Chapter 113. Chive pocket

When Zhou Qing Bai came back, he brought a gold necklace, a gold finger, a pair of gold earrings, and a pair of gold bracelets to his daughter-in-law. In addition, a piece of jade that can be kept for admiration.

At this time, all these old things can't be revealed.

Zhou Qing bai could only get these because his old comrade was in the public security bureau, otherwise, let alone getting them, Zhou Qing Bai himself might possibly get reported.

Once these things arrived home, he gave it to his wife.

As expected, Lin Qing He was surprised.

She was completely shocked still. She never thought an old-fashioned man like her man would bring such things back to her to please her.

"Don't show it outside." Probably due to the excess surprise in his wife's eyes, Zhou Qing Bai coughed and uttered stiffly.

Lin Qing He put it away. The children were still young. She couldn't let the children see it and leaked it out.

"Last time you listened and kept it in mind?" Lin Qing He took in to put in a safe place when actually she placed it into the space. She said to Zhou Qing Bai.

Zhou Qing Bai had never been able to express affection, but Lin Qing He understood. She smilingly glanced at him. Really this man. If it wasn't her, which woman can understand his withdrawn personality?

"I was just saying. Don't take any more risks." Lin Qing He came over to hug his waist and pressed her face against his chest. As she listened to his strong heartbeat, she stated.

Zhou Qing Bai uttered an acknowledgment.

Lin Qing He asked: "What did you eat out for lunch? Were you full?"

"Dumplings. Not as delicious as your one." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

This wasn't flattery. He had eaten so much of his wife's cooking, he became completely unaccustomed to the food outside. It was a big gap from his wife's.

Lin Qing He giggled and said, "Today, we're having chive pocket with millet porridge." (T/N: chive pocket looks like a pan-fried calzone with only chive inside.)

"Alright." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Lin Qing He let him rest first. After all, he went out for the whole day.

She began to cook millet porridge, and at the same time, she made the dough.

It was needless to be said how Lin Qing He's skills were, especially after transmigration. It had grown rapidly. There was no other way, the were three boys in the family waiting to be fed as well as a man who depended on her. So how can she not cook the food well?

After the millet porridge was cooked and scooped out. Lin Qing He scrubbed the pot and came to the backyard to cut the chives. She washed it, cut it into small pieces, and fried it. Once it was placed into a plate, a few eggs were scrambled. The chives and eggs were then fried together with salt added in. Afterward, it was scooped out to be used.

Then she wrapped the scrambled eggs and chives in the rolled out doughs. Oil was poured into the pan and the chive pocket was placed in to fry until golden on both sides. The smell inside spread out.

Da Wa hadn't come back from school yet, while Er Wa and San Wa went out to play.

Especially Sanwa, his naughtiness degree was comparable to his eldest brother when he was younger.

However, Lin Qing He didn't restrain him much. She only forbid him from going near the river. If he went there, he had to be accompanied by her. Otherwise, if she found he secretly entered the water, she would stop the snack for seven days.

Once Da Wa was disobedient and was found out by Lin Qing He, she didn't give him snacks for seven days afterward.

Even until now, it was deeply imprinted into Da Wa.

His younger brothers had watermelon to eat, he didn't. His younger brothers had sweets to eat, he didn't. His younger brothers can also eat deep-fried fish jerky, he didn't.

During those seven days, his mother prepared a variety of tasty things, but he had no shares.

There was no punishment more worst than this.

Even though Er Wa and San Wa were young, they took it as a warning. They absolutely shouldn't learn from their eldest brother and be punished in this way.

Lin Qing He had managed her time. When Da Wa came back from school, Lin Qing He's chive pocket was almost done.

"Mother, it smells so good. Is it chive pockets?" Da Wa's eyes shone.

"Yes. Go and call Er Wa and San Wa back. It's dinner time." Lin Qing He said.

"So early?" Da Wa couldn't help utter.

"It is early, but there are some barley and red bean sweet soup for later." Lin Qing He responded.

"I'm going to call them back now!" In response to that, Da Wa immediately went out to call his two younger brothers.

Both Er Wa and San Wa covered dirty all over from playing. On return, they went to clean their face and hands under Lin Qing He's glare.

"If you come so dirty again next time, see if I'll deal with you!" Lin Qing He nagged while washing.

"It's all San Wa's fault. He doesn't know how to play with glass marbles and got me to teach him," Er Wa exclaimed.

"You don't know either. Not accurate at all." San Wa mocked him.

"Then don't ask me to be in the same team as you next time," Er Wa shot back.

"Fine then, I'll pair with Hou Zi." San Wa responded.

This kid had been particularly talkative since he can speak, and it wasn't inferior when arguing with his two brothers.

"What are you fighting for? Wash your hands cleanly at once. If it's not clean, you're not allowed to eat." Lin Qing He stated.

"Mother, Father hasn't come back yet." Zhou Da Wa finally recalled.

"Your father is back already and resting in the room. I'm going in to see if he's awake. You supervised them on their handwashing." Lin Qing He replied and went in.

As soon as she came in, she met at Zhou Qing Bai's gaze.

"You woke up. I thought you were sleeping. Since you're awake, come out to eat." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai had long been awake. Listening to her conversations with the children outside, his heart was filled with warmth. He was very grateful to her for giving him this family.

Zhou Qing Bai's hand reached out toward Lin Qing He.

Lin Qing He held on and then got pulled by him. She fell directly into his embrace.

"What are you doing? They can come in at any time." Lin Qing He said timidly.

"Wife, let's have a baby girl." Zhou Qing Bai sniffed the fragrance of her hair and stated.

Lin Qing He was feeling 囧. This topic hadn't been mentioned for a while, so why he bring it up again.

"If I get pregnant, then we will have the baby." Lin Qing He said with a dry smile.

"En." Zhou Qing Bai nodded and kissed her necks.

"I didn't see anything!" Emerging at the door at an unknown time, Er Wa covered his eyes with a large gap between his finger and declared.

Lin Qing He scrambled off Zhou Qing Bai and coughed dryly: "Er Wa, you didn't knock on the door before you came in!"

"That's not it. The door wasn't closed." Zhou Er Wa replied.

"Father, Mother, quickly come out and eat. The chive pocket aren't as good when they are cold." Zhou Da Wa shouted from outside.

So Zhou Qing Bai led Lin Qing He out to eat. Er Wa giggled with mirth.

The whole family ate the chive pocket together. It was eaten with millet porridge. Just chive pocket by itself was a bit boring, so it was just perfect with millet porridge.

Must say, the chive pocket made by Lin Qing He was too scrumptious. The main reason was due to her willingness to pour oil, so the fried chive pocket was especially flavorful.

However, San Wa was still too young to eat too many chives, so she let him eat two and finish off with the millet porridge.

She didn't restrict Da Wa and Er Wa at all. They weren't little now, so they could eat more.

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