Chapter 117. Looking forward to the college entrance exam continuation

After letting go of Su Da Lin's matter, Lin Qing He took the brothers around the county city.

The brothers continued to make requests. Lin Qing He coldly smiled: "Initially, I wanted to give you each a candied haw, but now it's gone."

"We all know our wrong!" Da Wa said.

"So what about it? Even if you know you're in the wrong, the mistake had already been made." Lin Qing He showed no mercy.

"Mother, since it's a rare chance to come to the city once, buy one for us!" Er Wa added.

"I know my wrong." San Wa also directed a pleading look to their mother.

Lin Qing He took in the three's behavior and didn't act too harshly. She said: "I can give each of you one, but you can't eat it now. We'll take it home, and keep it for tomorrow."


Once the three stinky boys uttered mother, Lin Qing He interjected: "Want it or not?"

"Want!" What else can they say, it was better to keep it for tomorrow than not having any.

"Remember ah. Since it's your first offense, so I will be lenient with you. However, if you commit a second offense, you'll know then." Lin Qing He bought three candied haw sticks wrapped in oil paper and harrumphed.

Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa nodded their heads, indicating that they would definitely not casually eat other people's stuff in the future.

They knew their mother's punishment method, simply too cruel. She purposely cooked delicious stuff to have them drooling. They were scared of her.

Especially since she had the final say at home, even their father dared not revolt against her.

After buying the candied haws, Lin Qing He brought them along for children's book shopping. Da Wa requested a revision book, but the revision book at this time was too simple. So they didn't get any.

Instead, they came to the waste section and bought a stack of old newspapers. These were all brought back for the kids' doodle.

It was very cheap and a few dimes bought a large bundle.

In addition, Lin Qing He also bought a watermelon. There was nothing better than eating one in this hot summer.

Only then she took the three boys home.

After arriving home, Lin Qing He was completely sapped. These three brothers weren't light at all, they been raised too well by her.

The candied haws were stored away, as she won't give it today as she had said eat it tomorrow.

For watermelon, she used the cool well water to chill it and leave as a snack for after lunch.

Because of exhaustion, Lin Qing He steamed a pot of steamed buns for lunch, which was served with a plate of fried green pepper and meat. A pot of tomato and egg soup too.

However, because her family's man was doing manual labor in the field and that her three boys got a good appetite, the amount of meat in the plate of fried green pepper and meat was quite hefty.

It was pork belly, very delectable from all the frying. The green pepper was also delicious.

"Eat more meat. You have been working in the field for the whole day." Lin Qing He placed it into Zhou Qing Bai's bowl. This man kept on munching green peppers while refraining from meat as much as possible. How could she not know what he thinks, wanted to leave it for her and the children.

Zhou Qing Bai smiled faintly: "You eat more too."

"I don't need you to tell me, I will eat." Lin Qing He picked a few pieces of oily pork belly for him.

At this time, due to the scarcity of oil content, fatty meat was labeled as first-class meat. Sister Mei will sometimes get some. However, every time there was quality fatty meat, pork belly, and lean meat, she will keep it for her own family to eat.

Other scraps will be sold.

Lin Qing He doesn't eat it much, but Zhou Qing Bai needed to consume some.

Meat was indispensable to such a sturdy man, or else his body can't bear the strain of the daily numerous works.

"Yummy?" Lin Qing He looked at the three sons.

Da Wa had his lips covered in oil and responded, "If only Mother can dote me like you did with Father. Just put a piece of meat in my bowl and gently say, come, eat more."

"Hee hee." Er Wa giggled.

"Mother." San Wa also laughed and then pushed his bowl over.

"None of you are acting seriously. Eat your stuff." Lin Qing He remarked in displeasure. Stinky boys, dare to tease her now.

Besides, what was wrong with her doting her man? He worked so hard, it was only right to favor him.

"Don't worry about them. They can still grow up by eating grass. It's enough that you eat more." Lin Qing He uprightly favored her man.

Da Wa and Er Wa howled in extreme misery.

"Not eating grass, not eating." San Wa rapidly shook his head.

Zhou Qing Bai's gaze toward his wife was especially soft.

Although lunch was simple, lunch containing meat and eggs was already luxurious in this era.

After lunch, they rested. The boys were pining on the watermelon.

Lin Qing He didn't stop them. Eat it if they wanted to, but they can only have it forty minutes after the meal.

Zhou Qing Bai had already drowse off. The boys had finished eating, so they went to sleep in content. There was a larger half leftover.

Lin Qing He didn't nap. She was sewing the soles, which was for Er Wa.

When Zhou Qing Bai woke up, he saw his wife was sitting at the door and sewing the shoes. His gaze was extremely gentle.

"Didn't go to sleep?" Zhou Qing Bai came over and asked.

"It's fine. I haven't done much during the day, so I don't have to sleep." Lin Qing He replied: "There are watermelons in the kitchen. Go and eat it."

Zhou Qing Bai went in and grabbed the watermelon to snack on.

He brought out cut-out pieces. Lin Qing He said: "I have eaten it, you can eat it."

Zhou Qing Bai had cut a share for her. Seeing his firm attitude, Lin Qing He then accepted and ate it. She stated: "This watermelon is good for cooling off. You eat more. No need to leave it for those three naughty children. Just before going to bed, they had it."

"It's fine to set it aside." Zhou Qing Bai said.

He only ate the piece in his hand and didn't have anymore. Although this man wasn't one to say affectionate words, his action demonstrated his pampering toward his wife and children.

Whatever good things were left to his wife and children to eat, he never put himself as a priority.

Such a man had Lin Qing He liking him from deep within her heart.

"Come back early tonight. The pot of loach is almost ready. I will cook braised loach for you tonight." Lin Qing He grinned to him.

There was still half a pot loach at home, which was set aside to spit out mud.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai headed out once he responded.

"Oh, still have to wait seven years for the college entrance examination continuation." Lin Qing He sighed.

She was really reluctant to let him do this. If the college entrance examination came, she could take the college entrance examination. The criteria for the first year of college entrance examination restart were very relaxed. Even if one was married and old as her, can also participate.

If she was admitted to university, she would take her husband and three sons away.

There was no need to do this tiring farm work.

Lin Qing He's thought was quite rosy. She did have the foundation to. Otherwise, why would she work so hard to sell the grain and pork?

Whether it was food coupons or meat coupons, as well as some other coupons, she had saved a lot. So even if she goes out to live in the future, there was no worry.

And as time progresses and these coupons will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, a lot of money had currently accumulated in her pocket.

At least the majority of it was the retirement fee that Zhou Qing Bai brought home!

If it weren't for her big expenses for the family, she could save more money.

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