Lintian said calmly: "I can see that you are very confident in your own strength. However, do you really think that the result will be as you guessed?"

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As he spoke, he stepped forward.

Just one step away, an invisible smell of terror diffused from Lintian and covered this area.

Jian Qingchen's eyes flashed, as if by accident.

When Lintian took the second step, Jian Qingchen's eyes couldn't help squinting, and his Qi suddenly roared.

At this time, Lintian's body was flowing. Although he had never started, his whole body was as powerful as a towering mountain and as deep as a vast ocean. Once it broke out completely, he could not imagine how terrible those forces would be.

Jian Qingchen is obviously aware of this. His clothes are dancing and his face is old and calm, but there are endless pieces of sword in his eyes.

"Nine months later, Feixian battle will come. Are you sure you want to start at this time?"

Jian Qingchen frowned.

He had heard of Lin Xun's deeds, and even made a special study of him. He knew that he was a great enemy that could not be underestimated.

But at this moment, Jian Qingchen found that Lintian was no less than any of them in the "Eight Wonders of Qingming" only in terms of breath!

"Feixian battle zone? That's the future. Now, it's between us. "

When Lintian spoke, he had already taken the third step.


Nearby, the emptiness was like fragile glass, which collapsed suddenly. With Lintian as the center, the terrible holy power swept away.


Jian Qingchen's eye center, mang Yishan, took a step, and his momentum changed. The original restrained charm was suddenly released at this moment.


In the back of his mind, there is a round sword wheel world, in which there are countless sword Qi rolling like tides, chopping stars, breaking heaven and earth, frightening ghosts and gods!

Lin Xun's eyes were filled with surprise.

There is no doubt that this sword Qingchen has also stepped into the threshold of creating its own method, and its cultivation of Kendo is more domineering and fierce than what I speculated.


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Two different kinds of supremacy collide in this instant, just like the sun and the moon fighting, producing a deafening roar.

The earth centered on the two collapsed into huge cracks, which spread far away.

All the rocks, plants and trees in the vicinity burst into pieces in an instant. Looking down from the sky, the mountains and rivers, which are thousands of miles around, seem to sink and collapse.

At the moment, Lintian's temperament was like a banished immortal, and his momentum was like a demon.

The dust of the sword is like a peerless sword hidden in a deep box. It shows its edge at this moment and shows the arrogance of the peerless sword saint.

Between the two, it's just a battle of momentum and chaos!

Lintian's dark eyes were cold and said, "give you a chance. If you are invincible, I will let you live."

"You Lintian are really good at calculating!"

Jian Qingchen chuckles and looks like a pair of sharp swords. "If you can't win me with three moves, you will realize that I have enough ability to interfere with that girl. At that time, of course, you have to change your mind."

Immediately, his words changed: "however, I can promise you, three moves on three moves, his blood green clothes see you as a sword, want to weaken the power of other domains, why can't I?"

"Treat me like a knife? Not afraid to cut yourself? "

Lintian said coldly.

Jian Qingchen laughed and sighed: "you know, if you don't recognize your fighting power, you will be killed on the spot at the first time you appear."

"However, just because I realize that your fighting power is unusual, I don't want to fight with you at this time."

"I'm dead. Although the daraguyu camp will not fall apart, it's hard to compete with the power of other domains."

"When you die, the ancient wasteland is leaderless. As far as our eight domains are concerned, there will be no threat, and we can easily level it."

"You don't want to see these two results, and I don't want to see them either. In that case, why should I fight against you and let other domains take advantage?"

Jian Qingchen said that after thinking about it, he said: "in short, even if we have to deal with you, we have to deal with the eight domains together. Do you understand?"

Lintian sneered and said, "you don't have to talk nonsense like this. Just disappear by yourself, won't you?"

Jian Qingchen shrugged and said with a smile, "it's very simple. I'm not reconciled."


At this time, Lintian took a big step, and a sword without a trace of fireworks appeared.

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Eighteen thousand swords!

"Taixuan sword meaning? I didn't expect that you got the inheritance of taixuan sword emperor! "

For a moment, the sword was clear and the cold awn in his eyes burst out. He took his hand as the sword and made a roaring sound in his lips"Yes

A dark and deep sword Qi suddenly emerged, just like a light cut from the curtain of eternal night, full of depressing breath of destruction, silence and death.

A sword, like darkness, brings the shadow of death!

The two swords, which are branded with the two peerless figures, produce a terrible confrontation in mid air.


The sky is turning upside down.

The bright and Blazing Sword, sword spirit, sword meaning and sword light converged and burst out, which produced a torrent of terror, just like a storm, sweeping and spreading.

