Discontent, anger and grievance began to ring out among different groups in the blood demon world.

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Who can forget that the guy named Lintian killed all the way from the depths of the forest to the front of the city?

Who can forget, that guy alone, encircle a city, kill the blood devil ancient face no save, reputation?

But blood green clothes Instead of revenge, he chose forbearance!

Even, the power of blood devil's invasion into the ancient wasteland was withdrawn!

This incident is a shame and has long been a laughing stock of other domains. But now, faced with the best opportunity to break through the ancient wilderness, xueqingyi has put up with it.

He doesn't even plan to send a soldier!

Is his blood blue or is he not one of the eight unique talents of Qingming? Is it the leader of the younger generation of the blood devil Guyu?

Why did he do that?

can no matter how angry, no matter who, can not change the will of blood Tsing Yi, in this blood devil, and eventually still blood Tsing Yi has the final say.

No matter how strong the blood devil is, no matter how dissatisfied he is, he can only stifle it!

"Ten juetong saints and 30000 troops are deployed in each region, which adds up to 70 juetong saints and 210000 troops."

"If Lintian can't carry it, the strong in the ancient wasteland will be swept away."

"But in case Was he carried by Lintian? "

Xueqingyi stood alone in the hall, with a sneer on her pretty face.

"Last time, there were 30 great saints in my blood demon ancient world who were broken in Lintian's hands. This time, even if his sword was broken, he would be buried with a group of people. Why should I make such a meaningless sacrifice in my blood demon ancient world?"

"It's good to see a play, good play is good No matter who wins or loses, it's beneficial and harmless to our blood devil ancient world! "

Xueqingyi took a deep breath, and her depressed mood was calm.


When xueqingyi's decision came to Kun Shaoyu's ears, he was stunned. This guy When has it become so intolerant?

When the news spread in the other seven domains, I don't know how many laughs it made.

"Is the blood green clothes scared by the little bastard named Lin?"

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"Hum, I think his blood green clothes should be removed from Qingming eight Jue. He has no courage at all."

"Don't you worry about xueqingyi, whose prestige will be damaged?"

"Shame, what did he think?"

In the uproar of discussion, the blood devil ancient domain has become the object of ridicule of the other seven domains.

In any case, the news that seven of the eight regions will attack on the day of Lintian's construction of the city caused a sensation in the battlefield of the nine regions.

It's in the atmosphere of change and impending wind and rain.

During this period of time, there were many ancient wasteland strongmen from all directions.

The temporary camp was full of excitement.

And Lintian met many old friends, such as Xiao Tiantian, yechen, Ji Xingyao, you hengzhen and so on.

But I didn't wait for Zhao Jingxuan.

This made Lintian sigh in his heart. He decided to pay attention. When the city of protecting road was built, he went to inquire about Zhao Jingxuan.

As time goes on, there are about 50000 ancient wilderness strongmen gathered in the temporary camp, most of them are ordinary kings of longevity.

There are also some true saints, but when it comes to the overall combat power, they are far from the other eight domains.

Even those who are at the top of the world can only set foot in the holy land of the top of the world. So far, only Lintian, SHAOHAO and ruowu are there.

It can be said that in terms of overall power, the ancient wasteland has no qualification to confront any of the other eight domains!

In particular, when the news came out that the seven regions were going to commit crimes on the day of Lintian's construction, the original lively atmosphere in the huge temporary camp became suppressed.

Many strong people in the ancient wasteland, even though they had made up their mind to go in and out with Lintian, were still worried under such circumstances.

The gap is too big!

They don't even see much hope.

Even ruowu and SHAOHAO, who had great confidence in Lintian, could not help feeling heavy.

If the city can be built successfully, it is worth the sacrifice.

But in case

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What about failure?

It's doomed to be the end of the whole army!

As the time of building the city gets closer and closer, the atmosphere in the camp becomes more and more depressed, and many strong people even feel uneasy.

Even, many people can't help regretting that they shouldn't rush to come as soon as their brain is hot

In this situation, Ruo Wu and Shao Hao can't help frowning. The enemy is still in the future, and their fighting spirit is shaking. This is not good.

"Lintian didn't know what he was thinking."If dance can't help muttering.

These days, Lintian has been like a nobody, carrying a spiritual vein every day, and arranging in different areas nearby, paving and arranging the already refined empty crystal sands one by one.

We are totally indifferent to some situations in the camp.

"The more casual and calm he is, the more confident I will be when there is calmness in every event. If he is as worried and groaning as others, I don't need to rebuild the moat city at all. I just admit defeat."

