Chapter 125. Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University

Now there was seven jins, it was sufficient.

In fact, the kids' side had a seven-pound quilt there, but starting this year, Da Wa and Er Wa have to sleep next door. San Wa could still come over and sleep with her and Zhou Qing Bai.

So the brothers need theirs. Father Zhou and Mother Zhou could only get another one made.

After cotton and the cloth were settled, Lin Qing He came over to find her old acquaintance.

This old acquaintance was a retired female worker whom Lin Qing He had known before. They met during the meat transaction. The quilt she had previously given to Zhou Xiao Mei as a wedding gift was made by her.

"Young lady, where did you buy these few pounds of cotton? Such good quality" remarked the old lady with bright eyes.

"The black market. If you want, I will give you a code. There are still some over there." Lin Qing He replied.

"OK, I'll check it out later." The little old lady nodded.

"You can make a quilt with these seven jins of cotton. I will come over and get the good from you half a month later." Lin Qing He said.

"It doesn't take half a month. You can collect it after seven days." stated the little old lady.

Lin Qing He and her were familiar acquaintances and nodded. She whispered: "Next time I come, I can bring some meat for you, Ma'am. How much do you want?"

"If you have, bring more. Doesn't matter what meat." The old lady responded quickly.

"OK." Lin Qing He promised.

At this time, people were still honest. What's more, the old lady was in this industry too. So no need to be afraid of her embezzling her things, unless she didn't want to work in this industry.

However, taking Zhou Xiao Mei's quilt from last time as an example. Lin Qing He still had some trust in her. She did an excellent job with it.

After leaving the old lady, Lin Qing He came to the mall to buy knitting wool.

She intended to knit a vest for Zhou Qing Bai and her three sons, so she doesn't need to make new clothes. Last year's one was still new.

After some contemplation, she bought some for Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, which was enough for the two of them.

After buying knitting wool, she headed to the supply and demand cooperative and bought some extra materials. She didn't stay any longer and rode the bike home.

"Didn't get cotton?" Mother Zhou asked when she saw her return with a bag of knitting wool and no cotton.

"I did. I asked someone to make it. It won't be that quick. I will get it in a few days." Lin Qing He replied.

"Will it be unreliable?" Mother Zhou couldn't resist and uttered.

"It won't. The quilt I gave Xiao Mei last time was made by this person." Lin Qing He assured.

Then she divided some wool out of that package, which was enough to make two sweaters, and said to Mother Zhou: "This is for you and Father. I need to knit for Qing Bai and the boys, so I'm pretty busy. Mother, take it home and knit it yourself."

"Making a quilt, and still buy wool back." Mother Zhou remarked embarrassedly.

"Take it back." Lin Qing He didn't act reserved with her on this. She set aside and started preparing for lunch.

Lunch was a bit simple. In the morning, she grabbed a handful of edible fungus to soak before going out. Now it was ready.

A plate of cool fungus, a plate of eggplant and meat bits, and another tomato and egg drop soup as the finishing touch.

The main food was white mantou.

Although the dishes were simple, Lin Qing He was willing to use oil. Whether it was the cool fungus or eggplant and meat bits, they were very aromatic.

Really appetizing.

After eating lunch, Lin Qinghe began to instruct the boys to wrap some yarn balls.

The boys had complained: "Mother, you didn't buy anything to eat back this time."

"This time I bought a lot of cotton for your grandpa and grandma to make a quilt and we have to knit another vest for you. It cost a lot of money." Lin Qing He explained.

It certainly did cost a lot of money, especially on the black market, which was really bloody expensive.

"Does it cost a lot of money?" Er Wa asked.

"That's for sure. The money in my pocket is almost empty. I need wait and see if the team can distribute some this year. If they do, I will buy you a pack of candy at the end of the year." Lin Qing He said.

"So poor." San Wa, the little brat sighed deeply.

Lin Qing He couldn't help but be dumbfounded: "Our family isn't poor."

"If we aren't poor, why can't we afford sugar?" San Wa said.

"We have to show filial piety to your grandpa and grandma, right? So our family can only shrink their diet and tighten our belts to live." Lin Qinghe said.

"Does our family still have money?" Da Wa asked.

"Although it isn't much, there's still a little." Lin Qing He nodded.

"Mother, don't worry. I will work hard to get admitted to the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University!" Da Wa vowed seriously.

"What is the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University?" Er Wa asked.

San Wa also stared at his eldest brother.

"That's a university. After studying at the university, you can go to work, and then you will be able to make money." Da Wa explained.

"Where did you hear this news?" Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows and asked him.

She knew about the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University. This year was the year '71. There were Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University in the year '70 and began enrollment in June last year.

Initially, Lin Qing He wanted to take the exam, but what about the three children in the family and their father?

In addition, the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University at this time didn't mean that you can take the exam if you want to take the exam. It required a recommendation and review. In short, it was very strict.

It was impossible for her, a lazy thing who had never been to the field, to want to pass the review. So even if she knew there were Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University, she would have no chance.

However, she didn't expect Da Wa, this stinky boy to actually heard of it.

"I heard the teacher say that Father is a soldier, he has a lot of credit, and our family are lower-middle-class peasants. The composition is very good. If I have a good grade, I can be recommended to take the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University's examination!" Da Wa looked at his mother seriously and clarified.

"It is indeed possible." Lin Qing He nodded.

She certainly can't pass, but Da Wa definitely can. Even if she was such a mother, there was still his father.

What's more, she was a minor thing. She didn't steal or rob, just don't know how to live. Her son won't be affected because of her.

But she still encouraged Da Wa. And how old was he now? When he grows up, the college entrance examination will resume then.

At that time, he can directly participate in the college entrance examination with her. Would he still need to take the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University's exam?

But he still needed to be encouraged.

"Da Wa, then you have to work hard. It's certainly hard, with our family depending on your father alone. You have grown up and it is time for you to contribute to your family." Lin Qing He urged.

Dawa straightened his chest: "Mother, you can rest assured. I will gain glory for you and glory for our village!"

Yes, if one can pass the exam, it will also earn glory for the village and glory for the team.

"Mother is very happy that you have this awareness," Lin Qing He nodded. "You have finished your work at hand and then you can go to study."

Studying required studious effort, but the work should still be done. She will not let her son dedicate himself to classical learning and do nothing else.

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