Chapter 118. Birth a boy

Not long after Zhou Qing Bai headed out, the boys got up. The rest of the watermelon was gobbled up by them.

At the beginning Lin Qing He was still a little worried about whether they would have diarrhea if they eat too much cold stuff today. Unexpectedly, these kids were quite sturdy and nothing happened.

When they went out to play, Lin Qing He formed the dough.

In the evening, they were having bean flour mantou and braised loach.

The braised loach made by Lin Qing He was very delicious because the ingredients she prepared were complete.

Rice wine, ginger shreds, green onions, chili pepper, sugar, salt, garlic.

The loach's belly was cut open to remove the intestines and then added to the pot along with the other ingredients. A large plate of braised loach can be scooped out of the pot.

It was a little troublesome, but because Zhou Qing Bai had to go to work every day, Lin Qing He was also willing to spend some effort to make him more delicious food to let him eat more.

In addition to a braised loach, there was also a cold cucumber and the same pot of egg drop and tomato soup like the one in the afternoon.

Going through the vegetable at home, there were only those few selections. There was not much difference, but Lin Qing He still tried her best to make the dishes as good as possible.

But for now, the father and sons in the family have a strong approval toward her cooking.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa came back after four o'clock in the evening. They brought a half bucket full of eel back.

Lin Qing He froze for a moment: "Where did this eel come from?"

"Brother Zhou Dong gave it." Da Wa said.

Lin Qing He smiled when she heard it, nodded, and said nothing.

Since Zhou Qing Bai came back, she didn't need Zhou Dong for the firewood. Zhou Dong had now grown up, he can get eight work points just like the adults. He could raise his sister well.

His sister, Zhou Xi was also a strong person. She would gather pigweed to earn work points. The siblings' combined work points weren't little and they can live pretty well with it.

In the end, Zhou Xi grew up. Previously, she got her period and was clueless. It was Lin Qing He who saw the blood on her pants and then brought her back.

She taught her some knowledge and also gave half a jin of brown sugar for making ginger and brown sugar water to drink.

Zhou Xi didn't dare to accept it. Lin Qing He made her keep it and stated it was enough to come over and help out with the boys' shoes when she's free.

As the big brother, Zhou Dong was grateful to her, so he gifted such a small half bucket of eel.

Lin Qinghe divided the eel in half. The dishes for dinner were already set, but since there was more eel, she'll add another braised eel. She cooked half and set aside half for tomorrow.

So in the evening, there was one braised eel, one braised loach, cold cucumber, and tomato and egg drop soup. Obviously an abundant meal.

Zhou Qing Bai and the others just planted the seeds and the sky turned cloudy. It began to rain heavily again.

This heavy rain was refreshing within this sultry weather.

What's more, everyone was delighted, because the seeds have just been planted, they only needed to do the watering after the rain.

The rain continued for five days in a row. Needless to say, there was no need to go to work in the afternoon. Zhou Qing Bai was able to rest.

Zhou Qing Bai could get some rest, however Lin Qing He couldn't.

This guy came on her as he had no work.

Every night he had to pester her and demand for a round or two.

It can be seen that this man still wants a daughter.

Lin Qing He wanted to let him nurture his vitality since he didn't need to go to work. However, this guy really put all his energy on her...

Soon the time passed and it was September. Da Wa started school again.

Lin Qing He started to wash the jars to prepare the chili paste.

The peppers weren't yet ripe, but they will be ripe next month. Now was the best time to clean up the jar first.

Two large jars were prepared. These were the jars she brought the honey back in. One can hold a lot, so two jars should be enough.

Starting from the end of this month, the autumn harvest will begin.

It was also starting at the end of the month, the autumn harvest will continue until next month. This was a very grand autumn harvest, which was the same every year.

At this time, Zhou Xiao Mei gave birth in the city.

Lin Qing He thought she got not much to do, so she represented Mother Zhou and visited Zhou Xiao Mei. She had brought two trotters as well as a jin of brown sugar. Mother gave her a half basket full of eggs.

These things can be bought over.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, how is Third Sister-in-law?" Zhou Xiao Mei asked.

This time she gave birth to a son. It had Su Da Lin over the moon. His family only had this single seedling, and this time his wife gave him a son, so how can he not be delighted?

His uncle and his aunt were happy for him. They were very satisfied with Zhou Xiao Mei, this niece-in-law as well.

"She's fine. Next month, she finishes her confinement and you can take the child back then." Lin Qing He replied.

Su Da Lin sent a lot of things back for Third Sister-in-law's post-natal confinement.

Crucian carp, trotters, pork, etc.

The purpose was to have the child sent back next month and be fed together.

Third Sister-in-law was naturally willing and couldn't be more delighted to.

While on Second Sister-in-law's side, it was filled with discontent as none of the things Su Da Lin brought back was shared with her. She constantly lost her temper at home.

Second Sister-in-law gave birth to a daughter this time. Same with Third Sister-in-law.

They both already have sons, so they didn't care whether they were a boy or girl. Just the difference in confinement treatment was a little bit large.

No one can say anything, because Su Da Lin wanted to send his son back to his mother-in-law's family. The child was still young and still needs to drink milk. Naturally, they will have to trouble Third Sister-in-law who was nearly at the same timeframe as Zhou Xiao Mei.

In response to this, Second Sister-in-law declared she won't nurse a single sip for her.

Everyone just listened, not bothering with her.

Now they have all separated, each lived their own life. Who would bother to supports whoever's stinky feet? If they can get along, they will connect more, if not, then each does their own.

After listening to her fourth sister-in-law, Zhou Xiao Mei was relieved.

At the end of September, Zhou Xiao Mei and Su Da Lin delivered their child to Mother Zhou.

Having Mother Zhou raised the child, the monthly payment went according to what was previously agreed.

Mother Zhou was naturally delighted to. She had worked for most of her life. Now that her sons were grown up, she rested at home and cooked for the old man. Who would dare to say anything about her?

Besides, it was just bringing up her grandson, not a big deal. Mother Zhou can manage.

Su Da Lin and Zhou Xiao Mei were a little reluctant, but in the end, they had to go to work tomorrow. After spending most of the day, they left their child behind and returned to the city.

This time, they had brought a lot of things, including meat, fish, and eggs. Even like this, they didn't forget to bring a pack of candy for Da Wa and his brothers.

Lin Qing He also expressed, if Mother was too busy, she can babysit at her side, so the two of them can rest assured and it was enough to check on the kids when they have days off.

After all, Third Sister-in-law's character was quite nice. Accepting so many things, she would definitely treat the child well.

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