Heaven and earth are turbulent, and all things are pale.

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The sijueba imperial array was in full operation, and the forbidden wave released swept the whole world.


Lintian rose up in the air, and every detail of the operation of the array was presented in his mind.

Now, the enemy has entered the urn, killing should start!


In the great array, the stars dance wildly, thunder and lightning are rampant, the sword is sweeping, and the gray mist is diffuse.

The first to suffer is the seven regions army.


The stars are sweeping, each one is like a holy mountain, grinding the universe.

Whenever the enemy is touched, his body will explode in an instant, and it will be torn apart, with blood splashing high.

And when the stars dance wildly, it's just like the whip of heaven's hand. Every whip can take hundreds of lives!

"Let's go together, block it!"

Kunbaqiu and other saints at the top of the world are also trapped in the star sea world of the evolution of juetisha array. Seeing these bloody scenes, their eyes are red, so they have to be angry and do their best.

Click! Click!

Sharp dazzling arc, mixed in the fierce thunder, like a raging storm, roaring between heaven and earth.

Every killing and cutting is like a peerless thunder robbery. The light is to split the skin and the flesh, and the heavy is to scatter the soul directly, leaving the body and bones scattered.

Even if the existence of the true saint level, under the fierce lightning arc, it will be severely damaged.

No accident, sooner or later!

"Come on, block it!"

In the thunder and lightning world, which is derived from the God killing array, there are also some saints at the top of the mountain who are angry and can't tolerate such slaughter in front of their eyes.

Clang clang!

However, in the vast ocean of sword Qi derived from zhudisha array, countless dense sword Qi flickered and roared.

It's just sword chanting, which shakes the mind and makes people scared.

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And the strong ones who were cut by the sword Qi were all dissected. Their limbs and arms were flying, and their blood spilled frequently, which was shocking.

One by one, the saints at the top of the mountain suddenly turned pale. They were so angry that they made bold moves.

At this juncture, the mist world derived from the killing array is undoubtedly the most weird and terrifying.

The gray mist filled the air. As soon as it passed, there lay corpses, each intact.

Even the expression is delicate, full of panic, consternation, helplessness, despair

Even those saints at the top of the mountain feel a thrill. This killing array only acts on the spirits, which is undoubtedly more defensible.

They tried their best to resist, but they couldn't get away for a moment.

"What kind of battle is this?"

"Why is it so terrible?"


"Laozu save me, Laozu save me -"

in the four killing array, screams, screams, roars and hisses were heard all the time, mixed with endless blood.

There are more than 200000 troops, almost all of them are the strong ones who have been robbing the territory for a long time, and there are not many real saints, but they are like animals in desperate situations.

They were in a state of panic, panic and fear, and turned into a mess one by one.

Lintian looked cold and indifferent in his black eyes.

At the beginning, in the blood demon world, he could fight and kill the siege of more than ten top saints alone, but he chose to stop in front of the city of protecting the road.


The reason is that the moat city is covered with extremely powerful and terrifying prohibition force. Even with his self-confidence, he dare not rush into it.

Now, it took him nearly half a year to set up the four unique eight imperial array here, which is better than the forbidden array covered by the city of the blood demon world.

It was because of this that Lintian dared to say that one man could carry all the enemies at the beginning of the war!

In the eight imperial array, ruowu, SHAOHAO and tens of thousands of ancient wasteland strongmen saw the fierce killing in their eyes.

Everyone's eyes are wide open, mouth wide open, eyebrows full of shock.

The torrential rain of blood, falling bodies, shrill and angry screams Sketch out a pair of bloody as hell like picture.

What about Zhensheng?

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Trapped in them, can only be killed, when death is also a unbearable appearance!

What about the supreme sage?

Trapped in it, can only support!

As for the others, they are even more unbearable. They are reaped like weeds one after another.

SHAOHAO and Ruo Wu look at each other and see the shock in each other's eyes.

This is the array that Lintian arranged!

It took him nearly half a year to build it with painstaking efforts. Today, it shows the power of killing like sweeping all armies.However, even they did not expect that such a large-scale forbidden array would be so terrible!

At this moment, the other strong people in the ancient wasteland were excited, shocked and absent-minded. They looked dull one by one, and their whole bodies trembled with excitement.

For some time in the past, they were like prey. They could only hide in the East and swallow their anger. They didn't know how to hold back.

The foreign enemies of the eight regions trampled, trampled and killed them wantonly. Until now, I don't know how many strong people in the ancient wasteland have been buried in the battlefield.

