In the sky, the blood light is as thick as thick, and the sound of the holy meteorite rings freely.

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Above the air, with the waving of Lintian's sleeve robe, the golden hills made of huge gold bricks and stones in a hundred Li radius around the temporary camp, emitting magnificent patterns of Taoist patterns.

Each of these bricks and stones is one foot long and two feet thick. They are as smooth and neat as colored glass. They are made of empty crystal sands, filled with a unique golden glow.

At that time, with the operation of the four imperial and eight Jue array, the Jinshan, which was made up of blocks, echoed with the grand array.

In a short time, all the corpses and blood that were killed in the battle were gathered and covered every golden mountain with the power of the battle.

For a time, all the Gold Mountains were piled up with bones and soaked with blood!


Half an hour later, with Lintian controlling the power of the array, the golden mountains and countless huge golden bricks within a hundred Li range all produced a strange roar.

"Get up!"

Lintian spat a word in his lips.

All of a sudden, gold bricks and stones were piled up neatly.

All the people in the camp can't help but hold their breath, showing the color of shock and obsession.

In their field of vision, the golden walls bathed in blood rose at the speed visible to the naked eye!

Bang bang!

When the golden bricks and stones are piled up, the dull sound is like the continuous sound of fried beans.

High up in the sky, Lintian looked attentive and waved his hands from time to time to control and use the whole array accurately and delicately.

As early as the beginning of the formation, Lintian had worked out every detail of the formation, such as the location of each Jinshan, the pattern of road patterns carved on each brick and stone, and how to form a perfect fit with the whole formation when building the city

As early as in the past half a year, all the problems were discussed by Lintian countless times, and finally all the details of the city construction were determined.

In this way, Lintian's intention was very simple. He built an unbreakable and immortal city for the ancient wasteland, sheltered the enemy from the wind and rain!

Even if there is another dispute in the future, it will make this city immortal!

Now, it's just the realization of the moat city from the idea.

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"Seventy top sages, 217000 troops, together with the corpses and blood of the enemy collected before, were all reduced to the materials for building the city in Lintian's hands..."

If dance in the mind trance, "if those enemies know this fact, I'm afraid they must be furious."

"I suspect that as early as half a year ago, when he set up the battle, Lintian had already considered everything that would happen today. How crazy was it to build a city of protecting the road in our ancient wasteland with the flesh and blood of the enemy? But he did it. "

SHAOHAO sighs.

If the dancer's eyes were illusory, he said in a low voice: "in fact, we should have known for a long time that behind Lintian's seemingly bold and amazing action, he actually had complete preparation and planning, but it's hard for ordinary people to understand the hard work behind him."

"It's arrogant to be able to do what people can't do. It's a great hero. Lintian You can't make people refuse. "

SHAOHAO touched his nose, and his eyes were a little complicated.

He never gave up the idea of competing with Lintian, but after a long time of contact and seeing many amazing things happened to Lintian, even he could not help wondering whether it was too difficult for him to compete with such a demon all the time?

"The only thing I worry about is that after this war, the foreign enemies in the eight regions will surely regard Lintian as a serious problem. In the future I don't know how much more danger will come to him. "

If dance ponders a way.

In this battle, Lintian, with his own strength, trapped and killed the army of seven regions, and killed all the enemies in one net.

What will the foreign enemies of the eight domains do when they know the news?

"Therefore, we should seize the time. If we want to fight with foreign enemies in the eight regions, it is not enough to rely on Lintian alone. Only when there are more absolute saints in the ancient wasteland, can we have the inside information of fighting for hegemony in the nine regions."

SHAOHAO's eyes are firm.

Among the foreign enemies of the eight regions, the strong are like clouds, and I don't know how many of them are just the top sages.

Today, although all the seven regions have been destroyed, each region has only lost ten supreme sages and 30000 troops.

You know, when Lintian was in the world of blood demons, he killed 30 great saints and many powerful people in the ancient world of blood demons!

From this comparison, we can see that although the casualties this time were large, it was not a great loss of vitality for the seven camps.

After this war, the enemies outside the eight regions will certainly face up to the strength of the ancient wasteland again, and will gather stronger forces to suppress and encircle the ancient wasteland forces in the future!

"You're right. What we lack most in the ancient wasteland is the number of strong people at the highest level of saints."If Wu pondered, "in about half a year's time, the" yuanci secret place "will come. Lin Xun once said that at that time, he will help the ancient wasteland strongmen, so that they can have the opportunity to strive for the top."

"The secret place of yuanci?"

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SHAOHAO sighed, "there are still half a year left. I hope Don't have too many twists and turns... "

In the distance, Lintian had been focusing on building the city, completely forgetting himself.


The northern underworld.

