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Chapter 111. Really know how to eat

"Old Fourth, why are you cut banana leaves for?" Second Brother and Third Brother just carried a basket of ricefield eels. It wasn't much, like a few. After getting off work, the two of them went to check the basket they had set up yesterday.

There was some harvest.

"Qing He said she'll make a sponge cake." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"Oh, Old Fourth, you're living pretty well." Second Brother couldn't help but envy.

Sponge cake, he wanted to eat it too.

The corner of Zhou Qing Bai's mouth slightly raised: "If Second Brother wants some, ask Second Sister-in-law to make it for you."

"Your Second Sister-in-law live prudently, so how could she possibly do that?" Second Brother responded.

"It's better to be a bit more frugal in life." Third Brother said instead.

"It's just a little cake." Zhou Qing Bai didn't mind much.

It wasn't like the family can’t afford to eat cakes. And also, he wanted to eat it too. His wife’s culinary skill was excellent and the things she made were never bad.

He separated from his two elder brothers after that.

Second Brother and Third Brother returned home and divided the eels equally.

"Da Wa's mother really knows how to eat. Just now, we encountered Old Fourth cutting banana leaves and said that they are going to make sponge cake to eat." Third Brother mentioned.

Third Sister-in-law didn't mind: "What's wrong with this? It's just a cake. If you want to eat, I will make you one."

Third Brother shook his head with a smile. Forget it. This year, his wife was pregnant again and her months are getting big. By then, it'll be necessary to eat good meals during the post-natal confinement. Better to save a bit.

Second Brother didn't bring it up on his return because there was no point.

In the evening, Lin Qing He made a steamed red date sponge cake. The red dates were cut in half, pitted, and embellished on top of the sponge cake.

The sponge cake was brown in color because brown sugar was added in. The sponge cake tasted really fluffy and soft, especially scrumptious.

Lin Qing He made a big one. She cut out a quarter and asked Da Wa to give it his grandpa and grandma to respect them.

It was after it was delivered, did other people in old Zhou's family knew that Fourth's wife had made such a delicious cake.

"If you want to eat, ask your mother to make it for you. Don't come to grandpa and grandma. Grandpa and grandma don't have much." Mother Zhou waved her hands and sent away the group of grandchildren that had gathered over.

Then the two of them ate by themselves.

This was Fourth Family's filial piety to them. They mustn't divide it out, otherwise, it would be gaining favor with Fourth's wife's thing. What would Fourth's wife think then?

Besides, even if the two of them eat up this cake, it's not going overboard at all.

Second Sister-in-law's son, Zhou Xia went home and demanded for one.

Second Sister-in-law was extremely irked: "That family don't know when to stop. Every day she finds ways to make trouble for me!"

Second Brother was puzzled: "Our son wants to eat sponge cake, so why are you bring in Fourth's wife?"

"If it weren't for her, what would my son be pestering? If she wants to send the cake, just send the cake. But Da Wa had to shout all the way, fearing that others wouldn't know about it!" Second Sister-in-law lashed out.

Second Brother was already used to his wife's way of thinking. It wasn't like Da Wa need to be sneaky when bringing something to honor his grandparents.

Besides, apart from Fourth Family, the other three didn't give anything. No one would criticize who, so what was there to be angry about?

"I want to see, how long can she waste that little money!" Second Sister-in-law sneered.

Second Brother rolled his eyes: "Hurry up and make a cake. Your son is throwing a tantrum."

"Make what? Not making. There's no flour at home." Second Sister-in-law uttered in displeasure.

Second Brother said nothing then. The last bit of flour seemed to be used for making dumplings.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law also didn't make one. Their family condition couldn't compare with Fourth Family's conditions. It was unreasonable to eat whatever that side comes up every time.

Father Zhou was satisfied after finishing the red date sponge cake and saw Mother Zhou's melancholy look.

"What are you doing? Is the cake not delicious?" Father Zhou said soberly.

"Delicious." Mother Zhou replied.

"Since it's delicious, why are you like that?" Father Zhou said.

Mother Zhou sighed softly. This cake was really scrumptious, but inside was brown sugar, white flour, and red dates. It was extremely luxurious.

However, Mother Zhou had thought it through now. She won't talk about these things to Fourth's wife.

Anyway, the money for the three grandsons' marriage would be saved by her and her old partner. In the future, it'll prevent her three grandsons being unable to marry a wife.

"Fourth's wife is taking care of Old Fourth really well." Father Zhou stated honestly.

At least in his opinion, the youngest son hadn't gotten thinner since he returned home. He was still as tall and strong as he was when in the force and looking very tough.

None of the other three sons had the same spirit as the youngest son. Not to mention the other three sons, even the other men in the village did not match up either.

Why was this?

Well, wasn't it due to eating well at home?

Mother Zhou didn't continue on and said: "Last time Xiao Mei passed on a message, she wants me to raise her child. What do you think, old man?" Five yuans a month was quite a lot.

Five yuans a month, so fifty yuans a year. Just looking after a few years, it'll a little saving. When Da Wa and his brothers get married in the future, they'll see if they can gather up the four major gifts.

In order for the few grandsons to marry their wife, Mother Zhou earned even her own daughter's money.

"It's good for you to stay at home. When you're free, you can gather some pigweed." How could Father Zhou not know what his wife thought? But he still answered.

He was still able to move and can still get ten work points. So it was not a problem to support himself and his wife.

Besides, every season, the sons below will show their filial.

"Alright then, I'll go and tell Da Wa's Mother. Let her pass on to Xiao Mei next time she goes to the city." Zhou Mu said.

"Don't criticize Da Wa's Mother." Father Zhou said to her.

"I know." Mother Zhou waved her hand and headed over to Lin Qinghe.

"Mother has come. Have you eaten the cake with Father." Lin Qing He asked.

"I have. It's delicious." Mother Zhou smiled. Da Wa and his brother were eating it. They were clearly enjoying it.

Zhou Qing Bai was also holding a piece in his hand.

"Mother came over to talk about Xiao Mei's child," MotherZhou said.

"Mother agree to?" Lin Qing He said: "If yes, I will tell Xiao Mei next time I go to the county city."

"En, you tell her that I can help her with it." Mother Zhou responded.

"Sister said to give you five yuans a month. It's only right to give the money. You did her a big favor, otherwise, she can't keep her job." Lin Qing He stated.

If no one takes care of the child, then she can only bring it up by herself, so her work must be dropped.

Women who watch the children were not valuable, even if Su Da Lin didn’t look like that kind of person. Lin Qing He felt that Mother Zhou's willingness to raise was a good thing. Zhou Xiao Mei can continue to work. Women who have jobs were confident and highly looked upon.

Mother Zhou grinned. Fourth's wife was a smooth talker. Mother Zhou was actually a little embarrassed about being paid, but from Fourth's wife's words, she was able to accept it with her heart at ease.

"I can't take care of the baby when it's still young. Once it's older, you can bring it over to my side if you have something to do, Mother. I'll help with keeping a watch." Lin Qing He said.

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