Five days, the wall is finished!

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The golden wall with blood and bones is only thirty-nine feet high, which is not majestic, but it is still amazing.

The city wall, like a golden dragon coiled around the earth, encircles the area of 100 li.

The wall tiles are smooth as mirrors, neat and well matched. The dyed blood color gives the golden wall a palpitating atmosphere.


High up in the sky, Lintian, who had not rested for five days and nights, flashed a light in his black eyes and waved his sleeve robe.


With strange waves, a golden column of light soared up and broke the sky.

I saw just completed the wall, suddenly reflected a piece after piece of magnificent pattern, light and rain, Shenhui flow, resplendent.

The ancient wasteland strongmen in the whole camp were all shocked.

Looking up at the sky and the earth, thousands of golden rainbow swept up, swaying in the void, condensing one avenue bud after another, peaceful and sacred.

Later, on that day, there was a vast starry sky, in which hundreds of millions of bright stars twinkled, endless cycle, deep and vast.

The stars of the day!

Seeing these visions, everyone was stunned. The Golden City, bathed in the boundless starry sky, was like a kingdom inhabited by gods.

"It's just building a city, which leads to a vision of heaven and earth? It's no more than that! "

SHAOHAO was shocked.

If you can't help but step forward and touch the wall with your fingertips, a circle of forbidden waves will spread on the smooth wall like a mirror.

If you look at it carefully, there are wisps of blood color in the wall tiles, just like the red glow. You can see a broken corpse embedded in it, which makes you feel palpitating.

"It's beautiful and terrible..."

Ruo Wu murmurs and stands close in front of the city wall, which makes her feel a kind of oppressive atmosphere.

This is the perfect combination of the holy way forbidden array and the city wall!

In the camp, a group of ancient wasteland strongmen wake up from the shock, and then can't help but feel excited and burst into cheers.

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From today on, their ancient wasteland camp has regained the city of moat, a city that has caused the heaven and earth's visions on the day of its construction and radiated brilliant weather!

And all this, all thanks to Lintian!

Above the air, Lintian could not hide his tired color.

Five days ago, he trapped and killed the army of the seven regions with his own strength. Then he spent five days building the city, which consumed his heart and physical strength.

However, at this time, when he heard the cheers of the people and saw the magnificent city under his feet, Lintian also laughed and was full of pride.

This is his city!

It's also a fortress for all the strong in the ancient wilderness!

But soon, Lintian took a deep breath and took out several holy treasures. In each holy treasure, there were tens of thousands of seven domain strong men trapped.

There was no hesitation or pity. With the wave of Lintian's sleeve robe, all the sacred treasures were embedded under the city wall.

Then, blood rivers flow out of the sacred treasures and soak deep in the earth. Finally, countless bones gush out and fill every underground part of the city wall.

Without exception, the hundred and seventy thousand troops trapped at the beginning were sacrificed alive on the day of today's completion of the moat city!

On the sky, the sound of the mourning of the holy meteorite resounds again, and the color of blood spreads like a tide.

Because among the enemies who are sacrificed alive, there are many roles in the level of true saints!

Slaughtering more than 100000 people in one fell swoop will definitely be regarded as a murderous butcher in the outside world, bearing the name of cruelty, coldness, heartlessness and so on.

But Lintian didn't care, and his mood didn't make waves.

The city of protecting the road of the enemy is made up of the remains and blood of the ancient sages in the wasteland.

He Lintian, just blood for blood, tooth for tooth.

Still in that sentence, the eternal cause of all ages lies in killing the enemy. It's better to teach the enemy to hate each other than to scold my name!

Soon, Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO also guessed these and looked at each other. They couldn't help feeling a shock in their hearts.

In the camp, a group of strong people in the ancient wasteland soon understood that each of them was full of blood and had an indescribable excitement.

"Well done

"Have a good time!"

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"Big man, it should be so!"

The roar, resounding through the air, stirred all over the country.

Amid the cheers and shouts, Lintian fell to the ground and said to SHAOHAO and ruowu, "I have to have a rest. I have to trouble you two for the rest."

"Go on."

SHAOHAO and ruowu smile and urge.

Lintian nodded.

He is really tired and needs a good rest.

"Next, it's time to divide the area of the city and build buildings for every monk to live in. By the way, the first thing is to build a living palace for Lin Xun."SHAOHAO pondered.

"I'll take care of these trifles."

Ruo Wu said with a smile.

SHAOHAO nodded, thought about it and said, "well, according to my guess, it won't be long before more and more powerful people from the ancient wasteland will come and gather with us. As there are more people, we must make some rules."

