Chapter 1093: No Choice But to be Sserious

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After hearing Naopao’s words, even someone as materialistic and calculating like Zhong Pinliang felt moved- this really was a true brother, a true friend! He patted him on the shoulder, “You really are a true brother! As long as you’re okay!”

“I’ve understood it long ago- if it weren’t for my brash rushing into the castration without hesitation, I wouldn’t have been noticed by Master Kuangniu and get accepted as his official disciple, teaching me Wasp Absorption Arts- it’s why I became so strong so quickly!” Naipao shook his head casually, “Liang Bro, to gain something you must lose something- my talent isn’t bad, but if it weren’t for my decisive castration, I wouldn’t be in the position I am, standing out from all my fellow disciples!”

“Oh, Naipao- your talent’s not bad?” Pinliang was a bit surprised. Practitioning required talent, he knew this clearly- he didn’t expect that Naipao would have talent in it?

“Yes, practitioning dark arts requires talent, but according to Master Kuangniu, the more dark and evil your personality, the easier it is to practice dark arts. The Wasp absorption arts, for example- it can’t be practitioned by righteous people!” Naipao said.

“Haha, looks like we really are the best at being bad!” Pinliang grinned, “So it seems I’ll be quite suited to this training as well, but just the thought of letting a bunch of venomous wasps sting me is too much! I’ll let it be for now! Right, Naipao- what’s your strength level right now?”

“I’m currently a Golden class late phase peak- I’ll be able to break through soon, and when I’m a Mystic, it’ll be Lin Yi’s death sentence!” Naipao said confidently, “At that point, I’ll leave the mountain and help you with your revenge, Liang Bro!”

“No, you musn’t!” Pinliang jumped, in shock from the fact that Naipao was this strong already, and the fact that he couldn’t let Naipao die!

“What do you mean?” Naipao blinked.

“Pao, as far as I know, Lin Yi is at least Mystic early phase right now!” Pinliang said, “Plus, there was a Mystic mid phase physical practitioner that even lost to Lin Yi and got crippled by him- we can’t be careless!”

“Ah?! When did Lin Yi become that strong? Wasn’t he Golden mid or late phase when I left?” Naipao blinked, not expecting Lin Yi to have gotten stronger as well.

After all, the natural and official way was to take in the qi of the natural world, and that was extremely slow, especially in the natural world, where the qi was thin! He shouldn’t have been improving at the same speed as Naipao who was using the dark arts, let alone the fact that Lin Yi was in the city.

How did he train??

“Yes!” Pinliang nodded solemnly, “It’s true, Pao- Lin Yi is this strong, so a Mystic early phase would be easily crippled by him- we must be careful! Before we clearly identify the strength of our opponent, we can’t go about this carelessly! We need to wait until it’s a guarantee that we have the strength to instantly kill Lin Yi- only then can we act! From what I know, this bastard Lin Yi not only crippled someone at his own strength level, he’s even able to fight opponents at a higher level! He’s a really difficult opponent!”

“He’s that strong??” Naipao’s eyes turned a lot more serious – he understood clearly what type of person Pinliang was- he wouldn’t just put himself down and praise others for no reason- this must be really serious! And so, Naipao became more serious as well!

“So it seems that unless I’m a Mystic late phase, or even Earth class… Only then will I have enough strength to guarantee my victory! I’ll have to stay on this mountain for a longer time!”

“Yes, we can only endure before we have a guaranteed victory!” Pinliang sighed, “To tell the truth, Pao, I really am in quite dire times right now- I’ve got many enemies, but I have to endure!”

“Oh? More enemies?” Pinliang’s words gave Naipao a pause, “Liang Bro, what’s wrong?”

“Your Liang Bro got his kidney cut out!” Pinliang said, “Now I’m a one-kidney man!”

“What? Liang Bro, your kidney was cut out? Who did this!” Naipao said, shocked and stunned.

“You wouldn’t know even if I told you. It’s fine, I’ll tell you about all my enemies when you return- you just need to know that I’m in a very sad spot, you need to work hard!” Pinliang said, trying to motivate Naipao by telling him how sad he’s been.

“Don’t worry, Liang Bro! I’ll work harder, and get into Earth class!” Naipao swore.

“Yes, now that we’ve seen you, Xiaofu and I are confident already- we know that the day of our revenge is near!” Pinliang nodded, “By the way, do you have anything you need here?”

“Nothing, I have everything I need. I only train every day, there’s nothing else to do,” Naipao shook his head.

“Alright, we’re really relieved to see you, Naipao- we’ll leave you to your training! We’ll see you again someday!” Pinliang said.

“Alright, I’ll walk you guys down the mountain!” Naipao nodded.

“Man, there aren’t any cars here, it’s quite tiring to walk back like this!” Pinliang sighed. He had only one kidney now, and evidently wasn’t as healthy as he used to be.

“Liang Bro, I’ll bring you down!” Naipao said casually.

“Bring me down?” Pinliang blinked.

Naipao smiled. With one arm each, he grabbed Pinliang and Xiaofu, squeezing them close to his sides, and charged down the mountain!

Pinliang and Xiaofu jumped in shock- they didn’t know Naipao was this strong now, running this fast with two people at his sides!

Naipao was just a Golden class late phase- they realized now just how much Lin Yi held back when dealing with them before, otherwise they’d all be dead already!

Yu Ren was quite troubled these two days, always frowning as he hid his situation from his wife and daughter. He wished so much for everything to have been a dream, but he knew that it wasn’t- Scorpion even came to the market to look for him today, telling him that it was his last day before he had to pay up!

He sighed loudly as he looked at the run down furniture of his house, unsure of what he should do.

If dying would solve everything, he really would be willing to just die! But he couldn’t, because if he did, his wife and daughter would be caught and suffer an even worse fate!

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