Chapter 115. Hard to handle Da Wa

However, seventy yuans was good. Seventy yuans wasn't a small sum.

And this was just the food. There was pork. This time the income was at least a hundred yuans!

When entering the county city to get rid of the stock, she brought along Er Wa and San Wa. After she returned from her sale, the two of them were sitting beside her bicycle.

Their eyeballs were wandering around. At first glance, they didn't appear obedient, but still, they behaved, didn't randomly stroll away and sat there waiting for their mother.

As soon as they saw Lin Qing He, their eyes lit up.

"Mother." San Wa stepped forward to hug his mother's thigh.

"Have you obediently waited for Mother's return?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Yes, we did keep waiting here!" Er Wa said.

San Wa nodded and requested: "Mother, buy me a candied haw stick!"

"Didn't you just eat a popsicle?" Lin Qing He said.

A cream popsicle was eight cents. She bought two and gave them one for each.

"I still want to eat." San Wa started to act spoiled.

"I'll buy one for you. However, we're taking it home and share it with me, your father, and your elder brother." Lin Qing He said.

"OK!" Er Wa nodded happily.

San Wa hesitated. Feeling that he should share with his father and his brother, he nodded.

Lin Qing He took them around for a while. The sugar at home was almost gone. She bought another jin of sugar. As for the others, there was no need. Of course, she also bought a can of milk powder. The boys can drink it.

As for the rest, there was no need. She bought a candied haw stick, which was wrapped in oil paper. Then they went home.

When they got home, the brothers pestered for the candied haw and Lin Qing He complied. Each got one piece, so three was left.

Once Zhou Qing Bai came back from work at noon and Da Wa got back from the pigweed gathering after school, Lin Qing He took out the candied haws, and ate it with them. They each devoured one.

It had Er Wa and San Wa drooling.

"Mother." San Wa wanted to hoodwink.

"It's useless for you to cry. Each ate one, now it's gone." Lin Qing He said.

San Wa withdrew his teary face at once.

"Will you wait for your father and your elder brother the next time and not have the treat on your own?" Lin Qing He asked.

Er Wa and San Wa expressed they'll wait and won’t eat alone anymore, otherwise, they would have no more to eat and wanted to cry!

Lin Qing He displayed her satisfaction, and then gathered them for dinner.

Zhou Qing Bai never cut in on her when she educates her children. This old-fashioned man had always pursued the belief of male outside, woman inside. Everything within the house was her say.

Lin Qing He was actually content with this clear division of labor.

After all, this was his recognition of her.

"Who did you buy those two chicks from?" Lin Qing He asked Zhou Qing Bai.

"Village branch secretary." Zhou Qing Bai's eyes were gentle.

Their family was raising three hens that lay eggs. Now there were two chicks. The last two were raised after the spring and have already been slaughtered this summer to stew for the father and sons to eat

Now they brought two chicks back to raise from July to October. More than three months was enough for the chicks to grow up.

At that time, they can be slaughtered and used to nourish the father and sons.

There was no other way. In this era, the resources were too scarce and must work endlessly each day. Only chicken and fish can supplement the body.

There was basically nothing else to eat.

And only her, who came from the future and transmigrated over, would be so extravagant. Once one goes out to the village and check, no family had a diet like hers.

The main reason for this was that Lin Qing He was worried about eating badly would reduce Zhou Qing Bai's vitality, which was hard to make up for.

So she didn't care what was said about her outside. Three meals a day at home must be top-notch.

For lunch was pork ribs stewed with seaweed, a scrambled egg with cucumber, and tomato soup with bean flour mantou.

Even though the three dishes were very simple, the nutrition was still sufficient.

"In the evening, go see if there's any loach or eel." After lunch, Lin Qing He said to Zhou Qing Bai.

"Alright." Zhou Qing Bai agreed.

In the evening, Zhou Qing Bai got off work and he went to catch the loach.

Approximately half a barrel of loach was caught and two ricefield eels were captured as well. One looked about 250-300g. It was only at this time. If it was later, it would be very rare to get such a big wild eel.

Once these were brought home, Lin Qing He was pleasantly surprised.

The loach was left in the water to spit mud and will be stewed with tofu tomorrow. As for the two eels, they will cook it tonight. She got Zhou Qing Bai to go kill it. Lin Qing He went to the backyard to pull onions.

Lin Qing He liked to eat braised eel meat. Although it was just two, it wasn't small. It was enough for the whole family.

In the evening, it was a braised eel meat, and a tomato and egg soup. The father and sons each got a poached egg. The main was cornmeal mantou.

After dinner, there was green mung bean soup in the well water.

It had a bit of rock sugar, so only a tinge of sweetness. Needless to mention how good the taste was. It was set aside to consume at 7 o'clock.

"Da Wa, are you going to have exams?" Lin Qing He asked Da Wa.

It was the summer harvest a while ago and the school uniformly took a break. During this period, it still continued.

It had to be said that there wasn't much importance placed on education during this time. The school system was very loose.

"Exam is on the day after tomorrow. The day after that, the holiday begins." Zhou Da Wa replied.

"Do your best." Lin Qing He nodded.

"Mother, it's summer vacation. Take me to the county city to play as well? You always take Er Wa and San Wa but haven't taken me there yet." Zhou Da Wa said.

"Alright, I'll bring you next time. Of course, if you don't get a good grade this time, then don't think about it." Lin Qing He responded.

Zhou Da Wa's eyes lit up: "I promise to definitely complete the task!"

Lin Qing He continued to sew the soles. Zhou Qing Bai was fanning her. Lin Qing He sat for a while and said: "Our home's hygiene is so good, we still have so many mosquitoes."

There were a lot of mosquitoes and their bite was fierce.

"Mother, I was bitten. Put some oil on me." San Wa said.

Lin Qing He went in, took the oil out, and smeared it on him.

"I also want some." Er Wa stretched out his arms and legs.

Lin Qing He also rubbed it on him. This oil was brought over by her. It was very effective and have a mosquito repellent effect.

"Do you want some, Da Wa?" Lin Qing He smeared it on Zhou Qing Bai at once and then asked Da Wa.

"For your man, you simply put it on. For me, you ask if I want it. You really don't want to use it on me." Da Wa sighed and muttered.

"Hee hee." Er Wa giggled.

San Wa laughed as well.

Zhou Qing Bai's gaze directed at his wife was soft. Lin Qing He was a bit embarrassed. She didn't give special treatment. It was Da Wa, the stinky boy, becoming harder to deal with as he got older.

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