The purple mountain is towering, the clouds are thick and heavy on the sky, the thunder and lightning are interwoven, and the roar is like a war drum.

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The terrible atmosphere of destruction makes the world fall into a suffocating atmosphere.

Jian Qingchen holds his hand on his back and stands not far away. He looks at the graceful shadow standing on the top of purple mountain with a smile on his lips.

Not long ago, he entered this secret place to seek an opportunity related to the "holy way" and further create his own Dharma.

But I didn't think that this opportunity had already been taken.

Then, he found this woman as beautiful as a fairy in purple.

With the eyes of Jian Qingchen, one can see that this woman has a unique charm, which is extremely unusual.

"Not everyone can get the mark of the road in this secret place. If you succeed in the robbery this time, I don't mind saving your life."

Jian Qingchen murmurs in his heart.

He was dressed in a feather coat, with a flying sword slanting into his hair bun. He was beautiful and looked like a young nobleman with an inner look.


Suddenly, Jian Qingchen noticed something and turned to look back.

At that moment, in his calm eyes like a lake, a frightening god suddenly appeared, like a sword flashing in the pupil, which can cut off all things and collapse the Galaxy!


Suddenly, on the top of the purple mountain, Zhao Jingxuan, who was waiting for the robbery, suddenly bowed his head and saw the sword dust standing far away on a rock.

Her eyes were slightly contracted, and her heart was tense. She never thought that before this catastrophe, which was related to the success or failure of the road, someone would hide nearby!


This is not hiding, but the other side's cultivation is too deep, there is no need to cover up, just as casually standing there, so that before their own can not be aware of!

Aware of this, Zhao could not help pursing her lips, sighing in her heart.

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At the beginning of the jiuyu battlefield, she was moved to this secluded world.

Because she couldn't find a way out, she had to wait here.

For more than a year, she lived alone in a bamboo building, meditating, arranging flowers and thinking about her mind

Not long ago, when she was in meditation, she unconsciously realized a great road brand and obtained an incredible "Great Road perception".

Also because of this road feeling, let her seize a chance to become a saint!

Today is the time when she went through the robbery, and after a year of precipitation, she has already made enough preparations for it.

Even if the sky was terrible, she was fearless and calm.

But when you notice the figure of Jian Qingchen, her calm heart lake will inevitably produce a little turbulence after all!

The most taboo thing to do is to be disturbed by the outside world.

And this absolute top holy disaster is more terrible. If there is a slight change in the mind, it will be taken advantage of by the power of disaster.

This is the so-called pull a hair and move the whole body!

For a moment, Zhao Jingxuan's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. If he didn't come early or late, was it a disaster in the dark? Was it a deliberate attempt to make me suffer when I became a saint at the top of the mountain?


When this idea just came into my mind, there was a sudden earth shaking explosion in the depths of the long-standing cloud in the sky, which made all sides tremble and all things shake.

Zhao Jingxuan's face changed slightly.

If her previous state of mind is like Gujing bubo, then at this time, the turbulence caused by the appearance of jianqingchen is like a tear in her state of mind. At this moment of robbery, it will undoubtedly become a fatal flaw!

For a moment, her eyebrows also can't help but spread a touch of gloom.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out -

"Jing Xuan, you are safe from the robbery, I am here!"

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The familiar voice haunted Zhao Jingxuan many times in this year. For the first time, Zhao Jingxuan thought that it was because of her own state of mind.

But immediately, she realized that it was wrong.

Because far away, there is a familiar figure, breaking through the void.

Dressed in white clothes and black hair, his figure is still as majestic and dignified as before, just like the sky falling down, which can't cross his spine!

"It's really this guy..."

Zhao Jingxuan's heart trembled, her crystal clear eyes widened, and her beautiful face, which had been haunted by a haze, glowed with amazing splendor.

"I'm here!"

"I'm here!"

The insipid but steadfast voice reverberated from heaven and earth, lingering in his ears. Zhao Jingxuan's nose was sour, and his eyes were slightly red.

She took a deep breath, raised her delicate white chin slightly, and said in a very proud tone, "what is such a fate to me?"

Sweet and clear, like the sound of nature, full of a cheerful, confident style.All these changes, just because

Here he is!

In the distance, Lintian also laughed, with a rare touch of tenderness in his eyes.


In the sky, the thunder was dazzling, just like a boa constrictor, and finally came at this moment.

