The vast blue-green lake is like a mirror inlaid in a deep mountain, on which there are Flaming Lotus.

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Originally, the scenery here was picturesque, but now, the air is full of murders.

More than ten top saints from the world of Daluo, one by one, killed and blocked this area. The only breath they sent out made the world turn pale.

There are men and women, handsome young people and white haired old people, but they all carry swords.

Some carry the sword on their back, some hold it in their arms, some cross it in front of their knees, some carry it on their waist, and some hang it in front of them.

A group of top swordsmen!

Daluo ancient region is a world where swords are cultivated. There are many swords. Swords are like clouds. The world also respects swords.

Among the nine domains, only in terms of combat power, Daluo ancient domain is stable enough to rank in the top three. The reason is that there are too many swords in this domain, and the combat power is the most fierce and terrifying.

However, Lintian did not expect that there would be so many sword saints in front of such a high mountain and a lake with few people.

Everyone is still on the top of Kendo!

However, Lintian just frowned, but he did not stop. He stepped forward and looked at the lake.

There is a secret portal, like nothingness, emerging in the void.

There's no need to guess that the top swordsmen in the ancient region of Daluo all came from the secret world, and their "little master" has obviously entered the secret world.

"A young man of the ancient wilderness."

"No, this is a strong man in the highest Holy Land!"

At the same time, the top ten sword saints in the ancient area of Daluo all locked in Lintian's figure for the first time. Their eyes were twinkling, and their faces were different.

"Is it him?"

A beautiful woman in black, holding a sword in her arms, seemed to guess something and picked a slender eyebrow like a willow leaf.


"There are only three great saints in ancient wasteland, one SHAOHAO, one Ruo Wu, and the other is the notorious Lintian."

The beautiful woman in black opens her mouth slowly, but in her eyes there are strands of sword spirit surging, and her sharp edge is unparalleled, cutting countless cracks in the void.

"He was young and smelling like Lintian. Now, who do you think he was?"

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As soon as the voice fell, there was a stir in the field.

It's him!?

A group of top sword saints, eyes together, convergence of inner contempt, all over the body, all filled with an invisible fierce atmosphere.

Some of them were ready to move, some were ready to kill, some were surprised, and some were amused.

Lintian, how dare this son appear in their world!

On top of the green lake, red lotus plants crumble into powder, sprinkle on the surface of the lake, and dye red like rouge.

The atmosphere between heaven and earth, at this moment, is so oppressive that people can't breathe!

The name of a man, the shadow of a tree, and today's Lintian have long been known by the strong people of all ethnic groups in the nine regions. Up to now, his deeds are still one of the hottest topics on the battlefield of the nine regions.

He once made a big scene in the world of blood demons, which made the blood demons lose face.

He also laid a sacred ban, killed seven allied armies, killed 70 supreme sages, and destroyed 210000 armies.

Who knows such a notorious ruthless man with bloody hands? Who dares to despise it?

However, these top swordsmen in the world of daruo didn't expect to see Lintian here.

What a surprise!

"Lintian, do you have the courage to break into my daruo world and not be afraid of death? As far as I know, you are the leader of the ancient wilderness. When you die The ancient wasteland camp is bound to collapse and disappear! "

A beautiful young man with a sword on his back looked lonely and proud, and his eyes were cold.

In a word, the atmosphere of extermination in the field is even stronger.

For an ordinary true saint, just the terrible killing intention in the field can make his mind collapse and fall into despair.

But when all the enemies were waiting around, Lintian seemed to turn a blind eye. His fingertips were raised, and a light curtain appeared, outlining Zhao Jingxuan's figure.

"Have you seen this man?"

It's still the same thing, but anyone who has heard it has been put to death.

These top swordsmen were all in a daze, almost in disorder.

Before, they thought that Lintian himself must have heard something to sabotage their actions, so they all attached great importance to it and did not dare to neglect it.

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But who ever thought that this guy came here to find someone!?

The beautiful woman in black suddenly sneered: "is this your confidant? It looks very beautiful, but it depends on the situation. She's afraid she's already in trouble. Otherwise, if she knows your reputation in the jiuyu battlefield, she won't go to you? "

The voice, with a touch of strange, schadenfreude taste.

"RidiculousAnother one said coldly, "if we've seen this girl, do you think Is she still alive? "

"Silly, you came to inquire about the news with the enemy. Were you absent-minded? Even if we have met this woman, can we tell you? "

Others sneered, feeling that Lintian's behavior of looking for people was What a fool!

Lintian put away the light curtain at his fingertips, looked at all the swordsmen, and said, "what do you practice is Kendo?"


