half a month later.

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Lintian woke up from meditation with clear and quiet eyes.

Now, he is fully familiar with and in control of the power of the supreme holy land, and knows how hard it is to seek the holy way and take every step.

Hard training is the most fundamental, but it still needs a lot of experience and experience. Just relying on building a car behind closed doors is doomed to stop.

In addition, it takes a lot of time and energy to practice the three ways of refining Qi, spirit and body, to understand the power of Tao, and to temper the power of martial arts.

Today, Lintian's cultivation in the true holy land can only be said to be stable, which belongs to the perfection of the initial state. It is still a step away from the middle of the true holy land.

However, his "origin" is extremely strong and strong, so he is almost unmatched in this situation.

Of course, it's just cultivation.

The battle power of holy land is closely related to the power of the road, the power of martial arts, and the treasures controlled by itself.

Now Lintian had touched the threshold of creating his own holy Dharma, and realized the mystery of "three ways in one, only essence and only one".

It is just around the corner to be invincible in the absolute holy land!

"Old man, what's the matter with my treasure sacrifice?"

Lintian's mind moved, and a green branch appeared, and then it turned into an ancient tree with thick branches and vigorous trunk.

It was the tree that Lin Xun took away from the secret place of the underground palace.

"Just one last step away."

God refined ancestral tree fast way, when speaking, its branches and leaves shake, clang a, yingbai such as snow from the broken blade flying out.

"Even I didn't expect that this treasure was so incredible. I could refine it to perfection with my strength if I were to be another magic weapon. But this treasure is like a bottomless pit. I don't know how much of my original strength has been consumed in the past six months."

At the end of the day, Shenlian Zushu was in a posture of pain and muttering,

"young man, I'm losing my strength now. I have to use some natural resources and local treasures to make up for it. What kind of chaotic soil, five colors of spiritual soil, clear and turbid Xingsha It's all just fine. "

"There will be benefits for you in the future."

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Lintian made a perfunctory sound and took the broken blade in his hand.

Half a year ago, when he decided to rebuild the moat City, Lintian gave the broken blade to this tree for breeding and refining.

When he was fighting with the army of seven regions, the reason why Lintian used Yuantu sword was that Duan blade was still pregnant at that time.

"Good, good."

Soon, Lintian showed a strange color and exclaimed.

After half a year's tempering, the broken blade has obviously undergone great transformation. Its edge is introverted and bright. It doesn't look as unreal and gorgeous as before, but has a kind of obscure charm.

"It's called" self obscurity of divine things. "The origin of this treasure is absolutely extraordinary."

Shenlian Zushu chimed in at one side, "Laozu, I followed the great emperor to travel around zhouxu. I've seen many rare treasures, but I've never seen such a strange broken blade. Unfortunately, it's incomplete, and it's hard to imagine how powerful it will be when it's complete."

"However, thanks to the incomplete blade, you can subdue it and refine it into your own treasure. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it for you with the power of your supreme Holy Land!"

Lintian glanced at the old tree and was surprised.

It should be noted that whether it's the broken blade, or the insect eating silver, or the alchemy gourd sealed with a drop of purple blood, or the horn of Luo, he got it from the "ancient spirit world".

And the ancient spirit world

Until now, Lintian couldn't figure out where the world was.

Because at the beginning, he was in the secret realm of heaven, and was moved to the "ancient spirit world"!

"You see, there are three kinds of mysterious patterns on the blade, which are called" Yuan "," Ji "and" Zhu "

But obviously, it's incomplete, and there should be one last word that hasn't been reflected. And unless you can find the missing part of the blade, this last word is doomed to be impossible. "

Lintian thought that he had already noticed the problem.

He asked, "you say, with my strength, can I repair the broken blade?"

"No way."

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Without hesitation, Shenlian Zushu said, "it seems that these rare treasures involve the power of inheritance and can not be replaced by other materials."

"However, if you are pregnant and raised with your own holy power, this treasure can be transformed into a holy soldier of your own life for your use."

Lintian nodded, put the broken blade away and was pregnant in the "mixed hole" in his body.

After a little induction, all the breath of Duan blade came to his heart, which made Lintian feel excited.

He had a strong premonition that the broken blade could be transformed into his own holy soldier just by one chance!"Well, I don't know what to call you."

Lintian looked up at the ancestral tree.

At this moment, God's ancestral tree has a feeling of tears. You don't take me seriously, do you?

In a serious tone, it said seriously: "remember, the name of Laozu is" Shenxu ", which was given by Emperor Kaikong himself!"