SHAOHAO said with a smile.

"Can you still laugh?"

Ruo Wu glanced at him.

SHAOHAO said with a smile, "it's just a pleasure in pain."

"Pleasure in pain? How do I feel like you have nothing to do? "

A laugh rang out, but he saw that Lintian had come from a distance. Although he looked relaxed, his brows were tired.

These days, he is the only one who is setting up the array, just carving the vast Dao pattern array, which costs him a lot of energy and effort.

Like this large holy array, other people can't help at all, and can't tolerate any mistakes.

Lintian could only work hard by himself.

"Is the formation finished?"

SHAOHAO's eyes brightened.

Lintian nodded: "now, there is one more thing to do."

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"What's the matter?"

"If you want to build a city, you should be unbreakable. The corpses and blood of the enemy are just ornaments. To support the foundation of a city, you need to rely on divine materials."

Lintian said, "therefore, I need two people's help to refine a batch of empty crystal sands. The more, the better. It's better to meet the needs of building a city."

SHAOHAO and ruowu took a breath: "build a city with empty crystal sands?"

This idea is crazy!

"That's right. If you don't do it, you should at least build an immortal city that no one can break in these nine domains!"

Lintian's black eyes were shining, and his words were firm. "In this way, in the future, even if there is another dispute over the nine regions, the strong people in the ancient wasteland don't have to hide. They just need to rely on the strength of this city to be invincible!"

SHAOHAO and Ruo dance are moved.

Only then did they realize that Lintian's intention to build the city was bigger than they had imagined, and he had to think about it more deeply!

At half an hour, SHAOHAO joked: "I thought before that you really planned to build a city with the bones of the enemy. It turned out that you had another idea."

Lintian said with a smile: "don't worry, the corpses of the enemy will surely fill every brick and stone in this city!"


In the following period of time, SHAOHAO and ruowu are also busy. One of them goes to collect empty crystal sands, and the other leads a group of true saints to refine piles of empty crystal sands into huge bricks.

Later, on each brick, Lintian carved different patterns.

As for the other strongmen in the camp, they also worked together to classify the bones and blood in the "blood pool of the corpse mountain" one by one, to refine them, and to polish them into building materials.

Time is getting closer and closer to the day of building the city.

On this day, SHAOHAO hurriedly returned to the temporary camp and brought back a message:

"the forces of the seven kingdoms have been fighting in the frontier of Chen's ancient wasteland!"

For a moment, the atmosphere in the whole temporary camp was unprecedentedly dignified. Everyone's heart was tense. The wind and rain was coming. Who could not be nervous?

Only Lintian was a little surprised: "why don't you have the power of the blood devil in the ancient world?"

"Xueqingyi decided to endure, now he has become a laughing stock in the eight domains, and his personal reputation has fallen to the bottom."

SHAOHAO looks strange.

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"This guy is a smart man."

Lintian was stunned, and then made a comment.

With these words, Lintian's figure swept through the sky, standing high under the sky, spreading his divine consciousness and overlooking the four fields.

As soon as you see, in a hundred Li area around the center of the temporary camp, a tall golden stone mountain stands at intervals.

These Jinshan mountains are all made of huge stone bricks made of empty crystal sands.

For this reason, SHAOHAO almost emptied all the empty crystal sands distributed in that secret world!

And below this hundred Li area, in the underground where nobody can see, there are many patterns.

The seal of the array is carved on the material of the big array, and below the array, there are crisscross holy spiritual veins, which are as huge as the dragon lying on the plate!

Lintian, who had a panoramic view of all this, could not help but feel a surge in his heart: "when building a city, he should sacrifice his blood..."

Ten days later.

There were only seven days left from the day Lintian said to build the city, but on this day, SHAOHAO, who had been cruising outside, returned to the temporary camp at full speed.

"Get ready, everyone. The enemy is coming!"

SHAOHAO's loud cheers, like thunder, resounded over the temporary camp. For a moment, all the strong people in the camp were stiff and their faces changed greatly.The enemy came seven days ahead of time!?


At the same time, Lintian's figure soared into the sky. He was dressed in white clothes. His face was bright and bright with dark eyes.

"I knew for a long time that they couldn't wait for the day of building the city foolishly!"

The cold voice resounded through the camp, which made everyone stay. Did Lintian expect that?

Thinking about this, every strong man felt a little relaxed, just like he was infected by the confident breath in Lintian's words.

"Brother Lin, the war is coming. How sure are you?"

Someone can't help shouting.

For a moment, countless eyes were all gathered on Lintian, some were nervous, some were nervous, and some were expecting.

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