Chapter 1087 – Troubled Xie Yufeng

Yufeng was quite troubled these days. He didn’t get any information on Lin Yi, and he even got injured, getting beat up twice for no reason as well as having his ass sliced! He didn’t report to his father these days because of these humiliating events.

Yet, his father called before he made any report!

He picked up after some hesitation.

“Hello? Father!” Yufeng said.

“Yufeng, how are you? Have you adapted well to Songshan after these few days?” Shuixing asked, proud of his son, the future of House Yu. It seemed that their future really did rest in his hands.

“It’s alright…” Yufeng obviously wasn’t confident when he said these words. He was too embarrassed to talk to his father! The great young man of House Yu, reaching Songshan with big hopes and aspirations, only to be plagued with a bunch of bad luck! He still didn’t do anything with Lin Yi yet, and some random passerbys just beat him up!

If it were Lin Yi who beat them up, fine, it was for the sake of investigation. However, Lin Yi didn’t even do s***!

“Well, did you get anything on Lin Yi”s background?” Shuixing still smiled, not catching his son’s tone.

“Not yet… There aren’t any openings. I have to be really delicate here…” Yufeng said. “I don’t know how to approach this!”

“Hm… It’s fine, just stay in Songshan first. There’s something else going on right now anyway.” Shuixing didn’t rush.

“Something else?” Yufeng blinked. “What’s wrong?”

“Haha, well, Yufeng, you’ve grown up now… I’ve prepared a marriage alliance with you!” Shuixing smiled.

“Marriage?” Yufeng blinked. He didn’t object it- he had already considered himself an asset since he was young and had decided to let his father make the decisions.

Of course, he didn’t care at all. Even if he got a wife that he didn’t like, he could always get some mistresses. This wasn’t any secret to the young masters of noble houses, but the women of these joint marriages were always the ones to suffer.

Putting aside the fact that they might’ve married a man they didn’t like, they even had to live in an empty room because their man was out getting girls! This was just how unfair it was, if a man went with a lot of women, he was a winner- but if a woman did so, she was unloyal!

So he didn’t care at all about this marriage! He only blinked a bit in response. “Does this have something to do with my presence in Songshan?”

“Yes, the one I’ve set up with you is Song Lingshan of House Song- she’s now a Golden Class full late phase!” Shuixing smiled. “The girl’s pretty nice, and she has quite the talent. So strong at such a young age! I like her!”

“Song Lingshan?” Yufeng remembered. “Of House Song… I think I’ve met her before, she seems… Okay?”

Of course, it wasn’t just okay, he was filled with happiness when he heard it was Song Lingshan!

Not only was she pretty, but she also had a great body with a great rack- he was already starting to giggle happily! He looked forward to this marriage very much!

He didn’t have much thought regarding who he was going to marry for his family, and if some ugly girl was his wife then he’d just go with it. After all, as long as he maintained his relationship with this wife he could just use his time to go play around.

But his father’s words ignited his lusty passion! HE really was too lucky!

“Yes, I think she’s not bad at all! She’s in the police station working in Songshan right now, so since you’re there, I was thinking you could interact with her and get to know her better. When the whole thing with Lin YI’s over, we’ll go visit House Song and settle the matter!” Shuixing said.

“Alright, I understand!” Yufeng agreed without hesitation. This really was a pleasant surprise- he was just thinking that life in Songshan was a little boring and now, he got to hit on girls- it was his hobby!

“It’s best if you can get more intimate with her and stabilize your relationship. Otherwise, other people might have their eyes on such a prize!” Shuixing reminded. “I heard that Chen Yutian of House Chen had been chasing her for many years- House Song’s partner pracititoning technique is quite the skill, too. It’ll be good for you!”

“I understand, father. Don’t worry! I’ll settle this!” Yufeng was worried that his dad would want him to remain pure with Lingshan, but he actually wanted the opposite!

“Right, how’s your practitioning coming along? You’ve been in Mystic early phase peak for a while now, right? Are there any signs of breaking through? Shuixing asked.

“Not yet…” Yufeng was troubled enough as was. He didn’t have time to do that!

“I’ve already put the news out that you were a Mystic mid-phase. Remember to keep that in mind in front of Lingshan!” Shuixing reminded.

“Oh? Why did you tell them that?” Yufeng blinked.

“House Song’s grandma, Lingshan’s grandma, is a Mystic mid phase- if I tell them you’re the same level, then you’d look even bigger the prize!” He said.

Yufeng paused, understanding the intentions. His father really thought things through. He was cunning!

Among the houses, they always measured strength as the defining factor- the more powerful your family members, the more authority you had! If Yufeng had the same strength as the old woman in House Song, then he’d basically be the same status as her, which meant that he’d be on a high pedestal in House Song!

“But what if they find out..?” Yufeng hesitated.

“No, they wouldn’t check your strength, if you don’t use your qi, they won’t know!” He said casually. “Plus, it’ll be a short time until you level up, and you have time!”

“I see!” Yufeng nodded.

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