Chapter 110. Having steamed sponge cake

Zhou Qing Bai was resting next door, while Lin Qing He was in the children's room.

If she headed over, he would not rest at all and would accompany her. So she simply decided to not enter and not disturb him.

"Well done on this question. But there is a second way of solving the problem." Lin Qing He gave the question and checked the results of Da Wa's work again.

"Let me think." Zhou Da Wa took it back and started to ponder on the second method.

She had to say, this kid was smart, curious, and attentive. Not one bit afraid of being bold, but know to careful when he should be careful.

After thinking about it for a while, he came up with it, and then implemented it for his mother to see.

Lin Qing He was quite satisfied and said: "Now write a essay with the sun as the topic."

"Sun?" Zhou Da Wa paused, and then nodded to say that he understood: "What's the word count?"

"Minimum of three hundred characters, but you can write as much as you can. If you write more, I have a reward." Lin Qing He challenged as she raised her eyebrows.

"What's the reward?" Zhou Da Wa asked.

"You can suggest what you want to eat and I'll do my best to make it for you." Lin Qing He stated.

"I want to eat steamed red date sponge cake!" Zhou Da Wa declared.

"No problem." Lin Qing He frankly responded to him: "On the condition that what you can write meets my satisfaction."

"I'll have no problem!" Zhou Da Wa nodded.

Just an essay, it wasn't like he hadn't written one.

And this was not the first time he had written it.

Lin Qinghe said: "Whenever you finished it for my examination and I think it passes, I will make it for you then."

Zhou Da Wa intended to finish it today.

He didn't go out to play in the evening and stayed home to write his homework. Zhou Da Ni and the girls came to ask him. Even though Zhou Da Wa wanted to write his own piece, he was very magnanimous to these sisters and their onslaught of questions. Unless he went out to play and wasn't at home, he would usually explain to them.

While teaching the girls, he wrote his own essay.

"Da Wa, what are you writing? You wrote so much." Zhou Er Ni asked him.

"Essay." Zhou Da Wa replied.

"Essay? What is that?" The girls didn't understand.

"This is an essay." Zhou Da Wa pointed to what he wrote.

Zhou Da Ni and other girls didn't recognize many words yet, so it was not clear. Zhou Da Wa was not surprised and continued on his work.

"Da Wa, what are you writing this for? Did your third grade teacher arrange this?" Zhou Da Ni asked.

"No, my mother gave it to me. If I write it well, my mother promises to make me a red date sponge cake." Zhou Da Wa answered.

"San Wa and I wants it too." Er Wa interjected immediately.

"I want to eat sponge cake." San Wa nodded.

"Then you'll have to thank me. If I can't write it, Mother won't make it and you won't get to eat it," Zhou Da Wa said.

"Even if you did write it and Mother didn't make it, you wouldn't get to eat it." Er Wa responded.

"You think Mother is you. Mother keep her words!" Zhou Da Wa retorted.

"What's with all the chatter? Quickly write." Lin Qing He came back from the outside carrying her basket. She went out to pick wild vegetables. When she came back, she heard the two brothers' arguments that almost evolve into a fistfight.

"Fourth Aunt." Seeing her return, the girls greeted her.

"En." Lin Qing He acknowledged and instructed Er Wa and San Wa: "You brothers, come and help wash the wild vegetables. We're having it tonight."

"Fourth Aunt, I'll wash it." Zhou Da Ni chipped in.

"No need. You guys need to do your homework." Lin Qing He maintained: "It's just a bit of wild vegetables. The two of them know how to wash it."

Er Wa nodded: "My younger brother and I can do it."

So the two of them went to wash the wild vegetables, and it was extremely clean. The washed it one by one, as this was what they were going to eat. If it was cleaned properly, it'll be them who eat the sand.

Lin Qing He set aside tonight's dinner, and the rest was cooked for the pigs. At this period of time, they should be fed once. After getting fed one more time at nine o'clock, it will not be fed again. That was early in the morning's matter.

Lin Qing He cooked the pig food, scooped it to the pigs, fed the chickens while she was at it, and then came back to prepare the food.

During this period, it was quite hectic, so Zhou Qing Bai got off work pretty late. It was long after six o'clock when he returned home.

The girls had also gone home.

Lin Qing He made shepherd's purse and pork dumplings. It was currently spring, the peak time to eat these wild vegetables. Let alone the freshness, it was also nutritious, which suitable for spring days.

Shepherd's purse and pork dumplings were apparently tasty, as Zhou Qing Bai ate to his content.

He had been busy for the whole day, and being able to eat delectable meals every day when he came back, made the tiredness dissipate from between the poor speaker's brow.

Zhou Qing Bai went to clean the pigsty and chicken pen after eating.

Lin Qing He sent Da Wa to wash the dishes and checked Zhou Da Wa's handiwork.

Even though he was only in the third grade of elementary school, this kid can write a five hundred-word essay.

This piece of essay writing on the topic of the sun was very well written. It was looking at the sun from the perspective of elementary school students.

Every morning when the sun rises, his father will go to work and he will head to school. When he returns home, the sun has gone down.

This was the day beginning with the sun rising and ending with the sunset.

However, this was just the beginning.

Later, he wrote about the importance of Mr. Sun in the winter. In the winter without Mr. Sun, it was endless snow, and the people all hoped that winter would pass quickly, otherwise the family would run out of food.

Then it switched to the overbearing trait of the hot summer sun. When everyone harvested in the summer, it was really hot.

He lamented over this. It'll be great if winter and summer could be balanced together, that way it would be lukewarm.

This piece was pretty good.

The topic was the sun.

But he didn't dive into a deeper level.

For example, comparing the great leaders to the sun and that they are children who live happily under the sun's radiance and care.

The last point was explained to Da Wa by Lin Qing He once he washed the dishes and listened to the feedback. Realization dawned on Da Wa when he heard: "I never thought of this!"

"You're still young, you can think of it later if you ponder on it more." Lin Qing He said.

"Then does that mean I passed?" Zhou Da Wa stared expectantly at his mother.

"There was some lacking, but overall it was great, so you pass." Lin Qing He nodded.

When Zhou Qing Bai came back, Lin Qing He gave him instruction: "Tomorrow, cut some banana leaves when you come back. I will make some red date sponge cake for you, father and sons."

"No need to go through that much trouble." Zhou Qing Bai glanced at his eldest son.

Zhou Da Wa dared not to speak out.

Er Wa was the same.

San Wa didn't understand these things, he came over and hugged his father. He still liked his father very much.

"Today, Da Wa performed well, while Er Wa and San Wa also washed the wild vegetables cleanly, so I decided to make them red date sponge cake." Lin Qing He clarified.

As soon as these words came out, Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa had a pleased expression.

"Then I will bring some back tomorrow." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Banana leaves weren't rare things. When he got off to work at noon the next day, he cut some on the way back home.

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