In the eight imperial array.

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If Wu and SHAOHAO were shocked, Lintian's punch was crisp and clear, and they would be surprised by the strength.

As for the other strong people in the ancient wasteland, they are already looking silly and swallowing their saliva.

One punch!

Kill the supreme saint?

It's cruel!

In their eyes, the supreme saint is the existence of domination, which is enough to easily kill any real saint.

But under Lintian But how could it be so unbearable?

It was also the first time that they saw Lintian's real combat power with their own eyes.

In the past, the power of the four unique eight imperial array was the Daowen forbidden array after all, which borrowed the power of heaven and earth, and its own combat power was totally two concepts.

What they don't know is when they were in the alchemy forest.

Before Lintian had understood the method of "three ways in one, only essence in one", he was able to reverse the war situation and kill all the enemies under the encirclement and killing of Le Xuexiu and other seven supreme sages.

Not to mention now?

Three in one, let Lintian combat power already in the top of the holy land, set foot on an unimaginable height!

In the great battle of juetian, Kun Baqiu and many other saints at juetian all had a sudden change of heart and face.

Lintian suddenly killed one of their companions, which surprised and frightened them. The bloody scene was too shocking.

But immediately, they all showed the color of ecstasy. They were worried that they could not kill the little scum, but he dared to appear in the big formation!

"Don't be careless. This son has killed many top saints in the blood demon world. His fighting power is extraordinary. If you start, you must do your best!"

Some people are extremely calm and sound a reminder.

The eyes of Kun Ba Qiu and others were twinkling. Of course, they also knew Lintian's past achievements. At this time, they would not neglect him.

"It would be a big mistake to think that with the advantage of a large number of people, this situation can be changed."

Lintian's black eyes were cold, and he spoke calmly.

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He is in control of this Jue Tian Sha array. Its power can't kill him.

On the contrary, despite the large number of kunbaqiu, they were constantly under the attack of the big battle, which virtually played a restraining role.

It can be said that in this battle, Lintian has occupied all the land!


Kunba drinks violently in autumn. There is no nonsense, and there is no time at all. The longer the time is, the worse the situation will be for them.

As the top saints who had been killed for a long time, they certainly knew how much advantage Lintian had in the killing battle.

And Lintian's own fighting power should not be underestimated!


For a time, the thirty-two supreme sages, while fighting against the forces of the great array, divided up some of their own forces and launched a fierce attack.

If no one keeps it, the holy treasure will soar into the sky and the Tao and Dharma will roar. In this starry world, there are signs of turbulence, chaos and destruction.

Generally speaking, anyone who is strong enough to step into the holy land takes into account the cultivation of three kinds of power.

For these great sages from other realms, when they were never saints, there were powerful people who took care of the three ways of cultivation.

Because in other domains, there is no way to "ban Daojie".

However, even in other realms, there are still few people who can set foot on the top of the three paths when they become saints.

Kun Ba Qiu and others are not in this role, but they also take into account the cultivation of different paths, but not all of them can reach the top.

Therefore, even though they need to fight against the forces of the big formation and fight at the same time, their combat power is still extremely powerful and extraordinary.

Unfortunately, even if they did their best, it was difficult for Lintian to pose a threat, not to mention the current situation?


The battle broke out, and in the killing battle, Lintian had a sword that was as red as blood.

With the sword plundering out, the two finger wide sword body looms a hanging Blood River. The river is covered with the corpses of gods and demons, burying ancient corpses. The picture is frightening, as if it can bury everything.


A silver halberd can be cut off as easily as bean curd.

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In the cry of surprise, the dazzling blood color sword Qi ran away and cut off the head of a juetong Saint holding a silver halberd.

"Yuantu sword!"

Suddenly, an old monster roared, showing the color of fear.

Lintian could not help but be surprised. These seven foreign enemies also knew yuan Tu sword?

In the ancient wasteland, there has been an extremely mysterious legend. At the beginning of ancient times, there was a Taoist sect named Xueming.

In this system, there are two fierce soldiers, one named Yuantu, born in the river of Xueming.

One was named a Bi, born in the blood hell prison.

These two treasures are both innate magic weapons, and the killing does not involve cause and effect, which is enough to make the saints in the world fear.The blood sword in Lintian's hand was the fierce soldier "Yuantu", and it was the spoils from Mingzi.

In this sword, the power is heavily sealed. If not, Mingzi could not use this sword in the realm of juetong.

It was only after Lintian became a saint that the seal of the sword was opened one by one, revealing his real power!

"Who are you

Someone screamed.

