Chapter 1095: Chapter 1094 – At least not Completely Brainless

“This… scorpion bro, please let me go, I’m already this old, who knows what will happen going up the stage? I might even die at one hit, right?” Yuren looked at the little scorpion and said softly.

“So what? If you die, you die,” Little Scorpion said nonchalantly, “Men are mortal, if it’s your time to die, you die!”

“You….” Yuren was pissed by Little Scorpion’s provocation but he didn’t have the temper to be angry, “Why not, if I follow you guys to the arena, you let my daughter and wife off the hook?”

Yuan, was a good daughter- she knew that if her father were to enter the battle, only death awaited him- how could a common person with no training go up the stage? How were they on par with a trained boxer?

So Yuanyuan thought that if her death could exchange her parents’ safety, she would gladly exchange for it!

“Yuren, are you guys brainless? We pay a boxer at most hundred to two hundred thousand for a fight, you think that you alone is worth five hundred thousand? Are you in your wildest dream?” Little Scorpion scoffed and said with disdain, “I even think that we are at loss sending all of you up the stage!”

“You…. you are being unreasonable!” Yuren panicked, if all of them were to send to the arena, there was surely no return!

“What if I am? What can you do, you don’t even have money to pay up!” Little Scorpion snorted.

“I…. I….” Yuren thought that he really couldn’t do something against a situation like this.

Until this point, Yuren couldn’t help but sigh as he lowered his head further.

“Don’t trouble my dad anymore, I’ll pay up for my dad, just take me to the arena!” Yuanyuan couldn’t bear to see his father’s bitter face anymore as she stood up to defend him.

“You? You think you worth a lot? But little girl you do look pretty decent, okay, why not I sell you into prostitution, you can talk to me after earning five hundred thousand!” Little Scorpion looked at Yuanyuan and thought of a good idea.

“Ah-” Yuanyaun was speechless as she stared blankly at Little Scorpion- she didn’t mind dying anymore but for her to be humiliated by men every single day… wasn’t it a living hell?! It was worse than dying! Yuanyuan shook her head, “How can that do? I would rather die!!”

“Hey, you know you can die! But even if you died, I will still bring your parents to the arena!” Little scorpion said nonchalantly, “Who are you threatening anyway?”

“You guys… how could you guys….” Yuanyuan’s eyes were filled with tears- she found these people to be illogical. How could they be this tyrannical? However, she still didn’t find her entering the prostitution a possible solution, either!

“Eh? This little girl isn’t that bad actually? It suits my taste?” Boxer Li who hadn’t spoken anything until now finally voiced out. He looked at Yuanyaun with his lecherous expression, “Not bad, not bad…”

Yuanyuan was no tier-one beauty but she was pure and she belonged to the type where other people wouldn’t grow bored looking at them. Boxer Li had played with countless girls but he loved the pure ones the most, otherwise, he wouldn’t be this spellbound by Yuanyuan’s pureness and made such a complicated mess to get her!

However, he didn’t look for Yuanyuan to play with him once or twice- he was looking to have her as his long term concubine. It would be better if she was willing to serve him at her own will, otherwise, it would be no fun and Boxer Li was not a big fan of forcing people.

“Oh? Boxer Li, you are interested?” Little Scorpion acted like he didn’t know.

“En, I want her!” Boxer Li confessed loudly not intending to hide as he nodded, “Little girl, follow me, be my concubine and serve me- I will guarantee you life with luxuries and the amount of debt your father owes will be cancelled as well, what do you think?”

“Ah— I—” Yuanyaun was in a difficult position- of course she didn’t want to agree to stay with a merciless evil man like him but did she have a choice? Yuanyuan didn’t want to think but she knew that as long as she followed this Boxer Li, her parents could continue living and the obstacle would be resolved immediately!

“What are you murmuring?” Little Scorpion had his eyebrows furrowed, impatient, “I tell you, Yu Yuanyuan, you can either serve only Boxer Li alone or I will sell you to prostitution, the choice is yours, choose yourself!”

“I…..” Yuanyuan lowered her head helplessly. Tears were flowing across her cheeks- she really didn’t know what to do anymore! If she was given a choice, she would rather die but she knew that death wouldn’t solve the problem- her parents would still suffer until they kick the bucket.

While Boxer Li was right, if she were to sacrifice herself- she could exchange the happiness of her whole family. Although she didn’t want to serve a person as evil as Boxer Li, she knew that it was still better than being sold off into prostitution!

“Hmph! It’s such a good offer and you’re taking so long to consider?” Little Scorpion was impatient as he turned his head to Boxer Li, “Boxer Li, this girl doesn’t seem to know what’s right and what’s wrong, why not we end this offer? There’s plenty of pretty girls out there, why should we waste our time on this petty little girl? I’ll get you a better one later, let’s just sell her off! Just look at her reluctant face, how could she be of use when serving you in the future?”

“No need, I really want her!” Boxer Li waved his huge hand, “Little girl, you are Yu Yuanyuan, right? Let me tell you, I might seem like a rough man but I will surely pamper you. I guarantee your happiness after following me!”

“I….” Yu Yuanyuan hesitated and looked at his father.

At this moment, Yuren didn’t feel good either, but what could he do? Facing people like Little Scorpion and Boxer Li, he had no strategy to counter this situation at all! The safety of his family was in their hands.

“Yuanyuan, what do you think?” Yuren was still a man with honour- he passed the choice to her daughter, “Three of us can die together as a family if you don’t want to do it, you really don’t have to suffer alone!”

“Dad, I… I…. I will follow him then!” Yuanyuan made a long pause and agreed with tears in her face. She didn’t want to see her parents die, and now all she had to do was to serve this Boxer Li alone- it was the least of the evils, as long as her parents were safe, she was willing to make a sacrifice!

“Hey, you made the right choice, little girl, at least you are not completely brainless!” Little Scorpion was very satisfied with the outcome- he didn’t have to use a knife and gun to settle this issue, it was the best outcome he could ever ask for!

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