That bloody, overbearing scene, make the atmosphere in the field are strange quiet,.

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At the same time, Lintian said calmly: "please see, those bones and blood will become part of the materials for building the city."

Speaking of this, Lintian added: "of course, this is only a small part, far from enough."

Kunbaqiu and many other saints on the top of the mountain have a gloomy face.

But thousands of casualties.

Moreover, among the strong dead, there are only a few true saints. This loss can not cause any impact on them.

"Everyone, send out a group of people to resist and bombard the big formation!"

Someone was drinking too much.

In the distance, Zhudi formation is running freely, shooting thousands of magic swords, killing all sides and dominating fiercely. It is causing damage to the seven domain strongmen in the nearby area.

At that moment, more than ten top sages came out together to suppress and bombard the power of zhudishuazhen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's just the beginning. Even if it's a breakthrough, there's no need to worry."

Lintian didn't look surprised, as if everything was in his expectation.

"Well! You're going to die soon, little bastard. How dare you bark

Kunba drank violently in autumn. Like other great saints, he sacrificed all kinds of holy treasures to bombard juetiansha.

Lin xunyao pointed to the other direction and said, "I said, it's just the beginning. You can see it again."

As soon as the voice fell, thunder started in the distance!

Roaring ~

under the earth, like the Earth Dragon turning over, the endless bright Rune map array suddenly emerged, forming a large array in the void.

In the big array, the dazzling thunder is just in the air, the electric arc is flowing, and the dense circle is like a violent lightning waterfall.

Purple, red, blue, cyan, black, silver All kinds of thunder are full of the power of destroying heaven and earth, enough to kill ghosts and gods!

Kill the gods!

As soon as the thunder and lightning came out, dozens of strong people could not dodge and were killed in an instant.

The atmosphere of killing Zhigang and Zhiba made the whole audience scream again.

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The most terrible thing is that those thunderbolts, like chains, extend and open, dance wildly between heaven and earth, glittering and shining, but they can kill all the true saints!

In the temporary camp, the atmosphere was completely boiling. A group of ancient wasteland strongmen hid in the battle of the eight emperors. They witnessed the scene of destruction with their own eyes. They were all agitated and full of blood.

They could foresee that Lintian's means must be more than that, but they didn't expect that the power of the array was so shocking!


"Damn, we've been fooled by that bastard!"

The shrill screams continued to ring.

Seeing this scene, Kun Baqiu and other great saints could not help changing their looks again.

On the way here, they also made an investigation and perception, and clearly did not find any trace or breath of prohibition.

But now, accidents happened one after another, which made them all feel unprepared.

"Isn't it a surprise? But then again, if you notice, how can I catch a turtle in a jar? "

Lintian spoke calmly.

During this period of time, when he was setting up the array, he had already thought about all kinds of possible situations one by one.

Just like the array covering a hundred Li, in order not to arouse the enemy's vigilance, Lintian spent a lot of effort to isolate all the breath with the unique power of Tao pattern array.

Otherwise, how could the enemy dare to approach so boldly?

This is called catching turtles in a jar!

In a word, it makes Kun Baqiu and others look ugly. This damned little bastard really thinks that setting up some big formations can reverse the world?

"I'm going to bombard that big formation!"

Immediately, more than ten saints from the top of the mountain set out to plunder the "killing the gods array".

Whether it's the killing array or the killing array, it's too powerful to kill the real saint.

If we don't break through it, it will definitely cause unimaginable blow to the seven regions army for a long time.

Seeing that the power of the breaking God killing array was also restrained, Kun Baqiu and others looked at Lintian coldly.

"Little bastard, do you have anything else? Just let it out!"

Some people drink it.

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When they spoke, they were all attacking the Jue Tian Sha array where Lin Xun was. The array was loud and rolling. No accident, it would be broken soon!

By then

In the eyes of Kun Baqiu and others, there is a strong opportunity to kill. At that time, this son will surely die!

As for the big array that was over the Linshi camp, Kun Baqiu didn't pay attention to it. When they killed Lintian, they could easily destroy it with their strength.

But Lintian snapped his fingers and said, "the old beast has a good eye. If you guess right, you can see it again."Then he reached out and pointed out.

Kun Ba Qiu and others are all in a daze. They almost curse their mother in their heart. What else is there?

Silently, in the far distance, a power of Rune like the light and rain of flying immortals emerged, forming a vast array of fog.

The gray mist floated and filled the air. A dull voice sounded in the nearby area. One after another, the strong men were staring and lying on the ground.

