Chapter 121. Lazy and gluttonous

Many people witnessed Zhou Qing Bai catching this plump rabbit.

Once the brothers finished eating and walked out, many people asked whether the plump rabbit was delicious.

Da Wa, this little lad bragged: "It's delicious, extremely delicious. My tongue was almost swallowed into my stomach when devouring it. That taste can't be described."

"A whole rabbit was braised by my mother. It's unbearably flavorful." This was what Er Wa said.

"Enough. It's enough!" San Wa bobbed his head repeatedly.

Before, only Da Wa and Er Wa went out to brag outside.

Now, this kid had grown up and was able to talk. So the bragging camp included him.

And once he brags, it was completely filled with arrogance. Listen to this envy and jealous provoking words, it's enough.

Such a meaty rabbit. The rabbit became so meaty from eating the grains in the fields. From the looks, it had to around three or four jins.

This was all eaten in one meal. Really didn't how to live ah.

If it was them, they can make 18 dishes through various methods.

A group of women in the village thought like this.

No matter the summer harvest or the autumn harvest, there were actually wild rabbits appearing in the field. Whether one can catch it depends on their own ability.

Zhou Qing Bai got lucky this time and got it.

However, a sensitive rabbit wasn't so easy to catch. The next day another rabbit was seen, but Zhou Qing Bai failed to catch it. Its speed was too nimble. And a cunning rabbit has three burrows. Once it dived in, no one knows where it went.

Caught a rabbit, then another dish added to the meal. If not, it was fine too.

Lin Qing He made red bean mantou for lunch the next day and sent them over with a fried cucumber omelet. Just one dish and nothing else.

Because it was in front of everyone, Lin Qing He tried to be as low-key as possible.

But no matter how low-key it was, she had to give Zhou Qing Bai some protein, otherwise, how can he survive this blazing weather?

Because Mother Zhou didn't go to the field, Lin Qing He simply told Mother Zhou not to cook and bring the food supply over. She'll make it together at her side and bring it to Father Zhou.

Including Mother Zhou's share, which she'll be called over to eat.

Mother Zhou was a bit abashed. But seeing how fourth daughter-in-law didn't really mind about this, Mother Zhou brought the rations over and then came over to that side for lunch.

This made Mother Zhou delighted.

It wasn't just her, Father Zhou was overjoyed. Fourth's wife can really cook.

Even if it was a fried cucumber omelet and red bean mantou, the portion was quite bountiful and the taste was excellent. The oil content was sufficient.

After finishing, they snacked on two more tomatoes and felt completely refreshed.

Lin Qing He grew a lot of tomatoes in the backyard because she likes to eat them too. The ones picked were a perfect size, great as an after-meal snack.

And the loach at home, it'll be cooked in the evening.

Lin Qing He packed her things, turned around and went to find Sister Mei.

"What's the matter?" When Sister Mei saw her come, she was slightly worried that something bad had happened.

Lin Qing He gave a reassuring smile: "Sister Mei, I came to discuss something with you. No need to worry."

Sister Mei was relieved. Even though things had handled rigorously and nothing ever happened, it still made people unease at the slightest wind.

"Sister, speak." Sister Mei nodded.

"I want to ask if my old brother can get a little more during this while?" Lin Qing He whispered.

After the autumn harvest was over, she planned to take the grain and sell it off. But for now, there wasn't too much meat.

"I'll ask. Come over to my house tomorrow." Sister Mei whispered back.

After the agreement was made, Lin Qing He returned home. She stopped by the supply and demand cooperative to have a look around. There were eggs. Even though the price was a bit pricey, she still bought four jins at once.

There were some eggs in her space, but how many men were there at home? No amount of eggs was too much. Now, whenever she saw something, she replenished her space a little, that way it can be eaten when desired.

Once back home, Lin Qing He began to clean the pigsty and chicken pen.

When Mother Zhou came over carrying little Su Cheng, Lin Qing He was working away.

"I usually don't do this. Seeing how my kids' father is occupied with the autumn harvest, I only help out then." When Mother Zhou came, Lin Qing He clarified immediately.

From Mother Zhou's perspective, this Fourth's wife wanted face. Even if she was telling the truth, Mother Zhou was very pleased.

It was still that reasoning. Lin Qing He was habitually lazy and occasionally witnessing her do chores would change her view greatly.

If Lin Qing He was a constant diligent person and Mother Zhou chance upon her son cleaning up, the opinion would be different.

Therefore, Lin Qing He immediately stated her position that she only helped since she saw how busy Zhou Qing Bai was. If Zhou Qing Bai could handle it, she won't bother doing it at all.

The next time she encountered it, she would be prepared and not have a gap in perspective.

"What's for dinner tonight? I'll help you make it." Mother Zhou said.

Lin Qing He froze for a moment. What does this mean? She didn't plan to include Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's dinner.

She just saw how Mother Zhou would cook a two-person meal at noon and when given to Father Zhou, it wasn't much. So she took it over and made a together.

She had no plans for dinner.

"You didn't take a look at the food I brought over. I brought it all." Mother Zhou was taken aback.

Lin Qing He hadn't really check it. She asked Mother Zhou to carry it over. Just the lunch share, not all the food.

But judging by Mother Zhou's reaction, it seems like she brought all the food from her family?

"Eating braised loach tonight. Mother, go to remove the loach's intestine." Lin Qing He recognized the mistake but did not care too much. It was just having meals, so she directed Mother Zhou.

Mother Zhou also realized that she had misunderstood Fourth's wife's meaning. But seeing that Fourth's wife didn't object, she didn't say anything.

Little Sucheng had just eaten, so he didn't need to be carried around. Mother Zhou went in to set him on Da Wa's Kang and let on down the mosquito net so there was worry about being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mother Zhou came out to kill the loach.

Lin Qing He cleaned the pigsty and chicken pens and decided to find a time to go to the hospital next time to get two masks back and wear them!

She headed to the kitchen and started to cook the pig food.

She boiled a large pot of pig food, let it cool down slightly, then fed it to the pigs and scooped a gourd-size scoop for the chickens to eat.

After finishing this, the livestock matter in the backyard was considered to be finished.

Mother Zhou had already killed all the loach. Lin Qing He set it aside. She had soaked the mung beans, so brushed the pot and started cooking mung bean soup.

After the cooking was done, it was scooped out and put it into the casserole pot. Rock sugar was added in and then set in a water basin with water to cool. It will be nice and cold when eaten after seven o'clock, that way it's very scrumptious.

After finishing this, Lin Qing He began to make the main food.

Today's main food was cornmeal mantou. The dough was ready. Lin Qing He steamed them in the pan. When steaming the cornmeal mantou, she made the savory dishes for tonight.

Braised loach was one of them. There was also stir-fried small cabbage, which was fried with lard. There was oil residue inside the lard, so the fried small cabbage tasted simply, very sweet!

At this time, the cabbage was grown from pure farm manure, turning out to be really tender and delicious.

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