"My sword starts from one and ends in infinity. All things are my life, and all spirits are my transformation. The sword moves infinitely and randomly. The essence of the sword is like constant sand number!"

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This is the opening words of taixuan sword Sutra, which shows the mystery of taixuan.

After Lintian set foot on the top of the mountain, he has accumulated 18000 sword Qi in 18000 acupoints.

Before the sword, it started from one and turned into 18000. It gathered in the forest to search for the power of refining Qi, spirit and body. It was born by combining all kinds of martial arts and mysteries.

Although there was only one sword, the power accumulated in it was one of the strongest means of killing and felling that Lintian had now!

The heaven and the earth are silent, and all the sword saints are completely scared.

In kendo, they were born with pride and self-confidence, but now, in front of Lintian's sword, all their pride and self-confidence were destroyed!

Now I think of what I've just experienced, which makes them fear and tremble.

A sword, they will be defeated, even in the ancient region of Daluo, can do this step, almost can not find!

The most terrible thing was that Lintian was still very young. He was not a pure sword practitioner. He was also good at spiritual tattoo!

What kind of Freak is this?

"Is it Jian Qingchen, one of the" Eight Wonders of Qingming ", who enters this secret place

Lintian asked suddenly.

He was still as calm and indifferent as before, but people's eyes to them had changed, with fear that could not be concealed.

"Well! Do you want us to talk? Delusion

Some people gnash their teeth and look back to death.


As soon as the words came to an end, Lintian raised his hand and swept out a touch of sword Qi. He killed the man on the spot.

In the past few months since he left the ancient wilderness camp, Lintian has been walking, searching and practicing all the way, and his understanding of "three ways in one" has become more and more profound.

Now, the power of his attack is extremely powerful, not to mention the ordinary saint, even the supreme saint can't beat it!

If he had touched the invincible threshold of this realm before, then now, if he stepped in and stepped in!

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It's no exaggeration to say that even if he was the supreme Saint now, as long as he wasn't the most amazing figures, he couldn't get into Lintian's eyes.


If someone drinks too much, he will turn around and run away.

Now, all of them were seriously injured. They had already lost the strength and courage to fight against Lintian. If they wanted to save their lives, they had to flee.

Lintian didn't look at it. With a wave of his sleeve, taixuan's sword Qi swept out and cut away.


The rain of blood spilled, and the man who escaped was covered by the torrent of sword Qi, and his body broke in an instant. He only had time to utter a scream and died completely.

"Fight with him!"


Under the stimulation of death, the other peerless swordsmen all turned red and looked ferocious.

But Lintian turned a blind eye and stepped forward. His body was bright and bright, and the light was flowing. As he walked, all the taixuan swords roared out, brilliant and sharp.

Poop, poop!

See where he had been, one after another figure fell down, just like grass, was easily harvested.

What about juetong swordsman?

In the face of absolute crushing combat power, it is no different from grass mustard!

Of course, this was what Lintian intended to do. As soon as he started, he used his strongest fighting power. He didn't drag his feet. From beginning to end, he showed a posture of destroying and decaying.

After only ten breaths, Lintian stepped to the bottom of the secret door.

And behind him, all the top swordsmen were slaughtered!

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian had been flying out for a long time, and they cleaned up the spoils skillfully. In the past few months, they followed Lintian and saw many similar scenes.

But in my heart, even they often sigh, master, he It's really more and more fierce and powerful.

However, they also knew that because Zhao Jingxuan could not be found for a long time, Lin Xun became more and more reticent, and his temper became worse and worse. It was common for him to fight when he didn't say a word.

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Before long, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian gathered with Lintian. Seeing that Lintian didn't mean to talk, they didn't say much.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Lintian suddenly said, "are you worried that if I go on like this, I will become a butcher who only knows how to kill?"

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian were stunned, then nodded together.

"Master, we all know that you are worried about the safety of Jingxuan, but you can't be too hard on yourself."

Xiaoyin took a deep breath and said seriously, "I believe that Jingxuan is a good girl. Although there is still no news about her, it's not a bad thing. At least Better than the worst news. "Lintian gave a sound, his eyes were clear, and said: "I have been thinking about a problem all the way. Now, I have a general idea."

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian are stunned again. What do they want to understand?

But Lintian didn't say any more. He walked towards the secret place.

In his heart, he was already vaguely sure that the "little master" in the mouth of the juetong sword saints was probably the sword Qingchen, who was regarded as the first person of the young generation in Daluo ancient region!