There was another sneer.

Which strong man doesn't mend sword in Daluo ancient region?

"I have a sword. Do you have the courage to see it?"

Lintian was calm.

In a word, the statue suffered the greatest humiliation and provocation in the world.

They are the most accomplished people in kendo. Each of them has been immersed in kendo for many years. Even in Daluo ancient region, they are all the most respected Kendo saints in the world.

But now, a young man in the ancient wasteland asked if they had the courage to look at it. How arrogant and arrogant was the tone?

"Well! I'll see what's the mystery of your sword. If you don't see it well enough, you're afraid you won't be able to leave today. "

Some people hum coldly, and their swords soar to the sky, stirring the storm.

"Swordsman, who is the most fierce, would rather be bent than bent, and kill without taboo. Based on this, you will be the first one today!"

There are also people who look indifferent and hunt in their clothes.

"It's said that this guy is a Daowen master, a Daowen master, but he dares to challenge us with the method of kendo. How ridiculous?"

Some people sneer.

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In spite of these words, the great swordsmen were not careless. They all worked their Qi and were ready to wait.

They all heard about Lintian's power, but as the top swordsman, they didn't believe it. In kendo, they didn't even have the ability to watch Lintian's sword!

Clang clang!

Nearby in the void, the sword chants like a tide, resounding through the sky.

Every supreme swordsman is like a magic sword with the power of heaven and earth. The power of his whole body has a sharp and unparalleled sword meaning.

The world is in turmoil, and everything is destroyed.

"One sword is enough to break your courage!"

Lintian suddenly raised his head. His deep eyes, like a pair of magic swords, pierced the void and swept the crowd.

At that moment, many people felt a tremor in their heart, and their bodies suddenly became stiff.

Their eyes twinkle, they feel an inexplicable pressure, and without hesitation, they run the whole Qi machine to the extreme.

More than ten peerless sword saints are like more than ten peerless swords. The sword will cover the sky and the earth, covering ten directions, making the mountains and rivers all collapse in an instant. All the mountains, rocks, plants and trees are powdered by the fierce breath!

At this moment, a sword appeared behind Lintian, and it was swept out at this moment.

It's silent.

The sword is clean without impurities, just like a pool of the clearest spring in the world.

But when it stabbed out and fell into the eyes of the great swordsmen, it was a different sight.

It's a sword, but it's like turning into thousands of swords. It's dense, like a torrent, full of heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, and stars!



In a trance, the countless sword Qi turned into a heavy sword array, blocking the sky and covering the sky!

Kendo is the most fierce way of attack in the world.

But this sword, however, deduces the infinite, boundless, omnipresent weather, sharp to the extreme, also terrible to the extreme.


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The sky and the earth are just like exploding. They can't bear the power of the sword. The four fields are full of the vast sword power.

In the field, there was a fierce collision sound, mixed with angry screams. The sword Qi was vertical and horizontal, blazing and dazzling, and the sun and the moon had no light.

First of all, the beautiful juetong sword Saint could not bear it. He was in front of his body and his sword was crying, while his orifices were bleeding and he was snoring.

Then, the body of the beautiful woman in black was cut by sword Qi, which could not be resisted and resolved at all. In a moment, her flesh and blood were blurred and her face was beyond recognition.

Then, one by one, the top swordsmen were severely injured, some were stabbed, some were cut off their arms, some were cut off their waist

Everything happens in a moment!

And that vast, like endless sword Qi, wuleisurely whistling, so that all the mountains and rivers are dim, heaven and earth overturned.

"No way!"

"What kind of Kendo is that? How could it be so horrible? "

"This This is the death enemy of our ancient region, the inheritance of taixuan sword emperor! "

Screams, screams and roars resounded in the torrent of sword Qi.

At this moment, more than ten saints at the top of the mountain are seriously injured, completely discolored, and no longer have the calm and calm self-confidence they had before.

They struggled as hard as they could, but they couldn't escape.That kind of sword Qi is too terrible. It's omnipresent and omnipresent. It's mysterious and mysterious. It's magical!

This reminds them of a person, a terrible existence that once oppressed all the sword practitioners in Daluo ancient region -

taixuan sword emperor!

The man who was known as the first sword emperor of ancient wasteland in ancient times!

When the sword Qi disappears and the smoke disappears.

The sky and the earth are in chaos. The places of vision are all signs of destruction.

Even that big green lake has turned into a huge ravine with numerous cracks.

The ten most famous swordsmen were all bloody and seriously injured. They all looked miserable and had no previous style.

With one sword, more than ten top sword saints were severely injured.

At this moment, the world is silent!

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