Between heaven and earth, the vast trumpet is loud and clear, the war drum is like thunder.

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The army of 217000 regions, from different regions and directions, bombarded!

All kinds of treasures and Taoist methods were looted, and different terrible visions were developed. They rushed to the temporary camp.

Dense, just like the storm!

The void is disordered, the earth shakes, the heaven and the earth lose color at this moment, and are submerged by the gorgeous and magnificent light.

Such a scene, it seems to be like the end of the world.

It's terrible!

Even Shao Hao and Ruo Wu could not help but take a cool breath when they saw this scene.

Kunbaqiu and other great sages had already started before this all-round attack, one by one moving across the void and killing violently.

Aim at Lintian!

All of a sudden, the situation is in danger.

However, at the same time, Lintian's sleeve robe waved, and a rainbow swept up. There were 24 flags, which were made of holy treasures. They swept into different directions of the temporary camp and disappeared in an instant.

In the depths of the earth where no one can see, the Tao pattern array that has already been covered suddenly emerges a dazzling light, just like waking up from the silence.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a flash, the earth was turned upside down, and eight defensive formations sprang up. The dense and vast Daowen array spread out like a vast ocean, covering the huge temporary camp.

From a distance, it looks like a magnificent huge eggshell, buckled on the temporary camp, reflecting a dazzling golden light curtain.

In the light curtain, the flow of Taoist patterns, like the light and rain of flying immortals, evolves into illusory gods and shadows. Some meditate solemnly, some read scriptures, and some cruise around with halberds in their hands, all of which are mighty.

It's just like a kingdom of gods. It's magnificent and sacred, and it's boundless. It gives people a feeling that it can't be shaken.

Eight imperial array!

At the same time, Lintian's fingers pinched the secret code, and the four sacred treasures that were refined for the array plate were plundered out and disappeared in the void.

"Get up!"

Lintian's tongue is full of spring thunder.


In the void of the place where he was standing, a big array outlined by the bright stars suddenly emerged.

As soon as it appeared, it was like a starry sky reflecting on the world, giving people the feeling of boundless, cold and vast palpitations.

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"Juetian" of sijue array!

A series of actions were completed in an instant by Lintian, which was incredibly fast.

At this time, the killing of the great saints has come.


The deafening and terrifying sound of collision reverberated through the sky, just like one volcano after another erupting at the same time. The fiery light and rain splashed and wreaked havoc, making the world turbulent.


There was a scream.

"Sure enough, there has already been a big array!"

In the distance, the eyes of a group of saints on the top of the mountain flickered and were surprised.

In their field of vision, Lintian's foothold was like a starry sky. The stars flowed and swayed, and the stars were shining, drawing a mysterious and obscure track.

Before, all their attacks were resolved in the collision with this array!

Lintian, standing in the starry sky, had black hair and was bathed in bright stars. He was holy and ethereal, just like the son of stars.


Immediately after that, there was a dense and harsh collision, which spread all over the world and stirred the earth to crack.

Then, the voice of surprise rang out.

Around the temporary camp, there is a golden light curtain, and the Taoist pattern array turns into the virtual shadow of the gods, just like a kingdom of gods.

All the terrible attacks from all directions were blocked by the golden light curtain. They collided, but they couldn't shake a cent!


The army of the seven regions were all restless. I can't believe it. They thought that this attack would be enough to destroy the temporary camp.

But who ever thought that such a terrible accident had happened!

What kind of array was it that could block the attack of their army?

In the temporary camp, SHAOHAO and ruowu relax at this moment and feel relieved.

Before, they could hardly help it!

At the same time, many ancient wasteland strongmen, such as sixiaotiantian, yechen and Yue Jianming, cheered at this moment.

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No one knows how nervous, nervous and depressed they were before. They all thought that under this impact, there would be heavy casualties.

But who ever thought, a golden light curtain appeared to protect them all, all intact!

This made them all have a dreamlike trance feeling. When they looked at Lintian's figure standing in the void, all of them could not help showing their excitement, enthusiasm and excitement.

These days, they all knew that Lintian was busy all the time, laying out the array day and night, but no one knew how strong the means he had set up.And now, they understand!

Hum ~ ~

the golden light curtain emits holy light, which is like the most unbreakable fortress in the world, covering the temporary camp.

At the front, the Jue Tian Sha array turned into the phase of Zhou Xu and the starry sky, which was set off around Lintian, sending out obscure and palpitating waves.

All of these made the army of the seven regions surprised and unprepared, and their faces were pale and uncertain.

