Gou Tianqi was one of the strong men who entered the city of moat not long ago. Naturally, he had heard all kinds of stories about Lintian.

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However, he never thought that Lintian appeared at this juncture!

This made him tremble. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said coldly, "Lintian, it's you. For the sake of building the city of protecting the road, I, the black nightmare Tiangou clan, won't be in trouble with you. I also hope you understand that this is the battlefield of the nine regions. No matter whether there were old grudges or not, now we are in the same camp. We should be in the same league, and you are the same What do you think? "

All around the people are in the heart of disdain unceasingly, the old man's face has become so fast!

Lintian nodded: "I will never care about the old grudges at this moment."

This made Gou Tianqi feel relieved, but Lintian's next sentence suddenly changed his face.

"However, the ancient wilderness camp does not take in garbage."

With a light word, Gou Tianqi's face turned red. He tried to restrain his anger and said, "if you don't say a word, I'll leave!"

After that, he was about to leave.

But Lintian said calmly: "if you dare to leave, from today on, all the people of the black nightmare Tiangou clan are not allowed to enter this city."

Gou Tianqi was struck by lightning, and his body suddenly stiffened there.

In the past, in the face of this threat, he absolutely sniffed, but now, he dare not ignore it.

At least in the city of road protection, Lintian had absolute authority. Just one word was enough to decide the fate of the powerful members of the black nightmare Tiangou clan!

"Lintian, aren't you taking revenge for yourself?"

Gou Tianqi's face is iron green, and every word is a meal.


Lintian gave Gou Tianqi a slap in the air, which made his face red and swollen.

The people in the neighborhood were silent.

saw Lin looking forward and looking down at Gou Tian Qi. He said, "this city is built by me. All rules and regulations are free. I has the final say, and how about public revenge? Do you bite me? "

Gou Tianqi was so angry that he trembled all over his body. He was biting his teeth and hissed: "you are not afraid to let the people in the ancient wasteland feel cold?"

"Bah! You are a shameless old dog. How could there be such a city without Mr. Lintian? It's kind enough to let you black nightmares into the city, but you don't know how to be grateful. It's really cruel! "

Without waiting for Lintian to speak, someone could not help shouting.

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"Yes, this old man is too shameless. If I were Mr. Lin, I would be the first to kill him!"

"Old man, get out of here. You are not welcome in the city of moat

All of a sudden, there was a sound of drinking and swearing nearby, just like a group of thousands of people were pointing out, and people were spitting.

For a moment, Gou Tianqi was so stupid that he was ashamed and frightened that he didn't know where to put his old face.

In the ancient wasteland, he was dignified and respected everywhere, but now, like a street mouse, everyone yelled!

"Take care of yourself, old dog."

For a moment, Lintian was too lazy to bother with each other and left.

Wanrong quickly followed up, and said: "Mr. Lin, thank you for your help this time."

Lintian waved his hand and said, "if it were SHAOHAO, he would not tolerate his rampancy."

"Ah, the young master of my family is too kind. Today's city of road protection has gathered more than a hundred thousand strong people from the ancient wasteland. The forest is big, and there are all kinds of birds. These days, I don't know how many people like that old dog are willing to contribute even if they enjoy their success."

Wanrong sighed, "there are even many powerful people who have colluded with each other in secret and refused to be dispatched and ordered."

"As you know, we are a camp, but if everyone goes his own way, does not obey the arrangement and dispatch, and only knows how to enjoy his own success, what's the difference with a mess of loose sand?"

Lintian's black eyes flashed and said, "I understand."

Before long, Lintian saw SHAOHAO and Ruo Wu in a magnificent palace.

They seemed to be talking about something. When they saw Lintian, Qi Qi's eyes lit up and said, "the decision maker has finally come."

When Lintian was stunned, he saw that Ruo Wu had already said with a smile: "during this period of time, there have been a lot of troubles in the city. Fortunately, everything is under control."

SHAOHAO also said with a smile: "now, it's up to you to make a decision."

Lintian was more and more puzzled: "what's the decision to make?"

"During this period of time, there are a lot of restless guys in the city, such as the Heiyan Tiangou clan, the descendants of Tianshu holy land, and so on. If the dancing girl and I have already targeted them, they will be arranged to the most dangerous place to carry out the order as long as you give an order."

SHAOHAO's voice was gentle, but the chill in his words was murderous.

"It turns out that you've been fishing for a long time with a plan?"

Lintian understood vaguely.

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Ruo Wu said with a smile, "if you want to disturb the outside world, you must settle the inside first. If you don't get rid of the internal troubles, what can we take to fight for hegemony with the foreign enemies in the eight regions?"Lin Xun thought: "if those restless guys refuse to listen to the dispatch?"

