outside was very pleasing to the eye.

The one for San Wa was done. Er Wa's was half knitted. Da Wa's had yet to be started. As for her own, there was no need for this year. The previous one can still be worn.

Zhou Qing Bai went out to gather firewood early in the morning. The firewood at home was almost gone and they didn't have any to burn in winter.

"Mother, the team will slaughter the pigs tomorrow. Let's get some pig intestines to eat." Da Wa said.

"When your father comes back, go ask your father. I don't know how to clean up that stuff." Lin Qing He simply answered.

"Why ask my father? He needs to fetch firewood and go no time. I will ask my grandma." Da Wa responded and headed to the old Zhou's house.

Mother Zhou came over with little Su Cheng in her arm and said, "Da Wa said he wanted to eat pig intestines. I heard from Da Wa that you don't know how to clean it?"

"I don't know." Lin Qing He stated.

"Then Mother will handle it." Mother Zhou nodded.

"Mother, do you know how to clean the pig's stomach?" Lin Qing He asked again.

"I do." Mother Zhou smiled.

"Then I will get a pork stomach." Lin Qing He said.

Pig's stomach was also delicious. Stewing pig's stomach soup with a sprinkle of pepper was also warming and healthy.

Leaving the meat distribution to Lin Qing He and the children was fine. Mother Zhou also joined them. Zhou Qing Bai didn't need to go over. He continued to get firewood.

With Zhou Qing Bai at home, they gained a lot of work points. And Da Wa went to forage pigweed too. Now, that Father Zhou and Mother Zhous's work points were counted together, the meat allocated was really bountiful.

Without any reservation, Lin Qing He requested for a large piece of fatty meat for extracting lard.

The rest was pork belly, lean meat, pork ribs, large bones, a pork stomach, a string of pig large intestine. Lin Qing He eyed on the small intestine and asked for it.

She had heard her friends say that it was delicious, despite not liking it herself.

Once these things were added up, it was really a lot. One big bucket full of stuff!

A group of women in the village was envious and jealous from watching.

Wang Ling said to a jealous Second Sister-in-law, "Your mother-in-law is clearly being biased. This many portions of meat are all sent to your Fourth Brother-in-law's home, while you three family get none."

"It must be said, our family has divided. Each counts their own work points. My father and mother are now eating with Fourth's family, naturally, the meat has to be transported there. What does it have to do with us?" Eldest Sister-in-law was at the side. In response to this, she simply voiced out.

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