On the sea of Fuyao, a huge Kun, tens of thousands of feet long, is making waves. The waves are shattering the void, turning into a terrible vortex of water, rushing into the clouds and shattering the clouds.


Before long, this Kun suddenly turned into a young man, dressed in a black robe with wide sleeves, his face was like jade, his eyes were like a pair of whirlpool, and he burst out a frightening spirit.

In a flash, he came to an island palace.

"Congratulations, young master, you have touched the threshold of creating your own Dharma!"

An old Kunshi monster came forward with a submissive look.

"It's just touching the threshold. There's still a long way to go. It's not worth making a fuss."

Kun Shaoyu sighed. Even so, there was a touch of complacency between his eyebrows.

Among the eight realms, it is not uncommon for such a peerless figure as him to set foot on the top of the sacred land.

But as soon as he set foot on the top of the holy land, he was able to touch the threshold of "creating holy Dharma".

In the ancient northern underworld, with his current fighting power, he was able to establish a sect, which made those old monsters bow to the throne!

In a voice of congratulation, Kun Shaoyu walked into the hall and said: "this time the seven regions army is going out, the ancient wasteland will surely be defeated. If the goal of" cutting the ancient wasteland first "is achieved, then it's time to consider" eight regions fighting for hegemony. "

Speaking of this, he thought of something and couldn't help sneering: "I'm sure that if the eight domains start to fight for hegemony, the ancient domain of the blood devil where the blood green clothes are located will be at a disadvantage!"

As soon as these words came out, all the powerful people of the ancient northern underworld burst into laughter in the hall.

Today's jiuyu battlefield, xueqingyi and the blood devil ancient domain behind it, have long been a laughing stock, ridiculed and despised by other domains.


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At this time, a letter from a rainbow came into the hall.

"The action of killing two legged sheep in ancient wasteland has come to an end? It's good. It's faster than I expected it would end. "

Kun Shaoyu's spirit was aroused and he picked up the letter paper and put it in front of his eyes with a smile.

"Ha ha ha, it's a matter of course. There are 70 top sages and more than 200000 troops. They can easily sweep away the strong in the ancient wasteland."

Some people laugh.

"The little bastard named Lintian must have died, too? I don't know if xueqingyi regretted missing an opportunity to revenge when she knew the news

There was also ridicule.

However, people gradually find that Kun Shaoyu's reaction is not right.

He stood there, holding the letter in one hand, his eyes straight, his face stiff, and the smile on the corner of his lips solidified, as if he was stunned.

"What's the matter, young master?"

Everyone was suspicious.

Suddenly, the letter in Kun Shaoyu's hand burst into pieces. His face became very blue and gloomy. His eyes looked straight as if he was going to kill people. He gritted his teeth and said, "how could he be so defeated?"

Everyone was stunned and defeated?

Someone muttered: "young master, do you mean the ancient wasteland was defeated? Isn't that normal?"


Kun Shaoyu's chest heaved with anger. He kicked the man out and hit him on the wall. His mouth and nose gushed blood.

Everyone was shocked.

At the moment, Kun Shaoyu's eyes are red and angry. His breath is so terrible, just like a God who is enraged.

Soon, everyone understood the news recorded in the letter paper, and suddenly, the hall seemed to burst.

"No way!"

"The army of the seven regions was trapped and killed together, and there was no life to return? The news must be false, false

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"Damn, how could that be?"

Every big man's face was filled with anger and anger, and it was hard to accept.

It was a total of 70 top saints and more than 200000 troops, but they were killed by one of Nalin Xun?

Who dares to believe it!?

Kun Shaoyu couldn't believe it. Before, he also considered how to fight for hegemony in the eight regions after the goal of cutting down the ancient wasteland was achieved.

Which once thought, reality is like a slap, directly hit him in the face!

"Check, be sure to find out the specific information for me!"

Kun Shaoyu's face was heavy and he drank loudly.

This time, the army of the seven regions launched an attack, which was led by him. He thought it would be enough to wipe out the strong in the ancient wasteland.But the result is that the ancient wasteland did not hurt a soldier, so that all the seven regions were destroyed!

This blow is too big for Kun Shaoyu to accept.

Until a day later, when the exact news came and was repeatedly confirmed, Kun Shaoyu completely stayed there, stunned.

It's true!

Seven regions army, no life!

"Is Lintian so terrible?"

Kun Shao Yu's eyes are full of chills. This defeat will not hurt the vitality of the camp of the ancient northern Ming Dynasty.

The point is that it's a shame!

If you think about it, the Seven Realms joined hands and sent out so many troops, but they were defeated by each other. Even in the past nine realms battle, it never happened!


the second shift is before 9 p.m. and it will be made up tonight!

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