In the Jue Tian Sha array, the river of stars flows, and the stars crush the void. The divine light roars, dazzling and dazzling, and the momentum is amazing.

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With a flash of dazzling blood light, another supreme saint was killed, his head was cut off, and his body was crushed by a river of stars.

There are only six saints left!

At this moment, kunbaqiu really felt the fear. He looked surprised and angry, and his forehead was full of green veins, which made him look ferocious.

In less than one cup of tea, thirty-three saints were killed, leaving only six of them. This is terrible!

Breaking his head, Kun Baqiu could not think that all of them would be trapped by a big array during this expedition.

What's more, Lintian's fighting power was stronger than the rumor!

"Little bastard, I'll fight with you!"

Suddenly, a roar resounded, filled with endless anger.

Kun Ba Qiu suddenly raised his head and saw a companion. His body was burning and he sacrificed his life to fight against Lintian.

Is this driving me crazy?

Kun BA's heart was shaken in autumn.


As it turns out, it's futile to work hard. With the flash of Yuan Tu's sword, the desperate sage was cut off and killed in the corpse yard.

The scarlet blood splashed, and the whole body of Kun Ba Qiu shivered. There were only five people left!

On the other hand, Lintian was as powerful as a demon, holding a blood sword, killing saints, and drinking holy blood. His strength was in a mess.

"How could that be..."

Kun Baqiu lost his voice and he couldn't accept it.

This time, they sent out a total of 70 top saints and more than 200000 troops. How powerful is their momentum?

But now, it's like a lamb to be slaughtered!


When kunba's mood was agitated and his fighting spirit was shaken, some of the top sages were killed, their eyebrows were pierced, the heavenly spirit cover was broken, and they were crying at their death.

That's the supreme saint!

But in Lintian's hands, he was as free as chopping melons and vegetables, not to mention Kun Baqiu, the ancient wasteland strongmen who were watching the battle in the eight imperial array in the distance. They were all stunned and couldn't stop breathing cold air.

How powerful is Lintian today?

This problem also bothered Kun Baqiu. He couldn't believe that there was such an adverse existence in the Holy Land!

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In the following time, some of the top saints were killed one after another, and their blood was spilled. The yuan Tu sword in Lintian's hand became more and more bright red and strange.

The sword chant is just like a cheering for drinking blood!

Over the temporary camp, the sky has been covered with a thick layer of blood, and the sound of holy meteorite and mourning resounds for nine days and ten places.

It's chilling!


In the battle, the blade of the sword was as bloody as blood, which made Kun Ba Qiu shiver all over. His fighting spirit, which had been shaken, collapsed completely, and his whole body was covered with terror.

"I said before that it would make you die ugly. Now if it's so easy to make you die, it's too cheap for you."

Lin Xun's black eyes were cold. He looked at Kun Ba Qiu. In his hand, Yuan Tu sword was flowing with a huge bloody river. It seemed that he wanted to choose someone to eat.

Kun BA's face was like earth color, and he gnashed his teeth: "do you think this is the way to win? When Qingming bajue is aware of your threat, he will attack with all his strength and wipe out all your two legged sheep from the ancient wasteland. None of them will stay


Yuan Tu's sword stabbed out and inserted into Kun Ba Qiu's chest. His face was pale and his eyes were full of bitterness, despair and unwilling.

But Lintian didn't kill him immediately. Instead, he took his neck and left the Jue Tian Sha array.

"Next, I'll show you with your own eyes what blood for blood is."

Lintian's eyes were cold.

With that, he took Kun Ba Qiu and plundered into the killing array.

In ancient times, a sage once said that killing one is sin, killing ten thousand is male, killing nine million is male in male!

The eternal cause for thousands of years lies in killing the enemy. It's better to teach the enemy to hate each other than to scold my name!

Today, Lintian will not stop until he slaughters all the enemies.


In a quarter of an hour.

In the killing battle, a total of 12 saints were killed, and the blood was pouring down.

Kun Ba Qiu witnessed everything, and he was so angry that he coughed up blood.

Lintian didn't stop. He took Kun Baqiu and entered the killing array.

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Witnessing all this, Ruo Wu, SHAOHAO and other powerful people in the ancient wasteland in the eight imperial array were all in a state of agitation and could not help themselves.

Some people are full of tears!

In the battlefield of the nine realms, since the first battle of the nine realms, when has the ancient wilderness camp ever been so proud?



In a quarter of an hour.

In the battle of breaking the gods, Lintian was like a firecracker. He killed 13 opponents. His sword was bloody and invincible. He had never been soft hearted.Kun Ba Qiu looks numb, like a walking corpse, completely collapsed.

There is only one idea in my heart -

the situation is over!


Half an hour later.

As Lintian killed the last absolute saint, Kun Baqiu, who had been brought by Lintian, had no reaction.