"Kidney deficiency?"

Lintian was stunned, and his lips twitched. He said with admiration, "this legal name is absolutely resounding. It's too bad."

Shenxu was elated: "that's right. This is the name given by the emperor!"

Lintian said with a smile: "if you follow me in the future, you won't suffer any losses. I'm sure I'll go to the Kunlun ruins in the future. I heard that there are Taiyan kunmu, Xuanqi disui and Shiyuan Zhenshui in it..."

As Lintian reported out a lot of Mingzi, the God empty saliva almost came out, and said angrily: "brother, you must take me with you!"


Lintian agreed quickly.

This is Shenlian ancestral tree named Shenxu. Obviously, its origin is not simple. It is also a rare kind of divine tree. It's good to stay around.


Before long, Lintian pushed the door out.

Today, great changes have taken place in the city of moat. The streets are spacious, extending in all directions, and the buildings are rising in rows.

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On the street, there are a lot of pedestrians and a lot of traffic. No matter men and women, old and young, no matter how high or low their accomplishments are, there is a relaxed smile on every face from the heart.

Even, many places have appeared tea shop, restaurant!

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Lintian suspected that it was not in the battlefield of nine regions, but in a peaceful and lively city.

However, when he thought about it, Lintian was relieved that the weakest of the city's monks had the ability to survive and rob the land. They were just building a building in the city without any effort.

"Brother Lin!"

"Mr. Lin!"

"Master Lin."

Along the way, wherever Lintian appeared, he would be welcomed by many voices with admiration, respect and eagerness.

Some stiff people even called Lintian "senior"!

The so-called master is Lintian. Today, he has already set foot on the top of the holy land. In terms of cultivation, he can be honored as a senior.

Not to mention, it was with his own efforts that he miraculously built the city of protecting roads, providing a safe place for the strong in the ancient wilderness. Who can not respect that?

Before long, when Lintian heard the whereabouts of SHAOHAO and Ruo Wu, he heard a quarrel in the distance.

"Hum, why should we, the black nightmares, act as sentinels to investigate the enemy outside?"

On the street in the distance, an old man with black robes was cold and said, "do you want the strong man of our family to die? There's no way. I'll leave my words here today. My people will never agree to this! "

Nearby, there are many powerful people gathered around, all from the major forces in the ancient wasteland, all watching.

The old man in black robe is a powerful man in the true holy land of the black nightmare Tiangou clan. His name is Gou Tianqi.

"Gou Tianqi, everyone is a member of the ancient wasteland camp. As we all know, what you black nightmares are good at is to investigate the enemy's situation. It's not wrong for our young master to arrange this."

In the face of Gou Tianqi, a beautiful and refined woman calmly opens her mouth.


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Lintian recognized at a glance that this girl was a maid next to SHAOHAO. She was at the top of the mountain at the beginning. Together with Yao Li, Yu Xi and Bai Qian, she worked for SHAOHAO.

"Cut the crap!"

Gou Tianqi's face sank and said with a sneer, "do you want to die? Yes, let SHAOHAO die by himself. I will not accompany you


Wanyin can't help being angry.

Gou Tian Qi smiled, and said, "little girl, remember, our black nightmaid is a member of the ancient barren field. This ancient barren camp is not the case of Shao Hao has the final say."

"Gou Tianqi!"

Wan Yin's eyes are cold.

Gou Tianqi frowned and said: "little girl, if you put it in the ancient wasteland, if you dare to talk to me like this, you will die long ago. Even if SHAOHAO comes, he doesn't dare to bully others!"

In the crowd around, many people burst into laughter, most of them were strong ethnic forces who made friends with the black nightmare Tiangou clan.

Wan Yin took a deep breath and regained her calm: "you're doing it yourself!"

"Ha ha."

Gou Tianqi is full of ridicule. He doesn't take this threat in his eyes at all. When SHAOHAO is powerful, does he dare to kill people in the city?

Not afraid of arousing the antipathy of all the strong in the ancient wilderness camp?

"Old dog, you have a good laugh."

Suddenly, a calm voice sounded in Gou Tianqi's ear. As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw a young man in a white dress coming from a distance with his hands on his back.All the people around were stunned, but when they recognized the identity of the young man, they did not change their color, kept silent, and even opened the distance from Gou Tianqi.

When he heard the word "old dog", Gou Tianqi was also angry at the beginning. His eyes were full of murders, and his old face was gloomy.

But when he recognized the identity of the speaker, he suddenly froze, his face changed, and he looked frightened.

The atmosphere of the nearby area became quiet at this moment.

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