Chapter 1085: House Yu’s Plans

Of course, unless Lingshan were to never marry, or if she got a man to marry into her household- this would be most beneficial to House Song! As far as Song Xiangwen could see, Lingshan’s strength made it so that she had to find man stronger than her!

But, time was limited, and Xiangwen decided to tell this good news to House Yu first! The big meeting between the noble houses will start soon, and Lingshan’s breakthrough would only strengthen their position in the noble house group!

The strength of a noble house needed a general assessment. Currently, there are aspects like number and power of practitioners, the wealth of the family, and most imporantly, the strength of the youngest generation! After all, the young ones were the futures of these houses!

Lingshan now, other than that mysterious kid from House Yu, was the strongest one in the young generation!

House Yu had bumped into a lot of trouble recently, and he heard that Yu Bide had gotten killed, as well as the crippling of Yu Kun, but this wasn’t enough to affect their position! As far as House Song could see, there was still the hidden house behind House Yu, and they would stand up for the common world’s House Yu for sure.

Plus, House Yu also had an Earth class who went to the hidden house to train- this meant that House Yu was backed by extreme powers, and losing one Yu BIde and Yu Kun wasn’t much at all!

These things weren’t possible to hide from the noble houses- all of them had their own information channels.

However, the houses did think that the one who was messing with House Yu really didn’t know what they were dealing with- messing with House Yu? The consequences were clear.

“Hello?” Shuixing picked up the phone. His mood wasn’t great these days because of what had happened- he was quite truobled, and now he was alone too, after Yufeng left!

Yufeng didn’t send him any information, either. It didn’t seem good- could it be that Lin Yi was just too mysterious and wasn’t easy to investigate? But with Yufeng’s abilities, it shouldn’t be hard to get some information, rght?

His elder brother didn’t reply, as well- he didn’t know when he’d be able to leave the mountain!

He even regretted sending little Kun to go look for the remnant maps- that was the cause of all this in the first place! Lin Yi’s strength had far exceeded their expectations, and it seemed that they had pissed off someone they shouldn’t have!

But what was the use of regret now? The deaths happened, and revenge must be carried out!

“Mister Yu? I’m Song Xiangwen!” Xiangwen was supposed to be Yu Shuixing’s elder, but House Yu was stronger than them now, and Shuixing was also the head of the house. Their positions in the council were pretty much equal, and perhaps, Shuixing had an even higher position.

“Head of House Song, hello!” Shuixing’s attitude turned nice instantly. He was pissed, but he knew that he couldn’t show that to the other hosues!

House Yu was in trouble now, and in order to maintain their safety, they had to prevent getting into bad terms with other houses, especially a house with strength like House Song. This was how he could maintain House Yu’s strength!

From the situation now, the hidden house was being pretty ambiguous- they didn’t say if they were going to do anything, but they didn’t say they weren’t, so Shuixing had to use his own ideas first. At least, he still needed to act as the head of the house in the upconming meeting!

“Haha, Mister Yu, I have a piece of good news to share! My granddaughter Shan Shan, she’s now broken through into Golden Class late phase peak, and it’s full late phase peak as well!” Xiangwen said happily.

Everybody had to report their strength factors before each meeting- this was also so that the preparations for their seating could be made! The stronger the house, the higher it placed!

“Oh? Song Lingshan? She’s full Golden class late phase peak already?” Shuixing paused. He remembered that Xiangwen had just told him that she had broken through to late phase a few days ago, didn’t he? It had only been a while, and she was now so much stronger!

Wasn’t she one step away from Mystic, then? Shuixing was actually quite surprised at the rapid leveling up of Lingshan.

The other girls in the other houses were also paid attention to by Shuixing- he wasn’t a pervert or anything, but he did want to get someone nice and appropriate for his son to stabilize House Yu’s strength!

Song LIngshan, Chen Yushu, Sun Jingyi, Liu Jinghan- these were all people he had an eye on! The three girls of these other noble houses were pretty much the same age as Yufeng!

Of course, the one that Shuixing put aside was Chen Yushu! In House Yu’s eyes, House Chen was practically done for! By the time Old Chen died, Chen Yutian’s low level of strength wasn’t enough to stabilize them as a noble house at all!

Yushu wasn’t even a practitioner, and had no value to him! In other words, getting her to play mistress with his son wasn’t bad, but she could never be the main wife.

And so, the ladies he could consider were only Song Lingshan, Sun Jingyi, and Liu Jinghan!

Jinghan had showed her talent in business, but according to the files she wasn’t a practitioner- House Liu was a business house, as well, with no practitioners! And so she was excluded as well!

The rest was Sun Jingyi and Song Lingshan! The two were true practitioners, but the two were very different!

House Song’s kung fu was considered a normal one, but they had a partner practitioning technique- that was very beneficial to the husband’s improvement in the future! Yet, that depended on the type of practitioner as well- it varied.

House Sun’s techniques were more in the healing area- their kung fu could heal you, and even tansfer their qi to others!

Plus, in the perspective of the noble house community, House Sun’s position was more stable. They weren’t good at fights, but this support power was really coveted as well. Everyone wanted a healer house like that!

Marrying Sun Jingyi would help with Yu Kun’s recovery and practitioning, and even if Yufeng were to get his nerves destroyed by someone, he could still recover slowly under Jingyi’s healing!

House Sun’s first level of kung fu wasn’t a fast recovery route, but there was hope! This really interested Shuixing!

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