In the past, the void was in disorder, the mountains and rivers collapsed, everything collapsed, and many terrible visions occurred frequently.

But just at the first time of the confrontation, Jian Qingchen frowned. He was surprised and realized that the horror of Lintian's sword was far beyond his imagination.

Without hesitation, he was going to change.

But Lintian's second strike had already come. Obviously, he didn't intend to give him a chance to react and deal with it.


This time, Lintian was still using a sword.

But this sword, however, presents a completely different verve. Its edge is unparalleled, unrestrained, unparalleled in power, and the ghosts and gods are able to make changes.

When a sword comes out, heaven and earth are silent, and time seems to be still. Anyone who sees this sword will feel small, desperate and suffocated.

The name of this sword will never come back!

Jian Qingchen's face finally changed. The 18000 swords made him feel pressure. Before he really solved it, he was in a fierce confrontation.

And this sword, let him feel the real threat, make him have the creepy feeling of cold body.

"This guy has such terrible attainments in kendo?"

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There was no hesitation at all. The sword Qing Chen suddenly unfolded his body, the sleeve robe suddenly waved, and the fingers of both hands were empty. It condensed into a sword seal, with a rare look of seriousness and seriousness.

"The terrain is vast, and the sword moves without hindrance!"

"The sky is dry, and the sword is not straight."

"The wind is strong, and there is no taboo in sword swimming!"

"Lei Shizhen, the sword is lifeless!"

Heaven, earth, wind and thunder are four kinds of supreme swordsmanship, which are condensed into four sword seals and sit in the place of the four images of the sword.

Dao Siji sword!

The power of the sword to press the bottom of the box!

For a moment, the breath of the four sword seals spread all over the world, which made him like a god of the sword. His power rose to the extreme in an instant, crushing all the winds and clouds in ten directions.

Boom ~ ~ ~

at this moment, the sky was shaking, and the earth shaking explosion resounded through the sky, even drowning the sound of thunder and robbery in the sky.

It is no exaggeration to say that at this time, even those ordinary saints at the top of the mountain will come to an end once they are affected!


Jian Qingchen can't bear it. His body is bumped by the terrible sword. He staggers back several steps in the void, and his face turns white, showing a startled look.

His feather coat was broken and his long hair in bun was in a mess.

On the other side, Lintian's body just shook, and his face was calm from beginning to end. Only a pair of black eyes became colder and colder.

In fact, he was also surprised. This was the first opponent who could withstand the "18000 Swords" and "never come back" after he entered the jiuyu battlefield.

Jian Qingchen takes a deep breath. His body is full of Qi and blood. It's hard to feel. He looks very dignified.

In daluogu, he is regarded as the first person of the younger generation, and has the title of "top ten" among his peers.

This is the first time that he has been at a disadvantage in the competition of the same realm since his cultivation!

"It seems that I underestimated you before."

Sword dust, eyes light, breath has changed, produce a terrible war, shake Xinghan!

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"This can only prove that you are not as good as me. Watch it. This is the third move!"

When Lintian spoke, his figure disappeared out of thin air. At the next moment, he appeared in front of jianqingchen.

Jian Qingchen's eye pupil suddenly shrinks, but he is not afraid.

As soon as he turned his palms and fingers, an inch of sword suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand. However, it was as bright as the sun. That was the embodiment of the strength condensed to the extreme!

Meanwhile, in Lintian's hand, there was a mutton fat jade bottle, empty and deep.

The road is infinite!


Jian Qingchen's body suddenly froze, and a deadly dangerous breath welled up in his heart. He screamed that it was not good!

Almost out of an instinct, he did not hesitate to retreat and tried his best to move.


Can still be a step late, that just a few inches of sheep fat bottle, swept out a sword.

It's still a sword move inherited from wujinzhandi, but it's twice as powerful as before!

For the top sages of the same realm, a tiny difference in strength is enough to determine the outcome of a duel, let alone a doubling of the gap?In a terrible roar that shocked the world, Jian Qingchen's body was blasted out like a broken kite.

His ragged clothes could be seen. A pair of dark gray armor covered in front of him was directly cut open by the unparalleled sword Qi. His chest was pierced and blood flowed.

Lintian frowned and saw at a glance that this armor was a powerful holy treasure. If it had not been for its help, Jian Qingchen would never have been injured.


Thinking about this in his heart, Lintian was not slow at all. He looked cold and his figure was unreal. He moved the void and killed him violently.

From the beginning, he didn't intend to let jianqingchen leave alive!


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