Chapter 114. Selling food

After eating the chive pocket and the millet porridge, Da Wa cleaned up the bowl and chopsticks. Er Wa and San Wa were playing at the entrance.

Lin Qing He returned back to the room.

Zhou Qing Bai went to the village secretary's house.

"Mother, I'm done with the bowls. The pot too." Zhou Da Wa said.

"Then go do your homework. The red bean and barley sweet soup were done in the afternoon. We'll set aside for now." How could Lin Qing He not know what he meant and she replied.

With this, Zhou Da Wa went to do his homework.

Lin Qing He took out the gold jewelry and jade that Zhou Qing Bai brought to her.

Whether it was the gold jewelry or jade, it was all top-quality things.

But this kind of thing wasn't as valuable as one white flour mantou in this era.

Not only was it worthless, anyone who dared to take it out will be criticized.

However, Lin Qing He had an idea when looking at these things.

But this idea had to wait until this summer harvest is over first. At that time, there will be surplus grain to do something else.

Lin Qing He placed all these things into the space. As well as the stamps that she had bought before. Each and every one of them.

She can keep for when the value increases in the future, no?

Lin Qing He counted the things in the space again. The fruits were all used up. The buns were also used up in the past few days. Half of the flour and rice were left. Almost half of the soy, vinegar, oil, salt, rock sugar, and brown sugar was also left.

The consumption of pork and eggs was relatively large. It was reduced to only one-third of the original amount, so not much.

It seems that she has to be a little more frugal later.

But the money was more than before.

Even if they bought a big piece like a bike, there was still excessive money. After all, her monthly pork sale earned more than Su Da Lin's salary. Naturally, it won't decrease much.

At around seven o'clock, Lin Qing He scooped red bean and barley sweet soup for the boys.

Children can’t eat too much. Each was given a bowl. Lin Qing He also had one bowl. The remaining two bowls were all for Zhou Qing Bai to finish.

In the evening, in order to achieve his wish for a daughter, Zhou Qing Bai, who had eaten chive, was very energetic.

Now that the weather was warmer, the three sons went to sleep next door. So it was no problem if they created some noise. One can imagine how satisfied Zhou Qing Bai was.

Of course, Lin Qing He also enjoyed it.

This time ticked and they entered into June.

The weather in June was really starting to heat up. Day by day, it became even more roasting. What's more, at end of this month was the summer harvest days.

These days were too blazing. It also suddenly rained. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It was quite heavy.

"If it keeps going like this, the village branch secretary and the leader would cry anxiously." Da Wa looked at the heavy rain outside and maturely said with a sigh despite his young age.

Lin Qing He swept him a glance: "This is nothing. June's weather is said to temperamental. By tomorrow, it'll be clear."

Apparently, this time it didn't clear up. After showering for seven days straight, there was no sign of stopping. Not to mention the leader and village branch secretary, the whole production team was in a panic.

But it was still that phrase, June's weather is said to be temperamental.

After the heavy rain that night, it cleared up the next morning.

The sky after the rain was especially bright and the sun after the rain was also extremely hot.

But the whole production team didn't care whether it was hot or not, they were all relieved.

Then they quickly began to prepare for the summer harvest.

Lin Qing He paid no heed to the summer harvest. She swiftly burned wormwood leaves when the rain stopped and smoked the house inside out. The main focus was on the pigsty and chicken pen. Not only wormwood leaves were burnt, lime powder for disinfection was also sprinkled. Hygenic environment must be taken seriously.

A few days after it cleared up, the village sounded the summer harvest horn.

At this time, the weather was really poisonously hot, especially after this heavy rain. Many women in the village with poor health suffered from heat stroke.

Two of them came over to her house to seek medicine.

Lin Qing He estimated and set aside some supplies for themselves. These can't be given to anyone, only prepared for her family.

As for the rest, it can be distributed out. As long as the other person was good and came knocking, she gave it. She also didn't accept the money.

Like this, it washed her image white and people said that she was actually very good.

However, Lin Qing He wasn't pleased with these comments. Don't label her as a good person. With this label, she'll be treated as a good person in this life. (T/N: I assume it also means people think she's easy to take advantage of?)

So when someone came later, she simply said none left and the rest had been divided out.

So there was another saying, if one had a bad relationship with her, she would not give them a wisp.

No matter what the outsiders said, Lin Qing He didn't care at all. Three days into the summer harvest, she killed one of the two extra chickens raised at home.

She simply placed in red dates and goji berry to stew.

The whole family needed to be nourished.

The remaining chicken was killed and stewed after the summer harvest.

After one summer harvest, despite being tired, their spirit was still in good condition.

After all, Lin Qing He handled the three meals a day sufficiently. Even if he was tired, he didn't lose his vitality.

After the summer harvest, the food was distributed.

With Zhou Qing Bai there, there was definitely a lot of food distributed to their family. Lin Qing He also exchanged the settlement money for a share of food.

Toward her request for more food, the team said nothing. After all, everyone knew that she doesn't know how to live well and came up with various delectable treats.

Especially when it heard that cornmeal was also used to feed the pigs. That was indeed a big consumption.

So it was fine to exchange for more food.

Zhou Qing Bai knew about it. After the grain truck had brought all the grains home, he then asked her with his eyes.

"Cough, I know an old lady in the city. The conditions at her home aren't great. Often eat one meal and starve for two. However, her daughter-in-law works in a textile factory. I want to exchange some rags back to make more shoes for you guys. Especially you and Da Wa. Your shoes use up so much." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai's eyes were soft and he responded, "You have worked hard."

"It's nothing. Probably owe you from my previous life." Lin Qing He waved her hand and said with resignation.

Zhou Qing Bai chuckled.

Lin Qing He began her food selling business.

In fact, this time there wasn't much food to sell. She bought an extra 300 jin of corn kernels and slightly over 50 jin of wheat.

However, she did buy a lot of sweet potatoes, potatoes, various beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, and the likes.

These things moved into her space bit by bit several times, so it can be transported to the city to dispose it.

The price of food without food stamps was a little higher and it was particularly convenient to get rid of. Lin Qing He was already a veteran of this. Money, goods, transaction done. Especially efficient.

These harvested grains were almost doubled in price, meaning a profit of nearly seventy yuans. From that, the wheat was the most profitable.

Her amount was too little, otherwise, she can earn more.

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