Chapter 124. Making a quilt

This time, was naturally much more due to the addition of Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's share.

One cart was not enough. Lin Qing He asked Zhou Dong to take it back first, and then make another trip later.

It went without saying that Zhou Donghad no objection. He shipped it back first and then brought the cart back to let his uncle and aunt carry the grain.

What's more, it wasn't a secret in old Zhou Family that Father Zhou and Mother Zhou began to join Fourth's family for meals.

Since this year's autumn harvest, the couple hadn't cooked much. They normally ate at Fourth's house and went back to sleep in the old house.

So there was nothing to say when seeing the old couple transporting their food to Fourth's house.

Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother were all like that.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law didn't utter anything, only Second Sister-in-law complained a little: "So much food!"

"Not a lot. It has to last until next year's food division." Second Brother honestly remarked.

It seems like lots. But the couple got a huge appetite. They ate together in the past, so how can they not know?

So don't look at the large quantity, once it got consumed, it'll be easier gone.

"The old couple favors Fourth's family, so they'll be frugal." Second Sister-in-law persisted.

"Do you think old Fourth will let Father and Mother save on food?" Second Brother looked at her in surprise.

Speaking of filial piety toward the old couple, old Fourth was more caring than them. And what kind of temper old Fourth have? He would rather eat less than letting his parents be hungry.

Second Sister-in-law received another block, scolded: "You're infuriating me on purpose!"

"You better stop paying attention to these pointless things. In my opinion, my parents are better off like this. If you, yourself, won't cook for Father and Mother, so don't go on about Father and Mother giving their food to Fourth's family to eat with old Fourth." Second Brother said.

He truly felt it was great. If it wasn't for his wife's definite refusal, he wanted to tell his parents to eat with them as the old couple only made their own meals.

But in the end, he didn't have old Fourth's courage and directly took on the old couple's food.

"Are you really my man? Whose side are you on?" Second Sister-in-law lashed out.

"That's my parents, who do you think I'm partial to?" Second Brother Tuesday said indifferently.

The couple ended up in a bad note.

Lin Qing He didn't pay any heed on her side. She had Zhou Qing Bai transport the food home and gave Zhou Dong a bag of red dates.

"Auntie, take it back." Zhou Dong shook his head.

"Why take it back? It's not for you. And this red date only worth a bit of money. Take home and give it to Little Xi. Tell her to eat a few each day. It's good for her body. You men will not understand. Have her take better care of her health." Lin Qing He stuffed it to him and stated.

Zhou Dong nodded and dragged the cart back.

Lin Qing He began to direct Zhou Qing Bai on storing the food. She separated the grain she was going to sell and the rest was placed in the firewood shed in the backyard.

This time, she bought a hefty amount back. As they had a bountiful harvest this year and got a lot of food accumulated, she bought it without any reservation.

As long as she didn't go overboard, the team will not say anything. After all, her reputation as a prodigal was already deeply embedded in everyone's mind.

Besides, with how she raised her man and three sons, it wasn't like everyone was blind. So she bought more back and everyone won't find anything strange.

Even if they did felt something, they'll feel Zhou Qing Bai is unable to save a penny throughout the year.

Although Mother Zhou felt that she had bought too much food, she didn't question her as she won't intervene now and Fourth's wife was impatient with her pestering. It was enough to punctually come over every day for meals.

"I'm going to the city tomorrow. Mother, mind the house for a bit." Lin Qing He said to her.

"Going to the city?" Mother Zhou froze for a moment.

"That bit of cotton we get this year isn't enough. Qing Bai and I plan to make a new quilt for you two, so I have to take this time to check." Lin Qing He nodded.

Feeling a warm surge within her heart, Mother Zhou urged: "Tell Qing Bai to go with you?"

"What is he going for? I'm familiar with this matter. He doesn't have to go. Besides, he still has to work." Lin Qing He replied.

It was said that it'll be idle after the food distribution. After the grain was divided, the winter wheat needed to be planted. Once that was done, they'll truly be idle.

"Honestly, the quilt is still usable." Mother Zhou looked at her and said.

"What usable? I saw it last time when I went over to make clothes. It's certainly can't keep warm this year." Lin Qing He stated.

In fact, getting cotton was secondary. The most important thing was that she was going to sell the materials in her hand.

So many grains were gained this year, which have to be sold.

Lin Qing He set off the next day and carried a bag of grain away. Truthfully, there was a lot of stock in the space.

However, this was for an explanation.

She didn't bring along Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa and had them stay at home.

Once out of the village entrance, Lin Qing He withdrew that bit of grain behind the bicycle directly into the space when she saw no one around before going to the county city.

After reaching the county city, she spent more than an hour circling around before she sold all kinds of pork scraps accumulated in the past period.

Taking away the expenses, she made a profit of fifty-something yuan. Not a lot, as she hadn't come to the city for more than a month.

She never missed out on the pork promised by Sister Mei. Accumulated one after another, it stacked up so much?

In addition to selling pork, Lin Qing He came up with ways to sell out the food she brought over.

Afterward, she came over to the black market to buy cotton again. She, who was a regular in the black market, knew the black market's secret code. However, the black market's secret code switch too fast. This time she came, it didn't match.

"That was the last last one." That man watched her and stated.

"Brother, do me a favor. The autumn harvest was too busy this time. I really didn't have time to come over. The elders at home need cotton to make a new quilt." Lin Qing He stuffed a dime over and whispered.

The man didn't expect her to be so generous. What's more, she was still a stick skinny woman. Believing nothing could happen, he brought her over.

Lin Qing He requested four jins of cotton.

A jin of cotton was pressed into a square. Four jins were just four squares. The space it took wasn't much.

Not only did she get four jins of cotton, she also asked for a bolt of handwoven cloth.

After handing over the money and receiving the goods, Lin Qing He carried a large bag of cotton and the cloth away. She weaved through the alley very skillfully. After several twist and turns, the cotton and the cloth had been moved into the space.

Then she came back to the black market and circled again. She bought three more jins of cotton.

On such cold winter, how could one four jins quilt be enough to cover two elderly?

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