It was not only the northern underworld camp that got the news for the first time.

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Other camps, such as yinjue, Tianhuo, Jiuli, Daluo and dongsang, have been informed.

"A bunch of trash!"

In Jiuli, Chi Wushu was closing the door when he heard the news. He was so angry that the killing broke out, which made countless big people silent.

"It's a big shame..."

Yin Jue boundary, candle Ying sky, look gloomy, for a long time to sigh.

"Was Lintian still a master of Daowen? What a surprise

In the world of daruo, the sword looks as calm as before.

But when his words fell, all the big people were on pins and needles, as if they were on their backs, and their hearts were in a state of panic.

"One person, will destroy our seven regions army? That's enough

Xingsha ancient region, the sound of the stone breaking through the sea is cold, kicking over the desk papers in front of him, and the ground is in a mess.

In addition, lieqian of Tianhuo ancient region and huahongxiao of dongsang ancient region were all enraged by the news.

A domain that they regarded as barren, declining and weak, now just because of the appearance of a figure like Lintian, their attack on the seven domains was frustrated, and all the armies were destroyed. This is an unprecedented shame!

For a moment, all the seven camps were shocked. Because of this news, there was a lot of uproar.

"Is this Lin Xun so terrible? One man will kill 70 saints and destroy 210000 troops? "

Many people's first reaction is, impossible!

"How could such a powerful role appear in the ancient wasteland?"

There are also people who are in a state of consternation.

"Such a tragic defeat is a disgrace to us. We must pay for it with blood."

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More people are angry and shamed.

Before, they didn't know what Lintian was.

It was also when the blood demon world suffered a heavy blow, many saints were killed, and even the city of moat was besieged by one person that Lintian really came into their vision.

But that's all.

For those who are strong in the outer world, even if Lintian is a powerful role in the ancient wasteland, it is doomed to be difficult to form any climate, and is still far from qualified to fight against them.

But no one thought that because of Lintian, the ancient wasteland blocked the attack of the army of the seven regions!

Alone, he annihilated the army of seven regions and turned the tide!

This is simply too incredible, so that all those who are strong in Outland color change, feel cold, also feel incomparable shame.

Lin Xunfeng is too prosperous.

Since he became famous in the battlefield of the nine regions, he has been playing tricks and fighting repeatedly.

Whether it's in the blood demon world, killing 30000 Li all the way, besieging a city by one person, or killing a group of top saints in the desert, saving SHAOHAO from fire and water.

Or is it that this time, with his own efforts, he killed the army of seven regions. How can he not be shocked and frightened by the bloody achievements he has made over and over again?

"How strong is Lintian?"

This is a puzzle in the minds of many foreign powers.

"If you want to destroy this son, it's estimated that only the peerless figures at the level of Qingming bajue will do it."

There are also calm analysis.

It seems that Lintian's killing of the army of seven regions is incomparable. In fact, he used the power of the holy way's forbidden array, and most of the elements were ingenious.

Even though his real combat power is very strong, it is impossible to be invincible in this nine domain battlefield!

"Hateful, those two legged sheep in the ancient wasteland who were willing to be slaughtered must be very proud to have Lintian as their support. They think they are qualified to challenge us."

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A lot of people are gnashing their teeth to themselves.

"Well! Did they know nothing about fear, and only Lintian wanted to turn the world around? Delusion

"Wait, this disgrace will surely come back ten times and a hundred times! A two legged sheep is a two legged sheep after all. It's hard to be a climate! "

Similar to the voice of catharsis and resentment, in different camps constantly think of.

However, no matter who he was, he could not deny that Lintian was very strong. He was a cruel man who could make them pay attention to him or even fear him!


Blood demon world.

The city of berm, inside the victory building.

At the moment, a group of blood demons are in a strange mood. There is a kind of unspeakable happiness and a sense of shame.

The news of the tragic defeat of the seven regions' allied forces was also immediately learned by them, and was also shocked, which was hard to believe.

But when he calmed down, all the strong people in the ancient region of the blood devil felt lucky. Fortunately, at that time, xueqingyi was desperate to oppose and chose not to fight.

otherwise, it as like as two peas in the other seven domains.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it was xueqingyi's original decision that made them avoid a loss of life and death!

"You can see how sharp Lintian's knife is. Now Do you still blame me for being timid and timid? "On the main seat, xueqingyi stroked her chin and opened her mouth.

To tell the truth, when he heard the news for the first time, he was also surprised. He could foresee that Lintian was not easy to deal with, but he didn't think that Lintian was not easy to deal with. He was so cruel!

But after the shock, xueqingyi felt very happy.

