Chapter 119. Little Su Cheng

Zhou Xiao Mei and Su Da Lin's son was called Su Cheng.

Little Su Cheng grown wonderfully. He completely picked up all of Zhou Xiao Mei and Su Da Lin's good looks and looked very cute.

Knowing that this was their aunt and uncle's child, Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa had visited.

Lin Qing He also told Mother Zhou, if there was any urgent matter, she can bring the child over and she'll help babysit.

Then Lin Qing He went over to chat with Third Sister-in-law.

"What's going on there today? There's no movement at all." Lin Qing He pointed her chin at Second Sister-in-law's room as she looked over.

Third Sister-in-law uttered two points of sarcasm: "After younger sister and brother-in-law returned home yesterday, there was a lot of pointing at the mulberry but actually scolding the locust tree and caused unrest for the whole family. Wu Ni's uncle couldn't endure and argue with her. She packed her things early today and ran back to her maternal home."

"So she had returned to her old Chen's home. I was wondering what was up." Lin Qing He had a surprised look.

"She's acting like the old Zhou family had mistreated her." Third Sister-in-law uttered with despise.

"She does believe that our old Zhou's family is bullying her alone. Not worshipping her is bullying her." Lin Qing He stated.

"Who would let her have her way!" Third Sister-in-law responded.

Lin Qing He said: "Let's not talk about her. Properly have your post-natal confinement. You don't need to save those things. It's really not easy to nurse two children. You must eat what you should."

"I know." Third Sister-in-law's face beamed at the thought of the things that were brought over yesterday

Third Sister-in-law had no objections against the nursing matter. He didn’t have to sleep with her at night and will sleep with her mother-in-law. When he'as hungry, she'll bring him over to breastfeed. She also needed to get up in the night to feed her own daughter, so it was nothing.

Like this, Little Su Cheng lived in old Zhou's house.

Da Wa and his brothers took a liking to little Su Cheng and would come over from time to time.

Even if San Wa would ask 'can little brother eat it?' every time he gets something yummy.

On this day, they had red bean cake. San Wa asked again: "Can my little brother eat it?"

"Not yet." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

"When can he eat?" San Wa asked.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't know as he hadn't participated in his three sons' growth. Since he couldn't answer this question, he looked at his wife.

Actually, Lin Qing He was too sure either. When she came, San Wa was more than a year old, so she said, "He can eat it when he's about one year old."

"Mother, why doesn't my family have a younger brother." San Wa continued to ask his mother.

Lin Qing He responded: "Who said our family doesn't have? You are your eldest brother's and second brother's little brother, no? Doesn't your eldest brother have you and your second brother as his little brothers?"

"But I want a younger brother." San Wa uttered as he looked at his mother: "I want Mother to birth one for me."

Don't underestimate him because he was young. Even if he was young, he can distinguish clearly that he and his brothers were born from his father and his mother, so they can sleep together. Not from the same parents, then they will not sleep together.

Lin Qing He wanted to punch someone. It was fine that Zhou Qing Bai wanted to a child, but this kid too.

"You are currently the youngest in the family. If I give you a younger brother or sister, then you are not the youngest. Anything delicious, you must a bite with your younger brother or sister. Are you willing to?" Lin Qing He said.

San Wa's face displayed hesitation.

"Mother, birth one. I'll give my share to my younger sister, but you have to give me a younger sister. I already have two younger brothers, don't need more." Zhou Da Wa piped in.

"I want a younger sister too." Er Wa nodded.

"Mother, birth one. I will let my younger brother or sister eat it. I don't have any of the younger brother or sister. I want both, give birth both for me!" San Wa thought it through and replied.

Lin Qing He looked at Zhou Qing Bai and met the man's blazing gaze.


She can't give birth. She did ligation, how can she give birth ah!

"Every one of you are so troublesome. It's not enough to wait upon you, now you want me to birth another to serve again. All of you scoot to one side. Besides, your sisters and brothers from your three aunts are also your sisters and brothers. It's the same." Lin Qing He waved her hands.

Then she stopped talking to the children and the children's topic ends here. She didn't know how to answer this group of stinky boys, who get more voluble day by day if they kept going.

Lin Qing He went back to the room to tidy the room.

The sun was wonderful today, so she took out all the quilts used for the winter this year and hung it out.

Zhou Qing Bai came in.

"You came at the perfect timing. Quickly help out. Both of our big quilts have to be taken out to sundry." As soon as Lin Qing He saw him, she assigned him to work, uttered.

These two big quilts were brought over by her. One weighed seven jins and was extra large in size. It was enough to cover even three of Zhou Qing Bai.

"Not the same." Zhou Qing Bai stated this without warning.

Lin Qing He hadn't wrapped her mind around at first. It came to her after a pause, this was the answer to the sentence she dismissed the kids with.

"Birth one with the same father and same mother, they will like it more." Zhou Qing Bai stared at his wife.

Lin Qing He gave him a sweet smile: "I know. I didn't say I won't birth one. It's just fate haven't arrived yet, no?"

Zhou Qing Bai nodded and decided in his heart that he would redouble his efforts.

Have to say, Zhou Qing Bai was really envious of his three brothers before him. They all have sons and daughters. Although he had the most sons, only three mischievous boys but no girls at all.

If a daughter is born with his wife's looks, she will definitely look beautiful.

Lin Qing He coughed and shifted the topic: "Let's make a new quilt for Father and Mother this year. The last time I saw, Father and Mother's quilt was quite old. This year it's okay to cover the mattress with it, but can't be used as a covering."

"Do what you think best." Zhou Qing Bai responded.

He didn't intervene very much in these matters, it was all up to her how things go.

Lin Qing He nodded: "Wait until this period's cotton get handed out. You and the boys don't need anything made. Last year's one can still be worn. I'll make another knitted vest for each of you, at that time, you won't be freezing."

Zhou Qin Bai was always clear about her ability to take care of people. There was nothing she couldn't manage. Only on the matter of getting daughter left him helpless.

He didn't know what was going on, why was his wife not pregnant even until now.

"This year's winter isolation, I will take you to the hospital to see." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"Okay." Lin Qing He planned to confess to him at that time. This matter can't be kept hidden forever, he'll know sooner or later as this man really wanted another child.

But she couldn't born one. Confessing was the only way.

Now Zhou Qing Bai was occupied because the autumn harvest had begun at this time.

Once Zhou Qing Bai participated in the autumn harvest movement, Lin Qing He began to make her chili sauce.

It had her extremely spiced up.

But her man happened to like spicy food. Even if she had to make a sacrifice, she must make it for him.

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