Chapter 122. Forced to appear as a virtuous wife

A large plate of braised loach and this large plate of small cabbage accompanied with a pot of cornmeal mantou were enough.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou both had the same meaning and also thought like that, so he joined Zhou Qing Bai after work and brought three brothers back.

San Wa went wild for the whole day and was tired. He returned on his father's back.

Once they got back, they went to wash their hands and face to prepare for dinner.

Lin Qing He noticed that Zhou Qing Bai's eyes were particularly gentle.

Lin Qing He: "..." That's it, another misunderstanding.

She didn't ask, but can still guess. Zhou Qing Bai must have heard Father Zhou mention it on the way back.

And thought she was starting to be a virtuous wife, a good mother, and filial daughter-in-law.

What else should she say?

Eating cornmeal mantou with braised loach and small cabbage had everyone satisfied.

After dinner, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou went back.

Lin Qing He heated a little hot water to bath San Wa. The little guy was really exhausted. He dozed off while eating.

San Wa was bathed first and then placed on the Kang so he could sleep first.

The little guy can still laugh with her while washing up, but once he was set down on the Kang fell asleep instantly.

"You two wash up as well. Get ready to go to bed." Lin Qing He instructed Da Wa and Er Wa.

Both have finished their chores, however, they didn't want to sleep.

"I want to drink mung bean soup," said Da Wa.

"Me too," Er Wa followed.

Lin Qing He let them be, but she still had them take a shower first.

Zhou Qing Bai went to grab the loach after dinner. In the beginning, he rarely ate loach because he didn't like the odor.

However, he really liked the braised loach made by Lin Qing He. What's more, it counted as a meat dish too.

Only when it was getting dark, he came back with a few loach. Even with a few, it can be kept first, save a little more, and then cook together.

"Go wash up and drink mung bean soup. Then go to sleep." Lin Qinghe said.

Zhou Qing Bai went to take a shower. Along the way, he washed the children's clothes.

Lin Qing He had scooped up some mung bean soup for the two elders. The rest was for her own family. After eating, everyone cleansed their mouth and prepared to sleep.

"Father was very delighted to eat with our family." On the Kang at night, Zhou Qing Bai told her.

Lin Qing He wasn't really willing. But since he spoke, Lin Qing He responded: "Two more people's meal is nothing much. If love to eat, then come over and eat."

"Thank you." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Then Lin Qing He immediately brought up: "If I did something wrong, would you forgive me?"

"What did you do wrong?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

Lin Qing He started pretending: "What are you saying? What can I do wrong? Just tell me whether you promise or not."

"I promise." Zhou Qing Bai reached out and took his wife into his arms.

How could his wife possibly do anything wrong? She would never do wrong in her life. Even if she did, he wouldn't mind.

Lin Qing He was satisfied: "Then you must remember what you said today."

Zhou Qing Bai acknowledged it. For him, as long as she was willing to stay and live with him, everything else wasn't a problem.

Lin Qing He got up at half past four the next day.

She steamed a pot of steamed buns, which was leftover from last night and was placed in an iron pan to chill in the water. It couldn't go bad overnight. She cooked millet porridge, cut two salted eggs, and then fried a large plate of fried cucumber omelet.

Then Zhou Qing Bai finished eating and headed out with his father and his brothers from Zhou family.

It was required to start early during the autumn harvest.

"Old Fourth, what did you eat in the morning?" Second Brother asked.

"Mantou, cucumber." Zhou Qing Bai curtly answered.

However, there was also millet porridge, salted eggs. The cucumber omelet was fried with lard. Very flavorful. His wife said that plate was prepared for him, and later on, she'll fry for the children. So that plate of cucumbers omelet all ended up in his stomach.

Zhou Qing Bai was very full from breakfast.

But no matter how full, from the morning to the lunchtime, he'll be hungry.

"Not eating as good as old Third." Second Brother remarked.

Third Brother gave him an eye-roll: "Those are all for my wife to eat. I didn't eat her share."

Su Da Lin brought a lot of things over, but it still wasn't finished yet.

But for Third Brother to say he didn't have any would be a lie. More or less, he had eaten it.

Second Brother quarreled with Second Sister-in-law because of this matter. But because of the autumn harvest period, Second Sister-in-law left in the morning and came back on her own by noon.

In such a busy time, who was idle enough to bother with her drama?

Besides, it was decided by old Zhou Family's son-in-law. He preferred whoever to help nurse his child, then it was whoever helped. Who could say anything?

Also, why did they request Third Sister-in-law and not her? Wasn't it still her own fault!

So on Second Sister-in-law came back with dejection. She didn't stop there. She didn't display any pleasant attitude toward Third Sister-in-law. However, Third Sister-in-law didn't take it seriously.

They had separated, everyone lived their own way. Whoever was desired, whoever goes.

"Father, why didn't you come over in the morning to eat." Zhou Qing Bai ignored these things and asked Father Zhou.

"Morning isn't needed," Father Zhou replied.

"I told Qing He today that you will come over to eat tomorrow morning too." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

He knew his mother well, her cooking is so-so, so his father definitely had nothing delicious in the morning.

Besides, his mother was currently more tired from minding the child and got to get up earlier just to cook.

"Alright then." Father Zhou agreed.

If he can go over to eat at his youngest son's house, he'll definitely be delighted to.

Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother had nothing to say about this. They didn't dare to open their mouth without asking their wife at home.

It seems that old Fourth's words were very effective in his family.

Lin Qing He didn't go back to sleep anymore, because she need to start cooking pig food and feeding them.

Zhou Qing Bai was supposed to get up in the middle of the night to do it, but got scolded by her. She told him to sleep well in the morning.

After working away for the whole day, he had to get up to cook pig food in the middle of the night. Lin Qing He didn't have the heartlessness to make him do it.

Then she sighed while cooking the pig food herself.

Sure enough, diligent women get tired and old too fast. She didn't work hard that long and she already couldn't wait for the autumn harvest to pass quickly.

Once the autumn harvest was over, she can dump it all to Zhou Qing Bai without any hesitation.

After cooking the pig food and letting it cool before feeding it to the pigs, she began to prepare breakfast for the boys. After all of this, it was only six o'clock.

Lin Qing He yelled for the boys to wake up.

Because Eldest Sister-in-law and the rest were about to leave, they would follow them in a moment.

After the three brothers finished eating and brought a few tomatoes to participate in the glorious autumn harvest labor, Lin Qing He locked the door and rode the bicycle over to Sister Mei.

Sister Mei didn't let her down. Apart from the usual leftovers, there was also a very good quality pork belly, which was about two jins, and a piece of lean meat weighing more than a jin.

Seeing this piece of pork belly, Lin Qing He thought of pork belly fried with pickles ends. As for this lean meat, Lin Qing He could already imagine the minced meat...

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