Ruo Wudai frowned and sneered, "before the city was built, only 60000 people came to support us. Now that the city is built successfully, they want to take advantage of it. How can there be such a cheap thing in the world?"

As far as she knows, there are at least 300000 ancient wasteland strongmen entering the nine regions battlefield this time!

Even though many of them have been killed by foreign enemies in the eight regions in the past year, it is absolutely impossible that there will be only 60000 left.

Obviously, before the construction of the city, some strong people in the ancient wasteland did not believe that Lintian could succeed, so they did not come to support him.

This may be due to the consideration of one's own safety, which is understandable, but if you can't bear to see these strong people running out at the moment and seeking refuge in the city of moat!

SHAOHAO said with a smile: "it has nothing to do with taking advantage. In the final analysis, we all belong to the same camp. What's more, before that, who would have thought that Lin Xun could really withstand the threat of foreign enemies in the eight regions and successfully rebuild the city of protecting the road?"

Ruo Wu sighed softly: "yes, we are in the same camp. We can only take the overall situation into consideration."

Speaking of this, there was a sense of killing in her star eyes, and her voice became cold: "however, I can tolerate them running to take advantage, but if anyone dares to make trouble, don't blame me for being rude!"

Then she turned away.

SHAOHAO smiles and says nothing more.

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If it were not for the battlefield of the nine realms, there would be conflicts and contradictions among the strong in the ancient wasteland, and not a few of them had deep hatred for each other.

For example, Lintian was regarded as a thorn in the flesh by many ancient Taoists in the ancient wilderness.

If Lintian cared about these personal grudges, how could he devote all his efforts to rebuilding the city of moat?

However, the current situation is different. Even the enemies of Lintian, they never dare to fight against Lintian again.

Otherwise, there was no need for Lintian to do anything. Those who supported Lintian would rush up and tear him to pieces!

This is the general trend!

After resisting the enemies of the seven regions and reconstructing the city of road protection, Lintian's prestige has reached an unprecedented height.

It is no exaggeration to say that he now seems to be the leader of the ancient wilderness, and is unanimously recognized and respected by many strong people.

It's no different to be an enemy to him than to be an enemy to the whole ancient wilderness camp.

Of course, SHAOHAO would like to see that those who had regarded Lintian as their enemy in the ancient wasteland had better have some backbone and not come to the city of protecting the road.


However, no matter SHAOHAO or ruowu had guessed, now in the territory where the eight regions camp is located, there is a bloody storm against the ancient wasteland strongmen!

All this is because of a message conveyed by xueqingyi -

to destroy the ancient wilderness camp, we should kill all the top people in the ancient wilderness!

"Retribution --!"

Jiuli, an ancient wasteland strongman who escaped from death, uttered a roar of grief.

At first, like other strong people in the ancient wasteland, he didn't believe that Lintian could rebuild the moat City, so he chose to be patient and look on coldly.

But when he learned that Lintian alone blocked the siege of the army of the seven regions and successfully rebuilt the moat city in the ancient wilderness.

The first thought of this man was to go to the ancient wasteland and seek protection in the city of protecting the way!

Many of them have the same idea as him. They rush on the road together, hoping that when they arrive at the city of the moat, they will no longer have to hide in the East, no longer have to be afraid, and they are also excited.

But who ever thought that they were still in the middle of the journey, and they were surrounded and killed in blood.

At the end of the battle, he was the only one who got away with his life.

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At the thought of this, this man can't help but feel sad. He should have gone to the ancient wilderness!

Unfortunately, it's too late to regret.

"Over there, quick!"

"Hey, these two legged sheep can escape to now, it's also a cruel role."

In the distance, a burst of air burst out, and a group of strong people from Jiuli ancient region chased them.

This ancient wasteland strongman was stiff all over and his face was like earth color: "it's over..."


Before long, the blood of scarlet spilled.

The ancient wasteland strongman lay down on the ground and thought to himself before he died that if he had gone to the ancient wasteland, maybe Is everything different?


Similar scenes are happening in the territory where the eight domains camp is located.

It should be noted that those who are strong in the ancient wasteland scattered in the major areas are all hiding in extreme concealment.

But under the mad Revenge of the eight regions, many people were found out one by one and then killed without exception.Of course, there are also many ancient wasteland strongmen, after many dangers, broke out of the enemy siege, and finally arrived in the ancient wasteland.

When you see the moat city standing on the horizon, full of gold and filled with the breath of sacred immortality.

These ancient wasteland strongmen, who have been hiding and fearing for a year, have a tear like impulse.

However, as they approached the moat city step by step, they were a little nervous and nervous.

When they were building the city, they didn't come to support Lintian considering their own safety.

Now, will they be turned away when they come to seek protection?


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