Chapter 1086 Marriage Between House Song and House Yu

But now, Shuixing was starting to change his mind- Lingshan’s improvement really did exceed his expectations.

The girl was one step away from Mystic class, and if she were to marry over, that’d be a great benefit to his family! Plus, along with the partner practitioning House Song had, both the husband and wife would benefit!

Lingshan’s status as a Mystic would be a huge deal then, and his son might be able to go from Mystic mid phase peak to late phase! At that point, they’d go back to full glory! His son could work with Lingshan, and the two would break through to Earth class- they wouldn’t be afraid of anything at that point!

Lin Yi? They’d swat him like a fly! Mystics were nothing in front of Earth class! Shuixing had heard that there were some techniques in ancient secrts that enabled you to fight someone stronger than you, but that was a legend- who knew if it existed?

In Shuixing’s dictionary, Earth class meant invincibility!

“Congratulations, Elder Song!” Thinking of marrying House Song with House Yu, Shuixing’s tone became more respectable, calling him Elder Song instead and taking on the position of a younger one, not calling him Head of Song House anymore.

“Haha, thank you…” Xiangwen couldn’t help but pretend to be humble, “But, she’s still agirl, after all! It seems like the other houses would be the ones benefiting!”

“Haha, that’s a bit serious, Elder Song!” Shuixnig laughed, “It’s modern times now, and us noble houses had to work together! There is a nice saying, about how giving birth to a guy or girl makes no difference! Song Lingshan would still be your granddaughter even after she married, right?”

“Haha!” Xiang wen laughed, “True, but the one who took charge would be the male inheritor of the noble house! My daughter’s family name would be an outsider’s name!”

“You’re right, noble houses operate a little differently!” Shuixing smiled, “Since we’re talking about marriage, something came up in my mind- your granddaughter isn’t small anymore, right? It’s time to find a potential marriage candidate, I assume?”

“That’s true, but Shan Shan’s a bit stubbornshe made it clear that her husband had to be stronger than her!” Xiangwen said, helpless but intentional with his words. If it were someone else, saying stuff like this might be a little embarrassing, but Lingshan really was strong right now!

“Haha, that’s how all the high quality girls are!” Shuixing said, happy that there was no candidate yet, “But, I say, Song Lingshan must be the best one out of all these noble houses, right? How could anybody be stronger than her? As far as I’m concerned, the other noble houses were at most, late phase peak in the Golden class!”

“That’s right, this is what I’m troubling with!” Xiangwen sighed, “She gets stronger by the day, and is one step away from breaking into Mystic- there’d be no one strong enough to take her anymore, but she can’t just not marry anyone, could she?”

House Song having another Mystic was a good thing, but Lingshan not marrying would make it so that House Song lost out on benefits! He didn’t want his granddaughter to be alone until death, either!

Xiangwen wanted to see her grow strong, but he didn’t want to see her alone, either!

“Haha, Elder Song, what do you think of my son?” Shuixing was waiting for Xiangwen’s words. He pointed out his thoughts.

“Oh? Your son?” Xiangwen paused.

“Indeed!” Shuixing said, “As it stands, the only ones stronger than Song Lingshan are the young ones of House Yu! If you’re willing, Elder Song, then we can arrange for a marriage alliance!”

“Ah!” Xiangwen wasn’t expecting for House Yu to extend this invitation! The thought of joining houses with the Yu’s wasn’t something he’d dare entertain before, but now that Lingshan had leveled up, everything became reality so fast!

“What’s wrong, Elder Song? You seem to be unwilling?” Shuixing smiled.

“Of course not! I was simply surprised! Right, your son has never appeared before… How is he now?” Xiangwen was thinking that a marriage alliance was good, but the strength of the marriage partner was a factor as well! Lingshan had to agree to this, after all.

“My son is a Mystic mid class right now!” Shuixing said, a little proud! Only those of House Yu were already at that level!

“What! Mystic mid phase!” Xiangwen jumped back, shocked!

If that was the case, then this was more than a good match for Lingshan! He couldn’t help but feel overjoyed- he’d get a great match for his granddaughter, and get House Yu’s support as


“Haha, I assume he’ll be breaking through soon!” Shuixing started bragging.

“A Mystic, at this young an age!” Xiangwen said, touched, “I really am getting old!”

“How is it, Elder Song? What do you think?” Shuixing asked.

“Of course, it sounds perfect!” Xiangwen was, of course, very pleased. This was a great piece of news!

House Song’s troubles were all swept away with House Yu’s imminent support, they really could just continue on with their stable place as a noble family! Yufeng’s strength also fulfilled Lingshan’s requirements, too- she might be very happy about this!

“Alright, if that’s the case, then it’s settled!” Shuixing said, finishing the talk, “A few days later, I’ll pay you a visit with my son, Elder Song- we’ll seal the deal!”

Shuixing may be the head of House Yu, but he was still a young one, they were about to go into a marriage alliance, and Elder Song would really be his elder indeed! He had to make this visit!

Xiangwen didn’t reject it, “Alright, I’ll do my best to host you then!” Xiangwen said happily.

Lingshan, on the other hand, didn’t know that her future marriage had already been planned by her grandpa- she would have probably been pissed off to death! Of course she wouldn’t want to marry into House Yu, only Xiangwen thought she would want to be!

Shuixing, on the other hand, called his son, Yufeng, thinking to give him the good news and ask about his progress on Lin Yi!

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