"Well! It's just a big battle. It's just a break! "

Kun Ba is cold in autumn.

"It's not like I haven't leveled this place in the past nine regions."

There are also people grinning.

What if there is a big block?

Seventy two supreme sages, with a total army of 210000, are they furnishings?

Step flat!

Lintian's black eyes were cold and calm, and he said: "you just asked, why didn't you build the city? Because Lack of materials! Now that you're here, you can finally start. "

Kun Ba Qiu has a sneer. This boy can't protect himself. Do you plan to build a city? It's insane. It's completely insane!

"Do it!"

A group of saints at the top of the mountain drank violently.


The vast sound of trumpets and the fierce sound of war drums resounded again between the heaven and the earth.

The army of the seven regions, besieged with all its strength, invaded like the wind, and each one was as fierce as a devil.

Gorgeous and magnificent Taoism.

All kinds of treasures.

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…… It's like you don't want money, pouring down from heaven to earth. The scene is extremely chaotic and terrifying.

Even though it is clear that there is a large array of protection, the ancient wasteland strongmen still can't help a moment of tension. This kind of offensive is too terrible, just like the torrent of breaking the dike, which is enough to crush and erase them easily!

However, when we saw that these attacks, no matter how fierce and terrifying, were eventually blocked by the big array, the tense hearts of the ancient wilderness strongmen gradually relaxed.

On the other hand, the seven armies were gloomy and angry.

Can't a big array be shaken?

They don't believe it!

For a time, their offensive became more and more fierce, and many true saints, and a group of eternal kings, all used their real strength.

However, they didn't realize that one road map array after another was running quietly under their feet.


High above the sky, all the saints at the top of the mountain had already attacked the "juetiansha array" in front of Lintian.

Their actions are undoubtedly more terrifying. The power of Taoism and Dharma and the power of Shengbao are all terrifying.

Under such bombardment, the Jue Tian Sha array all rolled, and the stars around them were in disorder.

"Little bastard, don't you mean that you were once alone and oppressed so that no one dared to come out of the city of protecting the road of the blood devil ancient region? Why can't you shrink out now? "

Some people laugh and sneer.

"I just can't bear you to miss the wonderful scene of building the city."

Lintian's voice was calm.

"Ha ha ha, are you crazy? The big battle in front of you is about to be broken, and you still want to build a city?"

A lot of people were happy and laughing.

This is really ridiculous. The army is pressing ahead. Do you think that with these arrays, you can stop their killing?

At this time, even the strong people in the ancient wasteland in the temporary camp were in a panic. At this time, did Lintian still think about building a city?

"It's almost time. Open your eyes wide!"

But Lin Xun suddenly stepped forward, pointed to the distance, and spat out a word in his lips:



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Thirty miles away, there is a dense army of enemies, but at their feet, they suddenly burst out of the sky runes, gorgeous as a round of perfect sun, rising from the ground!

In the blink of an eye.

"Kill the ground to kill the array" soared into the air.

As soon as he moved around, he saw thousands of magic swords, which were composed of runes, coming out of the sky and covering the earth.



There was a loud scream, but there was no time to dodge. In that area, all the enemies who were covered by the big array were fatally hit.

Poop, poop!

Group after group of figures, like weeds, were killed by the fierce sword, blood and broken corpses flying.

In an instant, at least hundreds of people were killed, among them, there were several real saints who had no time to move and escape!


When the Zhudi killing array was in full operation, it seemed that there were countless divine swords roaring out of the earth that day, killing the universe with incomparable power.

The enemies in the nearby area were completely covered, and they didn't dodge. They were swept, crushed and killed by the dense stream of sword Qi!The terrible power made the field in chaos, and the screams, screams, roars and shrieks were heard all the time.

In an instant, the eyes of the saints who were bombarding the juetian killing array shrank and their faces slightly changed.

This area nearby, unexpectedly also ambushes has the terrifying boundless killing array, but they from the beginning to the end, actually all did not realize!

In the temporary camp, a group of strong people in the ancient wasteland were also attracted by the cold air, and they were so excited that they opened their eyes. Was this the real killing move of Lintian's ambush?

It's too fierce!

Just a few breaths.

There are more than 3000 enemies who have been killed. Their bones and blood are all piled up on the ground, and the blood is overwhelming.

Some of the strong men who had the chance to avoid the big battle were pale with fright, and they all felt like they had escaped from death.

The scene just now is undoubtedly too bloody and terrible!


(to make you see better, tonight around 11, will add a more old fellow, ask for monthly ticket fire to assist forest devil!

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