Chapter 1092: You Got Scammed

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“Liang Bro!” Naipao stood up and rushed towards the owner of the voice- he was clearly excited!

“Naipao!” Pinliang wasn’t expecting a bunch of wasps to be covering Naipao- the image really embedded itself in his heart, and he was getting quite excited! It seemed that Naipao’s training really wasn’t the typical type!

Seeing them re-acquaint themselves, the young man backed off as well. He called Naipao ‘young brother Naipao’, but Naipao’s position and strength were already far beyond his- the two only had age in common at this point!

“Liang Bro, you came to see me!” Naipao was quite excited- he thought that he’d only be able to see Pinliang after he left the mountain, and that he wouldn’t get to see him again during his training! The fact that Pinliang came to visit really touched him.

“You’re my bro- you’re training hard and enduring pain here for me- of course I’d visit you!” Pinliang said solemnly. He’d already learned the skill of obtaining loyalty- now that he knew how useful Naipao would be in the future, he’d naturally treat him well.

“Liang Bro, don’t say that! You’re the boss, you always will be- if it weren’t for you, my entire family would have been done for right now! My life belongs to you, and if you told me to go East, I’d never dare go West!” Naipao said seriously.

“Good, that’s very good! Naipao, I was right to have faith in you!” Pinliang patted Naipao’s shoulder, very glad, “Right- what is this kung fu you’re training? It’s so scary- the atmosphere around here is chilling, too!”

“I’m practicing the Wasp Absorption Arts! I use the venom from the wasps to increase my strength level!” Naipao explained, “The qi energy in the common world is too thin and dissipated- it would take too long to improve using conventional methods! The Day After Day Sect of ours is considered an dark sect, so we use absorbing venom as a way to rapidly increase our strength. This is a little different from regular qi absorption, but it’s just that ours is a lot more tough and painful!”

“I see!” Pinliang nodded. So that was why the Kuangniu master guy was so tough, killing a Sky class- so there was a reason behind that! The arts they practiced was different from proper sects- they were dark arts!

“But won’t the official proper sects come cause you trouble?” Pinliang asked, not hiding his thoughts in front of Naipao- he could see that the guy was clearly loyal to him already.

“Proper Sects?” Naipao smiled, “Liang Bro, you’re talking about those scenarios in Wulin novels, right? These proper sects are actually very concerned with benefits in the real world- they have no time to come cause us trouble, they have better things to do! They’re busy enough as is! These so called proper scets, too- they have many things that can’t be seen in the light. According to what I know, the big and famous Sky Elixir Sect burn and kill stuff just like any bad guy, they do a lot of bad things!”

“I see…” Pinliang didn’t understand the world here, but it seemed that he had thought too far- they may be a dark sect, but they were very strong! He was just afraid that Naipao would become a public enemy of these proper sects, and that Lin Yi might join hands with them if he couldn’t fight Naipao alone, purging the evil of dark sects and stuff like that… It seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem at all then.

“Then the arts you’re practicing now… The Wasp Absorption Arts? What’s your strength level now?” Pinliang asked.

“Liang Bro, this Wasp Absorption Arts is just a supplmentary technique- my main practitioning is called the Chrysanthemum Master Arts, the passed-down treasure of our Day After Day Sect! I’ll become invincible once it’s completed!” Naipao had absolutely nothing to hide from Pinliang.

“Crysanthemum Master Arts?” Pinlaing froze- this was such a cool name, it sounded so full of power!! “Pao, you think we can practice that too?”

“Of course, but its a really tough process. Here’s the secret book that details what I’m training,” Naipao put out a string-binded book- If Pinliang really wanted to practice this, it really wasn’t difficult to do it at all with the position Naipao was in at this sect.

Pinliang didn’t think that Naipao would just give this to him like that without hesitation- he quickly opened it to take a look.

The first page made him jump back in shock!

‘One Who Intends to Practice This Art Must Castrate Oneself!’

Pinliang started sweating. Seriously? Becoming a Eunuch?

“Pao… Could it be…” Pinliang pointed carefully at those words on the first page.

“Correct!” Naipao nodded, sighing, “I’m an eunuch now!”

“Ah? I… I guess I’ll pass then…” Pinliang shook his head, backing off fast, “Just one best friend training this is enough, I’ll have to rely on you from now on!”

“No, Liang Bro- I was too reckless back then- you can flip on…” Naipao said as he pointed at the book.

“Um… Okay…” Pinliang nodded and flipped to the next page.

‘Even After Castration, Success is not Guaranteed.’

“Um…” Pinliang couldn’t believe this- there was a success rate on this thing? Even becoming a eunuch couldn’t guarantee it. Then what if he failed to learn it, would he have become a eunuch for nothing??

“There’s more!” Naipao pointed at the book again.

“Ugh…” Pinliang flipped again, and on the third page…

‘Even Without Castration, Success is Possible.’

Pinliang’s eyes went wide, “No way- Pao, you got scammed??”

“Well, you can say that… But you can’t call it a scam!” Naipao smiled bitterly, “Training dark arts would easily make you go over the edge if there’s too many distractions. The distraction of lust is especially powerful- it meddles with your mental state! Kuangniu Master said that he almost went over the edge because of love back then, so there are benefits to my castration. I’m now completely focued on training, and since I still have a younger brother to pass on my name, I’ll be able to fully pledge myself to helping you, Liang Bro! Something like a girlfriend is all baggage!”

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