Chapter 1094: Debts at the Door

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“Dad, what”s wrong?” Yu Yuanyuan seemed to notice that something was up with her father- he was always frowning and putting on a bitter face when at home, and not even a smile crossed his face- this wasn’t him at all!

While they were always poor and always tired, they’d always have a good time at night after dinner, when his father drank a bit watching the TV. Yet now, he only drank and sighed all the time- this wasn’t the sort of light happy drinking she was used to!

He sighed loudly again- how was he supposed to tell his daughter!

“Dad, what’s wrong? If there’s something on your mind you could always tell me- I’m your daughter, I can help share the burden!” Yuayuan said seriously as she sat beside her father.

“Yuanyuan, I’ve failed you, I’ve failed your mom!” Yu Ren couldn’t take it anymore- he had to tell the truth today! Today was the last day, the little scorpion would come knocking his door to collect debt at any second now, there was no more hiding!

“Dad, why are you saying things like this suddenly? How did you fail me and mom?” Yuanyuan startled at her dad’s reaction and looked at her father curiously.

Yuren’s wife was a part-time cleaner- she went to a wealthy family to do nanny today so she wasn’t home yet. There were only Yu ren and his daughter in the house now.

“Yuanyuan, your dad was deceived to join the underground arena and lost five hundred thousands….” Yuren lowered his head, depressed.

“What? DAD, what did you say? You lost five hundred thousands?” Yuanyuan widened her eyes looking straight at her father in disbelief. “Dad, tell me you are joking right? How could we afford a five hundred thousands debt?”

“Indeed we didn’t have five hundred thousand if we do, I wouldn’t be this stressed out already! This five hundred thousand was loaned by the underground arena…” Yu ren said with a bitter face.

“Dad, what was going on? How could you get money from them?” Yuanyuan was suspicious- she knew that her father was a good man, he didn’t even have bad habits like gambling, how could he lose a total five hundred thousand out of the blue? There must be something behind the cause?

“Ah…. this… it’s complicated, it’s like this…” Yuren finally opened up- he wasn’t intending to hide the reason from his daughter from the beginning so he told her daughter everything from how he went to the arena to getting greedy to losing until there was no return…..

“Dad, these people are from the underground, their business is illegal! Besides, boxing arena alone is illegal, we can report this to the police. I believe the police will wipe out the entire arena and catch all of them up, so you don’t have to pay up the debt anymore!” Although Yuanyuan was just a normal worker, she knew law- she knew that underground arena, or gathered gambling were illegal.

“Yuanyuan, you’re too naive!” Yuren waved his hand and shook his head. “If I dared to report this to the police, do you think I will still sigh and do nothing now? These people act as an organization, they aren’t alone- they kill people without even blinking their eyes! When someone died, they just fed the corpse to the crocodile. These people are merciless- they will do anything! If I were to report this to the police, for sure, the police will sabotage their nest but how about us? They would surely never let us go that easily!”

“This…” Yuanyuan was young but she understood what her father meant. The underground arena wasn’t an individual existence, there was a larger hidden force behind the scene backing them up- even if the nest was sabotaged, the organization was still there to mess with them giving them the life of hell!

Besides, from his father’s words, she learnt that these people were demons that were cold-blooded- they would come back for them no doubt!

“Yuanyuan, tell me what should dad do right now? I shouldn’t have listened to others that time, otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this difficult situation!” Yuren sighed and said helplessly.

There was a knock on the door when both of them were conversing- the knock was loud and violent.

Yuren jumped from the shock- it must be the little scorpion! He started to sweat.

“Dad…. is it mom? Has she returned…” Yuanyuan concerned.

“No, it must be the people from the underground!” Yuren hesitated and confirmed. “Yuanyaun, don’t make a noise, we pretend that there isn’t anyone home- let’s hide for today and think of a solution now!”

Yuanyuan nodded, horrified.

“Knock knock knock —” the knock was getting louder and louder. “Dead Old Yu, open the door quick! I know you are inside!”

“Dad, what should we do, I’m petrified….” Yuanyaun might seem brave and not afraid of injustice but when injustices knocked on her door, she would be afraid naturally.

“Don’t talk, as long as we hide inside the house, they could do nothing against us. Our security door is strong enough to prevent them from entering!” Yuren comforted softly while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“Oh…” Yuanyuan nodded.

But just when Yuren finished his line, a deafening “Peng” was heard then the sound of metal tearing sound came next. The voice from outside could be heard more clearly now.

“Dead old Yu, since you’re not opening the door, we are coming in ourselves! You think a mere stupid security door could stop boxer Li from entering? It’s nothing to him!” Little scorpion entered the house cockily.

Yuren looked at them, stunned! He couldn’t believe the security door couldn’t even withstand a hit and was defeated- there was a hole created by boxer Li’s punch! Now, they couldn’t pretend anymore since people had already entered!

“Dad… what should we do?” Yuanyaun was also dumbfounded by the scene. In her conscious, she could never understand this logic, how could a person break the security door with his bare fist? What monstrous strength was that!

“We could only walk step by step now…” Yuren sighed helplessly- there was nothing he could do anymore, was there? If he insisted on gambling that day, things like this wouldn’t even happen, it was too late for regrets!

“Dead old Yu, do you think that hiding inside the house will help? Today is your last day to pay up your debt if you don’t pay up after twelve, hehe, guess we’ll have to use the alternative method then!”

“Scorpion bro, there really isn’t any money in this house…” Yuren sobbed while he walked out from the room to see little scorpion and a huge muscled man standing in his house!

“It has nothing to do with me, I’m here to collect the debt!” little scorpion hmped. “If you don’t have money to pay up, guess you’ll have to join the game to compensate! Choose yourself, you only live once!”

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