What's more, I don't know how many gorgeous Tianjiao and how many gorgeous women died of humiliation and torture!

Blood and tears, hatred and hate, intertwined in everyone's heart.

So when they heard that Lintian wanted to rebuild the moat City, they came from all directions regardless.

Because they're holding their breath!

However, the strength of the foreign enemies in the eight regions was beyond their expectation, making them cold, nervous, nervous and even desperate.

But now, it's all over!

Lintian was alone. He was able to turn the tide around by covering the sky with his hand!

"In the first two battles of the nine realms, the city of protecting the road in our ancient wasteland was trampled down, and I don't know how many sages were slaughtered. This time, can we be shamed?"

Someone clenched his fist and murmured.

"Yes! I'm sure I can

Someone was staring at Lintian's lofty figure in the distance. His expression was fanatical and firm, and his tone was indisputable.

That figure, although alone, although still young, but has an invincible demeanor, as dazzling as the sky!

With him, there is a chance to be ashamed before the snow!

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"This is just a part of the foreign enemies. The real main force of the eight domains is still there. The battle of the nine domains is destined to continue in the future."

Someone said in a low voice, "but anyway, this time, we have hope!"

"Yes, I hope..."

Even Xiao Tiantian, yechen, Ji Xingyao, Ni hengzhen, Yue Jianming and others all showed their longing.

In the past, they just thought about how to survive, and did not dare to have any idea about revenge.

But now, it's different.

They really saw the hope!


"Still not enough..."

On the void, Lintian didn't relax. He had been paying attention to all the movements in the four killer array.

Restricted by the rules and power of the nine domain battlefield, the power of the four killer array was also suppressed to a certain extent.

Otherwise, according to Lin Xun's inference, it should be no problem to kill a group of juetong saints, not to mention killing a juetong saint!

Just like at this time, those great saints who were trapped in the battle seemed to be in a mess, but they didn't really hurt their muscles and bones.

If it's consumed in this way for a long time, when all the spiritual pulse power under the big array is exhausted, the consequences will be bad.


Lin xunmenrui noticed that in the juetiansha formation, Kun Baqiu and other saints at the top of the formation had already begun to walk out of passivity and began to attack actively to break the formation!

The reason is very simple. Among the 70 top saints, only Kun Baqiu gathered 33 people!

The other 37 were trapped in three different killing formations.

More than 30 saints at the top of the mountain work together. Naturally, the power is not the same. Even it has already shaken the posture of Jue Tian Sha array.

In addition, a group of seven domain armies distributed in juetisha array were included in the treasure by Kun Baqiu and others, so as to avoid being killed.

"Can we break the battle in this way in the future?"

Lintian's dark eyes were cold, showing a killing chance. It's time for him to attack!


The next moment, his figure disappeared out of thin air.

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"Quick, go out with all your strength and break the battle!"

Kun Baqiu roared and looked cold.

The terror of Lintian's great array really caught them off guard. Within a short time, there were many casualties.

But those who died were not saints, and none of the top saints suffered, so that Kun Baqiu would not be confused.

But deep down in his heart, he was boiling and furious.

This time, the seven regions joined hands and sent out a great army. There were 70 saints at the top of the mountain. However, they suffered such a big loss in front of the extremely weak ancient wasteland. It's a great shame!

Even if we win the battle, we are doomed to be disgraced when we return to our respective camps. It will be very humiliating and ridiculed by others.


"Break this battle and slaughter those two legged sheep!"

"This time, I'm going to bring them down one by one

The other saints at the top of the mountain were all very angry. They urged the secret methods one by one, just like masters, and fought with the power of the great array.

And, it's got the upper hand!But at this time, Lintian's figure appeared out of thin air. As soon as he stepped forward, he had already come to a great sage and killed him with his fist.


Lin Xun's fist, which combined the power of Qi refining, body refining and soul connecting, swept out with irresistible force. It was almost to the extreme, and it was also domineering to the extreme.

It's just a fist, but it gives people the feeling that it's like an ancient holy mountain. The meaning of the fist is connected with the spirit.


There was no accident. As soon as the juetong Saint reacted, he was smashed by a blow. Even the armor on his chest was blown up, and the whole person was blown up in the void.

The spirit has not yet escaped from the body, it was the collapse of the force of the fist hard powder burst!

A sage of the top of the world, killed by one blow!

This is also the first Supreme Saint killed since the beginning of the war, which immediately shocked the whole audience.


as usual, 2 shifts!

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