Chapter 1081: Golden Class Late Phase? Mystic Class?

Lingshan was still in shock- even more so when Lin Yi continued sending her energy!

Lingshan felt that she wasn’t far from Golden Class late phase peak!

Was… Was this real? Was she dreaming? She really couldn’t believe this anymore, it was too surreal!

But sometimes, things really were that surreal.

She felt her body absorbing more and more energy, and her strength kept increasing- this was the most progress within a day she had ever experienced in her entire life! She never imagined being able to grow so rapidly in a single day!

She did fantasize about how she could reach late phase peak using the double partner practitioning of House Song, but that was just a fantasy- if it were that powerful a technique then her grandpa wouldn’t have just reached Golden Class late phase peak.

But now she felt like she really might just break through- she really might just reach late phase peak!

She looked at Lin Yi, still sitting there with that calm face and eyes closed, as if nothing was wrong… She stopped herself from calling out to him!

She didn’t want to interrupt Lin Yi in a situation like this- who knew what impact that interruption would have, what if it’d push Lin Yi over the edge?

She knew well that it was more complicated and difficult to send someone qi than to accumulate it themselves when training- one could go over the edge very easily, and it seemed especially the case with how much energy Lin Yi was sending her. She kept silent.

Lingshan took a deep breath and closed her eyes again, continuing to absorb all the energy Lin Yi was sending over. That thick, pure qi, it wasn’t an energy that one could get in the natural world, and so Lingshan really treasured it, not wasting any of it!

This was all qi that Lin Yi trained hard to gather, and now he was just giving all of it to her! Of course she didn’t dare to waste it, it’d be a crime!

She was really grateful, but she didn’t dare to pause- she continued channeling her spiritual arts, feeling the qi within her growing, and growing… She seemed to be reaching the wall of Golden Class late phase peak!

Was she really going to breakthrough so fast?

A look of shock flashed past her eyes- Lin Yi was actually going to brute force her from late phase into late phase peak!!

She felt like her body was going to explode soon- qi started expanding within her, still not slowing down despite her feeling that she was at a breakthrough point! Usually, when one was at the wall, it would take a lot more to suck in more qi, but this wasn’t the case!

The qi that was entering her body wasn’t reduced- it actually even seemed to have thickened! As she endured the pain, she acknowledged also the consequences! She didn’t know if there were any aftereffects or sideeffects if they continued, but she didn’t stop her channeling- she thought that Lin Yi proably wouldn’t hurt her, and so this was exactly what it seemed to be, this was the sign of her breakthrough!

Time passed, and from morning to noon, Lingshan’s body continued getting filled with energy, until at one point she finally couldn’t endure it anymore- the qi within her seemed to be full! She was about to call out, but in the next moment, her body seemed to rumble and explode, and an immense sense of relief she’d never felt before washed over!

This felt like that time in the underground prison, it made her feel like she had ascended to heaven!

“Ah…” Lingshan couldn’t help but moan!

She broke through, she really did!

Yes, she was now a Golden Class Late Phase!

Never would she have thought that she’d be able to breakthrough to late phase peak a few days after reaching late phase! Wasn’t this speed a little too scary?

Lingshan wanted to thank Lin Yi, but she felt that the energy entering her was still not stopping! It was still flowing into her!

Lingshan froze- was Lin Yi really going to level her up again?

The current situation was already way past what she expected- Did Lin Yi not have to rest?

But Lin Yi’s silence made her unable to ask any questions- she continued chanelling her spiritual arts, receiving Lin Yi’s qi!

Two hours later, she really didn’t dare believe the fact that lay before her!

She was reaching the wall of Mystic phase!

Could she really be about to breakthrough again?

Was she about to become a Mystic?

This was unimaginable! She wanted to raise her hands and cheer!

This was a dream many, many people had!

From Golden to Mystic, there was a big leap in that process- your life would be extended as well, along with the qi that protected you, normal guns and blades wouldn’t be able to affect her!

For Song Lingshan, this was something she always dreamed of!

Yet, just as she was getting excited, the qi stopped.

Lin Yi’s qi stopped entering her once she reached the wall of Mystic phase!

That meant that she was now Golden Class late phase peak, except that she was a lot closer to Mystic Class, with only a step away. Although, this step was still quite the large step indeed!

Lin Yi slowly opened his eyes- as expected, Lingshan was still a late phase peak. It seemed that he would have to reach Earth Class before he could make anybody a Mystic.

Yet Lin Yi was still rather satisfied- this was still much stronger than everyone else, and being able to create high level practitioners like this was already an absurdity.

“We’re done. How do you feel?” Lin Yi said faintly, “You’re now a Golden Class late phase peak.”

“Ah!” Lingshan jumped back from her shock- was it over? She felt a little disappointed that Lin Yi didn’t make her a Mystic, but she was very satisfied already! After all, people who didn’t appreciate what they got were the most annoying type!

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