Chapter 1084: Song Lingshan’s Standard

“Shanshan, are you seriously dating a guy now?” Song Xiangwen panicked as he asked.

“Not yet…” Song Lingshan naturally wouldn’t tell her grandfather about Lin Yi yet, this was her own fantasy! Besides, Lin Yi had a girlfriend now, she could only be a second wife…. Or perhaps third wife, fourth wife…. It was too embarrassing for her to tell the truth!

“Oh… Not yet huh….” Song Xiangwen relaxed after hearing his granddaughter but he was still slightly disappointed.

His daughter had never fallen in love before in her entire life. There was this kid from House Chen who tried to get close with Song Lingshan but Song Lingshan never saw him as a potential partner. Though, she had never rejected him directly as Chen Yutian was from a noble house.

However, things had changed currently! Song Lingshan was golden class mid phase that time and while Chen Yutian had just entered the early phase of the golden class- their difference wasn’t that great so Song Xiangwen was still able to reluctantly accept him. But now, Song Lingshan was already a golden class late phase master, the difference between her and Chen Yutian had grown so much bigger, so naturally, Song Xiangwen wouldn’t approve Chen Yutian as Song Lingshan’s partner anymore!

The entire House Song’s hope lied upon Song Lingshan’s shoulder, but no matter how much strength she could gain, she had to marry someone- becoming an asset for the other house!

So, Song Lingshan’s strength was just a bargaining chip between House Song and her partner’s house! If Song Lingshan was strong, of course, her partner would be stronger too, meaning the support they would be gaining from the other house would be larger as well!

As long as House Song could last until Song Lingshan’s brother grew up, they could very much reserve their status as a noble house!

Hence, Song Xiangwen wanted Song Lingshan to find a stronger man so he could at least help out her younger brother.

But now, Song Lingshan hadn’t gotten a boyfriend yet- this concerned Song Xiangwen a little because he knew very well what sort of standard her granddaughter had for her ideal boyfriend. If this continued, perhaps only the heir from House Yu who hadn’t shown his face to the world yet could win over Song Lingshan!

Among the younger generation in the noble houses, no one was Song Lingshan’s opponent!

“Grandpa, I brokethrough again! I have the strength of a golden class late peak phase now!” Song Lingshan saw that her grandfather couldn’t get it right, so she let the cats out herself.

“Oh… you brokekthrough again… WHAT? Shanshan, what did you say? You had a breakthrough again? How is that possible?” Song Xiangwen’s eyes went extremely wide after hearing her granddaughter! How was that even logical? If he didn’t remember it wrongly, his granddaughter just levelled up a few days ago!

Even though he learnt the news a few days ago, he was still recovering from his shock at that time! Song Lingshan was just what age? She was already a golden class late phase master at that age while he only had the strength of a golden class peak late phase?

“Grandpa, you didn’t mishear anything, I really just brokethrough the tough wall, gaining the strength of the golden class peak late phase…. Besides, I’m super close to reaching the wall of the mystic class already, it’s just a step distance….” Song Lingshan was filled with sweetness and gratitude when she announced the good news!

Many practitioners were stuck and couldn’t breakthrough the barrier, no matter how hard they trained, it was fruitless! But things were different for her, Lin Yi casually forced his way through for her- she just brokethrough like this!

Song Lingshan was finding Lin Yi more and more mysterious! As far as she was concerned, amongst the noble houses, there weren’t many that could help people level up like that. Even if there were, it was impossible to increase her strength by a few levels, what was more mysterious was that he could still stand up and talk like it was nothing big!

“WHAT…. So you’re at the peak late phase of the golden class already?” Song Xiangwen was flabbergasted by his grandaughter’s news. Even he hadn’t reached the wall of the mystic class yet, and his grandaughter miraculously did it?

“Grandpa, you don’t have to be concerned, I won’t use something as serious as this to joke around!” Song Lingshan confirmed.

“Right….. Shanshan you have never joked with your grandpa before!” Song Xiangwen nodded, fired up, “Shanshan, I still can’t believe it, you will be the pride of House Song….”

“Gradnpa, rest assured, I will do my best!” Song Lingshan pondered before speaking. In her heart, she knew that no matter how hard she tried, the effect wouldn’t be as great as what Lin Yi had done just now!

“En, I know, but you’re a girl, you have to be married off someday in the future, but with your current strength- finding a suitable partner would be harder than before now!” Song Xiangwen couldn’t help but worry.

“Grandpa, didn’t I tell you before my future husband has to be stronger than me, he has to be alpha male among the men! This is the only fact that I cannot compromise!” Song Lingshan affirmed her stance.

“Erm… okay, I won’t force you since the choice is yours, but I will keep an eye for you!” SOng Xiangwen nodded and thought that it wasn’t a bad news either. Getting a stronger man meant that a stronger force would be supporting House Song from the back. It was indeed a piece of good news.

“Grandpa…. It’s not needed….” Song Lingshan blushed as she rejected. She already had a partner in mind, it was just that their relationship was rather complicated, she didn’t find the needs to tell her grandfather honestly just yet.

Knowing Lin Yi’s personality, Song lingshan knew that she could do nothing to change him!

She couldn’t just ask Lin Yi to abandon Tangyun and love her alone, could she?! She didn’t find the idea possible and she didn’t even dare to think about it, either! It was alredy considered a blessing if Lin Yi didn’t tease and pressure her, how dare she ask for Lin Yi’s love alone?

However, the eldest granddaughter of House Song becoming a third wife or fourth wife….. If this news were to spread out, what would people think of them? Would they become the joke of the century? Of course, Lin Yi had the overpowering strength to make people shut up. Looking from an outsider’s point of view, people might even envy Song Lingshan for being Lin Yi’s concubine! Some would be desire to be owned but Lin Yi would not even want to have anything to do with them!

Lin Yi…. could you really achieve that feat? Song Lingshan was looking forward to that day.

She wasn’t like those shameless women. She could put down her dignity in front of Lin Yi because they were alone and it looked like something a couple would do and since people wouldn’t know about it, she didn’t really care.

However when she was outside, she couldn’t let herself loose- she had her dignity to protect. Besides she was a very strong and honourable woman from the outside!

Song Xiangwen thought that Song Lingshan was acting like a kid as he just chuckled, “It’s nothing, I’ll keep an eye for you…. I’ll check if there’s any handsome or younger ones!”

“Okay, grandpa, I gotta go. I’ve got to shower now, breaking through made me completely in sweat,” Song Lingshan didn’t want to continue the conversation anymore.

“Sure, go ahead. Tell grandpa when you have good news!” Song Xiangwen ended the call with a laugh.

He was over the moon- his granddaughter was his pride! However, he was no different from the other head of the noble houses- they had the tendency to be biased against the girl- favouring the male more than female. As far as he was concerned, a man should inherit the family business and shouldn’t be handed over to an outsider!

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