Their bodies are intact, but their spirits have been erased!

This is the "killing array"!

The mist is so thick that it can't be dispelled. It covers the whole world. However, the strong people who are enveloped in it can't help but struggle. They fall to the ground in astonishment and fear.

The strange scene made the audience scream.

"Isn't it wonderful?"

Lintian took back his eyes and looked at Kun Baqiu and others. His pupils were cold.

"I've been preparing for this day for nearly half a year, and I've devoted a lot of effort. Even my own practice has been delayed a lot. Now it seems that these efforts are worth it."

Indifferent voice floating, so that Kun Ba autumn and others face uncertain.

They didn't expect that Lintian's array was one by one, and all of them were terrible and lethal.

Immediately, there was a group of saints at the top of the mountain who could not sit still and rushed to the "soul killing array" in the distance.

The current situation has become clear.

The four killing formations of juetian, Zhudi, Shatin and mieling contain a group of juetian saints.

Among them, the number of juetong saints near the juetong killing array where Lintian was was was the most.

Although some of the seven armies in the field were slaughtered, there were 210000 people, and the casualties were less than one tenth.

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They have been attacking the "Kingdom of gods" like the eight imperial array.

However, it has not worked so far.

For the time being, at least, the ancient wilderness strongmen in the temporary camp are safe.

This reminds SHAOHAO and ruowu that before the war, Lintian once said that he wanted to fight against the enemy alone.

At the time, everyone thought he was crazy.

But now it seems that all the situations are fulfilling Lintian's words!

"Naive, as long as you die, all this will be solved naturally!"

Suddenly, someone suddenly opened his mouth, and the sound shocked nine days and ten places.

"Everyone, fight with all your strength and kill this son!"

Kunba drinks in autumn.

In their eyes, Jue Tian Sha array is about to be destroyed!

But at this time, Lintian suddenly gave out a long smile, and he was arrogant and angry.

"It's late. Do you think I was just talking nonsense with you? It's just waiting for an opportunity. "

"Now, the time has come!"

With a wave of his sleeve robe, only the remaining 12 pieces of holy treasures were refined into array plates. They were divided into three groups and roared away in three directions.


The first is to kill the enemy. With three array plates, its power is completely used. In the big array, it is like a sea of sword power.

The dense sword Qi is like a raging wave. It cuts up Qingming and down Jiuyou. It spreads in ten directions. The Qi of killing and cutting is loud and sonorous.

Then, in the battle of breaking God, there were changes. The gorgeous thunderstorm rolled, and there emerged a series of empty shadows, just like the legendary thunder spirit and thunder god!

Immediately after that, the killing array also changed. The fog was vast, just like a sea of clouds. In the gray color, there was a strange light and rain.

In the end, the crumbling Jue Tian Sha array was suddenly transformed in an earth shaking roar.

If we say that before it was a starry sky, there were ten thousand stars in circulation.

At this moment, the Jue Tian Sha array is a sea of stars, in which there are bright streams of stars!

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A series of changes, all at once.

Also at this time, the four unique array, echo with each other, integrate into one, will be nearby hundred li of land, all cover them!

It was also at this time that the array of four unique and eight Royal was completely presented in the world.

If you look down from the sky, you will find that only the power of restraining waves emanating from this great array has spread to a range of three thousand li, and it fits with the heaven and earth, forming a great power of "the heaven and the earth have the same power from time to time".

As if, to fight against it is to fight against this world!

This is the true face of the four unique eight imperial array, which took Lintian nearly half a year to set up based on the Zhou Tian star fight array.


"What kind of holy prohibition is this?"

"Damn it, I'm trapped and I can't move it!"

"Underground is not good, there are forbidden forces."

At this moment, kunbaqiu and other saints at the top of the mountain all turned pale and felt a little bit bad.They are now in a vast sea of stars, and lost all contact with the outside world.

At the same time, in other regions, groups of the top saints are trapped in other killing formations, and they also feel that it is not good.

This is the real "no way to heaven, no door to earth"!

If we can't break the battle, the consequences will be unimaginable.

As for the hundreds of thousands of troops in the seven regions, they were also trapped. They only felt that the scenery before them had completely changed.

Let alone continue to attack the temporary camp, there is no way out.

Looking around, you can see the boundless sea of stars, the world of sword power, the country of thunder, and the place of nothingness

All the enemies are in the urn at this moment!

Lintian's hands were on his back, and the cold light flashed in his deep eyes.

The real killing starts from now on!


(plus more!)

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