If the dancer's eyes flashed: "make an example! This is not the ancient wasteland. Anyone who opposes the dispatch is fighting against our ancient wasteland camp and killing it. "

Lintian was relieved. On the way, he was also thinking about how to solve the problem. He didn't think about it. Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO had already figured out all the measures.

He said with a smile, "you just have to do this. Why wait for me to decide?"

Ruo Wu rolled his eyes: "now the ancient wilderness camp only recognizes your orders. You are their recognized leader. If we make a decision, we can't completely convince the public."

Lintian laughed bitterly: "leader? How do I feel like you're laughing at me? "

But in the end, Lintian agreed.

On that day, a storm, inspired by SHAOHAO and ruowu, set off in the city of moat.

To Lintian's surprise, the black nightmares changed their attitude and cooperated actively. They agreed to any dispatch without hesitation.

Obviously, after being taught a lesson by Lintian, Gou Tianqi realized that something was wrong and changed his attitude.

Of course, there were also some strong people who still refused to listen to the dispatch. Most of them were powerful people from some ancient orthodoxy. They claimed to be superior and didn't pay attention to Lintian's orders.

However, in the evening of that day, as SHAOHAO personally killed more than ten characters who had already been identified as "internal trouble", those restless voices disappeared immediately.

That's what it's called to set an example to others.

Then, during this period of time, these strong men, who have been very restless, have been arranged to take actions with a high degree of danger. Such as spying for information, intelligence, cruising the ancient wilderness area wait.

Even if they are unwilling, they can only bow their heads.

As long as you are not stupid, you can see that there are Lintian, SHAOHAO and ruowu in the city of protecting the road. Anyone who opposes them is tantamount to death!

For a moment, the atmosphere in the city changed, not to mention the strict rules, but no one dared to resist SHAOHAO and ruowu's dispatch and orders.

As for Lintian, he had no mind to deal with these trivial things.

On the same day, he left the camp.

It's about five months before yuanci's secret land comes. Lintian plans to take advantage of some time to find Zhao Jingxuan's whereabouts!

It has been more than a year since the opening of the jiuyu battlefield, but Zhao Jingxuan has not heard from him so far. How can Lintian not worry?

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A few days later.

The world of Xingsha is on a wasteland.

A group of strong people in Xingsha ancient region are collecting a kind of divine wood called "nine leaf purple shade wood".

All of a sudden, a figure appeared in front of them, dressed in white clothes, tall and tall, with a temperament like a banished immortal.

It was Lintian.

"Who are you?"

Some people drink too much to show fear.

"Have you seen this man?"

With Lintian's fingertips, a light curtain appeared, reflecting Zhao Jingxuan's graceful figure.

"Not to mention whether we have met, why should we tell you?"

Some people laugh in anger.

When Lintian saw this, there was no nonsense. He waved his sleeve.

This group of Xingsha ancient region strong, all in an instant body on the spot.


At the next moment, Xiaoyin was swept out and plundered into the spirits of these corpses one by one for investigation.

After half a sound, silver shook his head: "No."

Lintian gave a hum and turned away.


Half a month later.

The boundary of Jiuli.

"Have you ever seen this man?"

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When a group of Jiuli ancient strongmen were stopped, Lintian still had no nonsense. He condensed the light curtain depicting Zhao Jingxuan's image and asked directly.


These people were frightened by Lintian's breath.

But in the end, when Lintian left, they were all killed.


One month.

Two months.

Lintian's footprints started from Xingsha Kingdom, and all the way across Jiuli Kingdom, Tianhuo Kingdom and yinjue Kingdom

With his current accomplishments and fighting power, there is no trace of what he has done. However, all the strong people he has asked have been erased one by one, leaving no trace.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, these foreign enemy forces were not aware of it. Lin Xun, who was hated by them and was afraid of it, walked quietly through their territory!

But all the way up to now, Lintian got nothing.

This made Lintian's worry grow day by day. He didn't even dare to think about it. If something had happened to Zhao Jingxuan, what would he do"Jing Xuan Where is it now? "

On this day, Lintian walked alone in the ravines and streams in the mountains of the world of daruo, frowning and looking disappointed.


"How could anyone find it?"

"Stop him quickly, and let no one disturb the little Lord's action!"

Suddenly, a loud shout sounded, which made Lintian wake up from his meditation.

Looking up, I realized that I had come to a green lake in the mountains.

The vast lake is in full bloom with bright and flaming lotus flowers. Over the lake, there is an empty door of a secret place.

At this time, there are many figures, the lake is completely blocked!

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