Zhao Jingxuan's clothes were dancing, and her graceful figure rose out of thin air. She looked focused, calm, beautiful and beautiful, with a look of arrogance.

No more ripples in my mood!


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At the same time, Lintian looked at the young man who was wearing a feather coat and standing with his hands on his back.

"Sword clear dust?" He asked.

Jian Qingchen nodded and looked at Lintian, the uninvited guest. He said thoughtfully, "if you can break through the blockade of a group of great saints and enter here, it seems that you are the Lintian."

He has a leisurely manner and appears to be very calm. In fact, he is a kind of introverted to extreme conceit, showing the style of a peerless arrogant man.

Even Lintian had to admit that he was regarded as the first swordsman of the young generation in Daluo sword region to be among the eight great masters of Qingming. This sword Qingchen is really different from other great sages.

"In the ancient wasteland, perhaps only Yun Qingbai's style can be compared with this man?"

Lintian thought of Yun Qingbai.

However, Yun Qingbai is a Kendo wizard who does not hide his strong power. His pride and conceit are never covered up. He is like a brilliant sword, whose edge is like the sun, hanging above the sky.

And the sword is another kind of bearing. It gives people a sense of introverted and deep. It's just like an Epee without edge. It's hard to see through its depth.

"It's interesting to meet you here, but it seems that you didn't come here to kill me."

When Jian Qingchen talks, he glances at Zhao Jingxuan, who is in the process of robbing in the distance. "Is it for her?"

Lintian said frankly, "it's good, so Are you going to leave on your own, or am I going to take you on the road? "

Jian Qingchen said with a smile: "why worry so much? I'm curious about you. Why don't we take this opportunity to have a chat?"

When they talk, just like ordinary chats, they are already filled with an invisible smell of terror in the area where they are based.

Those mountains, rocks, plants and plants are turning into powder in silence!

In the sky, thunder and lightning struck, which shocked the world. But as soon as the breath of doom came near this area, it was swept away.

This is a silent confrontation, an invisible confrontation. It seems like ordinary chatting, but in fact, it is more dangerous and terrible than the real killing!

"So you're going to hang on?"

Lintian picked his eyebrows.

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Jian Qingchen sighed and looked at Zhao Jingxuan, who had been robbed in the distance. He said, "it's a pity that I planned to keep her by my side when she became a saint. I can also fight with me in the world. But now, I'm afraid I have to pass you first if I want to take her in."

Lintian said, "that's why you didn't do it?"

Jian Qingchen nodded: "don't you see that this girl has real dragon blood flowing in her body? If she can survive the disaster and become the supreme saint, it will be enough to awaken the real talent of the real dragon, a dragon girl who is the supreme Saint This will cause a shock on the ancient star road

"After all, the true dragon is a legendary group. It's too rare It's rarer than any natural son or son of God. "

Lintian's black eyes narrowed slightly, and his eyes also looked at Zhao Jingxuan who was in the distance. He remembered what Yan zhanqiu, the descendant of Lingbao holy land, had said a long time ago:

"you don't know how noble Jingxuan's identity is. There are few people in the world who are worthy of her, but it's absolutely impossible to have you!"

At that time, Lintian thought that what Yan zhanqiu said was to vent his anger and jealousy.

But now it seems that Yan zhanqiu clearly already knows that Zhao Jingxuan's origin is not simple.

It's normal. It's said that Yan zhanqiu's mother family is closely related to the real dragon. It's reasonable to know Zhao Jingxuan's background.

"You're right, and in my opinion, she's unique, and that's the only one in the world."

Lintian said seriously, "you didn't do it before because you were greedy and wanted to possess something you shouldn't possess. I'm right?"

Jian Qingchen chuckled: "it's not greed, it's a pleasure to see. As for whether you should possess it or not, you don't think so."

"So don't you give up?"

Lintian looked more calm and cold.

"If you decide to do it now, there will only be one result."

Jian Qingchen closed his lips and looked at Lintian quietly: "either I die or you two die together."

"What's more, you can see that the girl you are worried about is going through the robbery. This is the critical moment for you to become a saint. If you become a saint step by step, you will lose your soul. What do you think will happen to her if she is disturbed? "Lintian's dark eyes were cold, and he had a frightening luster. He said, "I didn't expect that a person like you would be so shameless."

Jian Qingchen said calmly: "Lintian, people like you and me can't care about any criticism and evaluation. I'm just explaining a fact."

From the beginning to the end, he was conceited and calm!

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