Now, since he met him, it is impossible to miss this opportunity.

Jianqingchen, the descendant of tianjiange, is the leader of the ancient camp of Daluo. He is one of the eight greatest swordsmen in Qingming. He is a rare swordsman in ten thousand years.

How strong is its combat power?


Hum ~

with a strange roar, the next moment, Lintian appeared in a secret world.

The sky is vast, blue as wash, the mountains in the distance are heavy, and the clouds are steaming.

This is a picturesque, peaceful and quiet world. The air is filled with a calming atmosphere.

As soon as he stopped, Lintian felt that the power of the road around him became very lively. It seemed that in an instant, it was perfectly matched with the mountains and waters of the world, and he could clearly feel a kind of road coming to him!

Lintian flashed a strange color in his black eyes. He raised his foot and spread his divine consciousness.

Along the way, you can see picturesque mountains and rivers, magnificent scenery, green mountains and green waters everywhere, just like a pure land of immortals.

Before long, when Lin Xun was walking through a green bamboo forest, he was stunned and his heart beat violently.

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The next moment, his figure has appeared in the depths of the bamboo forest.

There is a thatched cottage made of green bamboo. It is obvious that someone once lived here.

Lintian stepped into the bamboo building. The bamboo building was simple, elegant and clean. There were bamboo slips and futons. On the slips, there was a bamboo tube with several light blue flowers in it.

Lintian took a deep breath.

"It's Jing Xuan. She must have settled here!"

In the middle of the sound, Lintian's dark air was swept away, his black eyes were bright, and his face was very excited.

He didn't expect that this time he made a mistake, he was right!

"It seems that she has been here since she entered the jiuyu battlefield. Otherwise, she would not have the leisure to build bamboo buildings!"

Lintian took a deep breath and restrained his excitement. "Just, where is Jingxuan now?"

He turned and walked out of the bamboo building. His mind spread and felt around him.

In the middle of the sound, he finally caught a breath of something and nothing, and went to the far distance.

Lintian flew away without hesitation.

But before long, Lintian's eyes suddenly narrowed and his figure fell to the ground. He came to one side of the grass and raised his hand to pick up a blade of grass.

The grass leaves are green and crystal clear, long and straight, but they are obviously cut by a sharp and unparalleled smell, and the fracture is smooth.

When Lintian felt it carefully, a wisp of the sword was keenly captured by him.

The meaning of the sword was so insipid that it could hardly be detected. It was very inconspicuous. But in Lintian's eyes, it was completely different.

What he saw was a vast, majestic and domineering momentum, a kind of fierce air!

It's like a sword hidden in a deep box. Although all the edges are covered, when it comes out of its sheath, the prosperity of the sword is definitely brighter than the bright moon on the sea!

Sword and dust?

Lintian flashed a cold light in his black eyes, and his mind was tight.

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If Jing Xuan is here all the time, Jian Qingchen will be aware of her existence for the first time after entering this secret place!

At the next moment, Lintian didn't hesitate to move with all his strength. His divine consciousness spread like a tide, and he walked along the breath left by Zhao Jingxuan.

On the way, he also noticed that the smell of sword dust was always there. Obviously, he also found something strange and was investigating.

Before long, a distant roar came.

Lintian suddenly raised his head, and his divine consciousness covered him. In an instant, he saw a magnificent picture of natural disaster.

It was a majestic Purple Mountain. Over the mountain, it was covered with black clouds like a curtain of eternal night.

The thunders were bright and frightening, rolling and roaring in the clouds like a python, and the roar was like a drum of war.

This is a rare disaster of sanctification!

Soon, Lintian's eyes suddenly shrank, and his divine sense was firmly drawn by a beautiful shadow standing on the top of purple mountain.

It was graceful and slender, with a skirt flying, a black and green silk hanging high, revealing a picturesque, beautiful and refined white face.

She is alone, standing on the cliff, graceful figure, the flow of illusory light, just like a fairy in the dust, there is a soul stirring beauty.However, she looks very dignified at the moment. She looks up at the sky, where there are many clouds and the smell of destruction will soon come!

Jing Xuan!

It's really her!

At that moment, Lintian couldn't help laughing. His eyes were bright and his heart was full of joy.

I've been away for more than a year, and now I'll meet you. You're OK. I'm also OK. I'm glad to meet you again, but that's all!

But immediately, Lintian's joy was replaced by a touch of cold.

In his divine consciousness, he caught another breath, which seemed to be plain and introverted, but in fact was fierce and domineering.


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