He looks dull, eyes empty, body stiff, just like a puppet without soul, dead.

It's over!

For a long time, he seemed to recover a trace of consciousness, but his heart was unable to rise any trace of emotion.

Heart death is like ashes, mostly so!

He is the only one left to live.

More than 207000 troops in the region suffered heavy casualties in the previous battles, but later they were even included in the treasures by some top sages.

But now, these treasures have all fallen into Lintian's hands. It can be said that the life and death of the seven regions army has been completely controlled by Lintian's hands!

"The whole army It's gone... "

Kun Ba Qiu murmurs, the voice also does not have a trace of emotion.

Next to him, Lintian's eyes were deep. He had seen that Kun Baqiu's mood had broken. Even if he didn't start, the other party would die!

Kun Baqiu seemed to be aware of this. He looked up at Lintian with difficulty. In his lax and empty eyes, a touch of incomparable venom appeared. Word by word, his voice almost squeezed out of his chest.

"You There will be revenge


As soon as his voice fell, his body fell to the ground, and his vitality disappeared at the speed visible to the naked eye, and then died.

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Lintian took back his eyes and didn't look at the cold corpse again.

If we say revenge, it should be their ancient wasteland to retaliate against the eight foreign enemies!

At this point, in the killing array of Jue Tian, Zhu Di, Po Shen and Mie Ling, there were no more invincible figures, and all the Jue Ding saints were killed.

The seven regions army, who were included in the treasure, were prisoners. Their lives were in Lintian's hands!

In the eight imperial array, everyone in the ancient wasteland was shocked and speechless.

On the sky, the blood light is surging, and there are bursts of Saint meteorite mourning sound. Between heaven and earth, the four killing formations have fallen into silence.

That's it Won?

Even Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO were in a trance and silent for a long time.

Heaven and earth, shrouded in a shocking atmosphere.

Seventy top saints, more than 200000 troops, were trapped in the battle array, and all of them were destroyed, and Lintian was the only one who made all this!

With one's own strength, suppress all enemies!

Before, when Lintian said that, no one dared to believe it. They all felt crazy, but now Who can believe it?

In the quiet atmosphere, Lintian's figure came out from the big array, dressed in white clothes, as clean as before.

Its breath, also as the initial dust, such as relegated immortals.

But when his figure appeared, standing alone in the void that moment, suddenly became the only focus of attention.

On every face, there is a shock and trance. I can't believe it. Just now, such a young man swept away thousands of troops!

"Gentlemen, how does it feel to wait and see?"

Above the void, Lintian's lips were slightly tilted, and a smile appeared, and his voice rang through the sky and the earth.

In a word, break the atmosphere of shock and silence.

And then, the sound like a frying pan, straight into the sky!


"Really won!"

"Brother Lin, you can be invincible if you cover the sky with one hand in this battle!"

"Happy, so happy!"

Everyone's repressed emotions burst out at this moment.

Both men and women, regardless of their accomplishments, are cheering and laughing, and their expressions are full of excitement, excitement and shock.

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Some people can't help crying.

For a long time, being covered with humiliation and hatred, being trampled on and despised by the enemy, now, finally, there is a day to stand out, a time to be proud, which ancient wilderness strongman can not be excited?

The huge camp is boiling at this moment!

Shao Hao and Ruo Wu look at each other and laugh. They are filled with emotion.

No matter what the final outcome of this battle, this battle alone will be enough to remember the name of Lintian in the history of Qing Dynasty and become an indelible legend in the ancient wasteland!

"Look, Xiaotian, this is the master, our master!"

Silver arms around the chest, handsome face full of pride.

On his shoulder, the butterfly flapped its wings and danced, as if excited.

On the void, looking at all this, Lintian was also infected. He could not help feeling when he thought of his hard work in the past six months.

Everything is worth it!

However, only in this way, it did not achieve one of Lintian's goals today.Boom!

With a flash of his figure and a wave of his sleeve robe, the whole four unique eight imperial array suddenly opened at this moment.

Visible to the naked eye, the corpses and blood accumulated in the formation were controlled by the forbidden force, and covered the hundreds of miles of bricks and stones!


In the camp, everyone was stunned, and their eyes were all attracted.

"Brother Lin, he wants to..."

"Build a city! The city must be built

All of a sudden, everyone in the camp reacted suddenly.

Three months ago, Lintian said that he wanted to build a moat city for them today!

Killing the enemy is just collecting materials for building a city!

For a moment, all the eyes that looked at Lintian were blazing. Many people held their breath and clenched their fists.

After today, will their ancient wasteland camp finally have a moat city that can protect the enemy from the wind and rain?

Before, they didn't dare to think about it at all!


(it was cold last night, and I'm not feeling well today. I'll make it up tomorrow as soon as I watch tonight. Children's shoes should be considerate ~)

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