At the beginning, the blood demon world was badly damaged. He bent on his own way and decided to bear it for the time being. However, he was regarded as timid and incompetent, which damaged his reputation and turned him into a joke, which made him feel angry.

Now, finally have a chance to vent!

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In the main hall, a group of blood demons look embarrassed, very embarrassed, dare not face the eyes of blood green clothes.

At the beginning, they were also very dissatisfied with xueqingyi's practice, and they didn't know how many complaints they had made.

"Well, I don't mean to blame you."

Xueqingyi said, "I'm just curious. Those guys who used to laugh at us, now Can you still laugh? "

In a word, everyone couldn't help laughing, and the atmosphere of the hall became more active.

Xue Qingyi restrained her smile and pondered: "if I guess right, Kun Shaoyu, Jian Qingchen and Zhu Yingkong are all planning now, how can they revenge and save face..."

"Young master, should we make a move?"

Someone can't help asking.

Blood green clothes cold hum: "move what, sit mountain watch tiger fight not better?"? Although the army of the seven regions was defeated this time, the loss of each region was only ten top saints and 30000 troops. Compared with the loss of our blood demon world, it was even greater! "

In a word, everyone was silent.

At the beginning, during the time when Lintian was lingering in the blood demon world, he killed all the way from the Shenlian forest to the city of protecting the road. There were only 30 top saints who died in his hands. Comparatively speaking, the loss was more serious than the other seven domains.

Xueqingyi suddenly sighed and said: "however, it's impossible for us to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight in the future. In the final analysis, our eight regions forces once agreed that" first cut the ancient wasteland, and then fight for the high and low ". Even if they want to stand by, the other seven regions will not be allowed."

"Little Lord, what do you mean?"

Someone can't help asking.

"Let's wait and see what's going on. I believe that if the other seven realms take action again, they will surely join us. At that time, it's not too late to make a decision."

Blood green clothes ponder for a long time, slowly open mouth.

This time, Lintian's strength made him smell a serious threat. Regardless of his selfishness, it would be the best if he could kill Lintian as soon as possible.

In xueqingyi's opinion, the ancient wasteland camp is still not worthy of attention. Only Lin Xun is a serious trouble.

As long as you can destroy Lintian, the ancient wilderness camp is doomed to collapse, and there is no threat at all!

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Unfortunately, xueqingyi knew that it was not easy to kill Lintian.

"If the ancient wilderness Camp wants to fight against our eight realms, what is the most lacking?"

Xueqingyi suddenly opened his mouth.

Without waiting for people to speak, he said to himself, "it's the number of saints on the top! It is impossible for Lintian alone to change the situation of the ancient wilderness camp. Only when there are more and more absolute saints, can they have the inside information to challenge us. "

Speaking of this, xueqingyi couldn't help laughing.

"If I were Lintian, I would try to find a way to help those strong people in the camp who have the inside information of Jueming to become a saint as soon as possible in the next time to fight for the chance of Jueming to become a saint!"

"And the chance to become a saint Only half a year later will it be found in the secret place of yuanci, and his ancient wilderness camp will definitely not miss it. "

His scarlet eyes were as bright as the sun, which was extremely frightening. "If you want to kill Lintian, this is undoubtedly the best opportunity!"

It can be said that Xue Qingyi shook his head again. "However, this kind of opportunity is also the most dangerous. If the eight domains work together, they can kill Lintian. But if they let him escape, they will be doomed to endless trouble."

"Therefore, the safest way to do this is to send the elite forces of the eight regions to enter the secret place of yuanci when the secret place of yuanci comes, and kill all the people in the ancient wasteland who have the inside information of becoming a saint!"

"In this way, it is tantamount to cutting off the inside information of the ancient wasteland and our eight regions. By then, only a few top sages like Lintian will be doomed to rewrite the pattern of inevitable defeat."

Xueqingyi grew up, looked at the crowd and said:

"remember, in the period before the advent of yuanci secret place, all the strong people in the ancient wasteland in the blood demon world will be killed!"

"Whether or not there will be the top characters in the ancient wasteland, I'd rather kill one thousand by mistake than let one go!"

"In addition, in my name, I want to convey a message to the other seven regions, that is to say, if you want to destroy the ancient wasteland, you must first destroy those who have reached the top, but have not yet become saints. In this way, even if Lintian is incomparable in fighting power, he will be helpless. In this way, the ancient wasteland can be defeated!""If these seven leaders are not stupid, they should know what to do next. Of course, it doesn't matter whether they finally follow my advice."

Having said that, he went out of the hall with a negative hand, and his figure was great and full of ambition.

The real battle has just begun. Sooner or later, he will wash away the shame he suffered in the past!


it's about 11:00 p.m. to make up for the change. I can't wait to see the children's shoes tomorrow

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