Chapter 116. Considerate man

Under the summer stars, the whole family was quite happy at this time, despite the relatively poor days.

Whether it was Zhou Qing Bai or the boys.

Even though their growth increased with age, these brothers were getting harder and harder to fool.

But overall, Lin Qing He was quite satisfied with her current life now.

Seeing that it was almost time, Lin Qing He got up to serve mung bean soup.

The sticky green mung bean soup with a slightly sweet taste was the boys' favorite. Lin Qing He basically cooked a pot every day during this blazing summer.

A pot wasn't a lot, enough for one bowl per person. It was still satisfying to drink.

When sleeping at night, Lin Qing He put down the mosquito nets for the boys.

It was a bit stuffy to sleep under a mosquito net. There was no other choice, it was better than being the mosquito's birthday present.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai also put down their mosquito nets. It was fine in the winter, Zhou Qing Bai was like a big stove in the winter. Lin Qing He especially liked to sleep with him.

However, Lin Qing He couldn't stand it this summer weather. She longed to stay away from Zhou Qing Bai.

But Zhou Qing Bai was not pleased with sleeping on one side each.

Lin Qing He found that this man was a tough guy on the outside. He was very quiet and could do everything, but privately he clung to her.

For example, when sleeping. She was not used to pillow arm, but he liked it very much.

It was useless to just like it. Lin Qing He was so uncomfortable sleeping like that. Everyone sleeping on their own was so much better.

"Hot." Lin Qing He uttered when she felt him moving closer.

Then Zhou Qing Bai fanned her but still persisted on huddling together with her.

"Wife, when the situation outside is stable, I will take you out for a trip." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He was a little sleepy, and mumbled back, "That's still a long way."

Right now, it was the year '71. Have to wait until '77 when the college entrance examination will resume. There were still seven years. Seven years ah, how many daylilies will become cold.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't respond and continued to fan her.

While Lin Qing He became spirited and said, "Qing Bai, can you get a letter of introduction or the like to enter the capital?"

"You want to go to the capital?" Zhou Qing Bai raised his eyebrows at her.

"I want to have a look." Lin Qing He's eyes spun and replied.

Currently in the capital, who knows how many good things were treated as broken trash. She wanted to go over to see if she can pick up the leaked out stuff and keep it, so she can make a fortune in the future?

"I will check this year." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Hearing this, Lin Qing He was ecstatic and hugged her family Qing Bai, exclaimed: "Qing Bai, you're the best."

By saying check, it meant he agreed. She knew her own man.

Zhou Qing Bai laughed: "How will you repay me?"

"Between us couple, still have to repay?" Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her. How could Lin Qing He not know what he meant, uttered in embarrassment: "Aren't you tired?"

"Not tired." Zhou Qing Bai replied quite readily.

Since he wasn't tired, then let's do it.

That night's posture had changed from the past. As if a new window opened, Zhou Qing Bai saw a whole new world.

Later, Lin Qing He's evaluation of herself was: No do, no die.

Why didn't she something else? Why did she have to unlock the new posture for this kind of thing? Now she did it. Once he mastered this one, it was easy to grasp the rest. Sometimes there will be bruises on both knees!

As for what was done, it cannot be described.

That day Lin Qing He took all three brothers to the county city.

San W sat in the specially-made child seat in the front. Both Da Wa and Er Wa sat down at the back. Even so, it had Lin Qing He sapped when bringing the three brothers to the county city.

There were a good few big slopes on the way over. She had to make Da Wa and Er Wa get off to go uphill and then continued.

When they reached the county city, she bought an ice cream bar for each of them. It was the same rule, let them wait.

"What is Mother doing?" Zhou Da Wa asked as he ate the delicious ice cream.

"I don't know." Er Wa shook his head. He and San Wa were used to it.

"Wait for Mother." San Wa stated.

Judging by their look, Zhou Da Wa didn't ask anymore, since they don't know even if he persisted.

Because she got a space, Lin Qing He got away safe and sound when getting checked twice since she began selling pork.

Because there was nothing during the inspection, naturally there was nothing to say.

However, this also made Lin Qing He deeply aware of the rules of this era, so she acted in a very low-key manner and didn't dare to say anything.

She agreed with her family Qing Bai, once something happened, she will terminate her business.

How can that do? She finally found such a way to make money after much difficulty. Don't underestimate her two or three times a month trip to county city, but the money earned by the pork she sold was higher than the average worker's salary.

If she came across meat coupon, she would accept it. If not, she would raise the price by a little bit more.

Lin Qing He specifically targetted the old lady segment. The kind of old lady who had experienced big winds and waves and generally won't seek trouble. The most important thing was that there must be grandchildren at home. At this time, how much meat will be in demand?

Even if it was leftover, it was treasured.

They want to keep it for their little grandson and granddaughter, so why would any of them bother to cause trouble? Might even get implicated themselves.

It took half an hour for Lin Qing He to get rid of her pork.

When she returned to look for the boys, she found Su Da Lin pushing his bicycle and was accompanying the boys.

"Four... Fourth Sister-in-law." Su Da Lin was relieved when Lin Qing He came back.

He had just passed by and saw his wife's nephews, so he stopped and waited.

"Is brother-in-law passing by?" Lin Qing He understood at a glance and smiled.

"Pass...passing by." Su Da Lin grinned.

"You just ate popsicles and still asked your uncle to buy more for you?" Lin Qing He shot a glare at the boys.

"It's... nothing, just... just a few pop... popsicles." Su Da Lin interjected quickly.

"Did you thank your uncle?" Lin Qing He said.

"We did!" Leading his younger brothers, Zhou Da Wa answered at once.

Lin Qing He chatted a bit with Su Da Lin. Zhou Xiao Mei was further along on her pregnancy now. Counting the months, she was over seven months.

Pretty far along, just like Third Sister-in-law.

After a few exchanges, Su Da Lin went back. Only then, Lin Qing He swept her gaze to the boys: "Do you know where you were wrong?"

"We never thought of getting popsicles from Uncle. He bought them at his own will and we would waste them if we didn't eat it," said Er Wa.

"There won't be next time, I promise!" Zhou Da Wa readily declared.

"Not tasty." This was San Wa's evaluation.

Lin Qing He harrumphed and questioned them, "What if other people give you the yummy popsicles? Will you accept?"

"How is that possible?" Zhou Da Wa responded instantly.

"That's right. Don't know even know them. Not going to casually eat other people's food," Er Wa said as well.

"Not eating!" stated San Wa.

Only then, Lin Qing He dropped the matter.

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