"Damn, it's this fierce sword. Isn't it that the sword has disappeared in the world?"

There were also outrages.

Their fierce reaction made Lintian frown. What happened to the emperor of Styx?

Can we say that this yuan Tu sword once caused great damage to the foreign enemies of the eight regions, so that they still dare not forget it?

"It seems that we have to keep a live one and make a good cross examination later..."

Lintian thought that the movement in his hand was not slow. The yuan Tu sword in his hand was as red as blood, and the sword chanted fiercely. He had the fierce spirit of killing heaven and earth.


Before long, a sage at the top of the mountain couldn't dodge. He was cut open by a sword. On his deathbed, he let out an unwilling roar: "this is definitely yuan Tu sword!"

Roaring ~

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soon, another great sage suffered, but he was swept by a river of stars derived from the juetian array, grinding his body to pieces.

Then he was killed by Lintian.

In the battle, Lintian was also acutely aware that the yuan Tu sword in his hand was full of terrible blood and ferocity. It was almost like channeling, and there was a kind of bloodthirsty smell of the butcher saint.

With the killing of one sage after another, the body of the sword is scarlet, with a kind of strange bloodthirsty breath.

The fierce, bloody and fierce sword spirit even had an impact on Lintian's mind. However, how strong Lintian's mind was, it could not be affected.

Even so, Lintian was still very surprised.

This sword is worthy of being a fierce weapon full of mystery. Ordinary holy treasure can't resist its edge at all, and will be cut to pieces.

Moreover, its power is so powerful that it makes people feel palpitating. It's just like killing. The more blood it gets, the more fierce it will be!

Just for a moment, another five great saints were killed. They were all split by Yuantu sword, and their blood was spilled and their death was tragic.

But yuan Tu sword, more and more bright red demon, sword chant like tide, agitate endlessly.

"Damn, this sword is just like the legend. The more saints you kill, the more powerful it will be! This is the real sword of killing

"It's said that there is a river of blood flowing in the sword. The more blood the sword drinks, the river of blood will be vast, surging and turbulent The power of this sword will be more and more terrible. "

"Damn it! During the first battle of the nine realms, there were many saints in our family who were killed by the sword of the Styx sword emperor. At that time, the Styx sword emperor was just a young man who had just stepped into the Holy Land.... "

Kun Ba Qiu and many other saints at the top of the mountain look gloomy and iron green, and each brow has taken on the color of fear.

At this time of fighting, their mood was shaken.

They were in a disadvantageous situation in this killing array, and Lintian's strength was beyond their expectation.

Especially Yuantu sword. How could they not have heard of its fierce name?

In the first battle of the nine regions, the Ming River sword emperor, armed with two swords, Yuantu and ABI, killed the sages of the eight regions and broke up.

Although the eight domains won this battle, it has been regarded as a great disgrace by the eight domains!

Now, Yuantu sword reappears in the world!


For all this, Lintian didn't seem to be aware of it. He looked cold and black. He fought with a sword. He was brave and invincible in the battle.

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In the following time, one supreme saint after another fell

In the eight imperial array, Ruo Wu and Shao Hao were calm. They knew that Lintian's sword was captured from Mingzi.

But for other strong people in the ancient wasteland, Lintian at this moment is a sword demon who lives by killing!

The bloody sword Qi cuts the saint and drinks the holy blood, which is fierce.

"Do you dare to call yourself a sword demon..."

Smile the sky can't help but glance a night Chen.

Yechen's lips twitched: "it's just a title. Why not give it to Lintian?"

"That's more than 30 top saints! But he was killed by Lintian one by one like a local chicken and a local dog Who can tell me, is this an illusion? "

A woman lost her voice in a trance.


A lot of people laughed and looked excited and excited.

What I saw in front of my eyes was just like a dream, unreal, full of incredible and shocking.

But everyone knows that this is not a dream!

His army of seven regions came fiercely, and he said he was ashamed to step down here and kill all the strong people in the ancient wasteland.But now, aren't they trapped in the battle and killed in a rout?

"Isn't it bad that we just stay here and watch?"

Someone couldn't help saying.

For a moment, everyone sighed. The key is, who can help Shanglin in such a battle?

If you don't want to, you can't!

Didn't you see that even ruowu and SHAOHAO, the two leaders of the supreme sage, could only wait and see from afar?

In the killing array.

But it was a despairing and bloody atmosphere. In less than half a quarter of an hour, more than half of the top figures had been killed one after another, and blood was spilled on the spot.

Only the remaining Kun Ba Qiu and others have been killed in fear and despair!

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