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Jian Qingchen was so angry that he drank. He was disheveled and had a blood hole in his chest. His face was very white.

The worst thing was that the power of Lintian's sword was too terrible, and the residual Kendo breath was rampant in his body!

Jian Qingchen really didn't expect that Lintian's third move would use a magic treasure, and the power was so terrible.

If it wasn't that he was covered with a pair of top grade Holy Level armor, this sword alone would be enough to give him a fatal blow!

"Didn't you say that people like you and me don't care about any criticism and evaluation at all, but now you are angry first?"

In the cool voice, Lintian's figure had rushed to him. The yuan Tu sword in his hand was flowing with a bloody light, and he cut down angrily.


The sword Qi is like anger, tearing the sky.

"I just didn't expect you to be so mean!"

Jian Qingchen's face was very blue. Suddenly, a pure black sword appeared in front of him, which was engraved with numerous Holy Scriptures.


In the harsh and incomparable sound of collision, the sparks are splashing and the divine radiance is exploding.

Although Jian Qingchen, who was seriously injured, blocked the sword, he was shocked and coughed up blood. He staggered backward and almost fell from the air.

He took a deep breath and tried to restrain his anger. His pale, transparent face was cold.

As a peerless figure, his mood and will have been tempered to an extremely terrible state. Even in a dangerous situation, he did not panic.

But the anger and hatred in my heart can't be restrained at all!

He was too careless. He thought that Lintian would not dare to fight with himself. He would lose both sides.

This is because it is not good for both the ancient wilderness camp and the Daluo camp, and it will only be picked up by other domains.

But he never thought that Lintian obviously didn't care about these. He was just like an unscrupulous madman. He wanted to take this opportunity to separate life and death!

Without much thought, Lintian had killed him again.

"Don't you want that girl's life, too?"

Jian Qingchen's eyes were full of cold. Without hesitation, his palms and fingers condensed a strange seal.


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A wooden sword appeared in front of him.

The wooden sword is three fingers wide and two feet four inches long, with a scarlet spike flying. The blade is blunt and thick, and on the body of the sword is carved an ancient and strange road inscription -


Wooden sword is an ordinary thing, but because of this "word", it has a more commanding atmosphere.

Roaring ~

as soon as Lin Xunfu came near, he was blocked by an invisible air of kendo. He couldn't even make a step with his sword.

It's the smell of that wooden sword!

Lintian's eyes were black.

At this moment, the sword looked cold and firm, and uttered coldly: "treasure, I have it too!"

He waved his sleeve.

The wooden sword engraved with the word "Chi" suddenly roared, vaguely, like the appearance of a giant figure. Stepping on the wooden sword, the breath was just like the master of kendo, covering the sky and the earth.

The rolling cloud in the sky was startled and rolled violently.

At the same time, Lintian's body became stiff, his skin pricked, and a terrible force of Kendo came to his face.

No doubt, this is the killer mace of jianqingchen!

As the first person of the younger generation in the ancient region of Daluo, sword Qingchen is a treasure of pressing the bottom of the box.

But this wooden sword is the most precious treasure he has. It has been treasured by him all the time, and he is not willing to use it at all.

"This sword may not kill you, but it is more than enough to destroy the girl's fate."

The sword is clear and the eyes are full of edge.

He hates it!

Since his practice, he has never suffered such a big loss, and now he is seriously injured. How can he not hate it?

The more proud people are, the more intolerable they will be!


He spat a word in his lips, showing his arrogance.

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The wooden sword soared into the sky, and the obscure and supreme atmosphere of a Chi word made the figure of Wei'an on the sword look like a god!

But at that moment, Lintian also moved.

The rules and order shrouded in this heaven and earth suddenly appeared a little stagnant and fell into a moment of stagnation.

Everything is static!

It was like a picture scroll, and Lintian became the only moving track on the picture scroll.

The magic power of forbidding death!


There is no end tower on the avenue, and at this moment, the endless golden light will completely cover the wooden sword.

When Jian Qingchen reacted, he just saw that his precious wooden sword was suppressed by a pagoda just like divine gold before it had time to be powerful.The point is, he didn't realize how the pagoda appeared!


Even if the sword Qingchen goodbye more knowledge wide, which has seen such a strange and incredible scene, the body suddenly trembled.


The next moment, I saw that the wooden sword was directly suppressed, and was put into the pagoda. From beginning to end, I couldn't get rid of it.

At the same time, Jian Qingchen was struck by lightning and coughed up a big mouthful of blood. For the first time, he realized that his connection with the wooden sword had been completely cut off.

"No! It's impossible. It's the sword that emperor Qingyu carried when he was preaching. How could it be suppressed? "

No matter how tough Jian Qingchen's mind is, he can't help but panic at the moment. He feels shocked and can't believe his eyes.

He knew too well that this wooden sword was extraordinary. If it wasn't restricted by the rules of the nine regions, the power of this sword would be enough to kill the great sage and make the sage king fear three points!

Because in this sword, there is a mark left by an emperor when he was preaching. Is that power comparable to an ordinary holy treasure?

But now, this wooden sword has not been able to be powerful, it has been suppressed!

How can you accept this?

"Is that your way of pressing the bottom of the box? It's terrible, but it doesn't seem to work

Lintian came through the air, his black eyes were cold, and the red yuan Tu sword swept the terrible Blood River.


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From a distance, it's like a hell River coming from heaven to bury everything.

Without hesitation, Jian Qingchen turns around and runs away.

His injury is so serious that if he delays, his situation will only get worse.

Unfortunately, he underestimated Lintian's determination to kill him.

Zhao Jingxuan is just like a rebellious scale in Lintian's heart. But jianqingchen wants to subdue Zhao Jingxuan and take him in. How can Lintian bear it?

It can be said that from the first time he saw jianqingchen, Lintian didn't intend to let him go!


Yuan Tu sword swept across ten directions and covered them.

Jian Qingchen moved time and space so fast that he avoided the blow in a flash. From this we can see that this man is terrible.

All of them had been injured to such a degree that they could avoid the attack from Lintian. If they were other great saints, they would have been killed many times.

However, without waiting for Jian Qingchen to breathe a sigh of relief, his figure suddenly stopped and turned pale. He did not hesitate to plunder backward.


In his original position, a flash of illusory streamer came, where the void was cut into a straight crack.

Broken blade!

But at this time, the broken blade is different from the past. The blade is full of jade like luster, and the three obscure patterns on it are flowing with holy light and rain.

In short, the broken blade at this time is a real holy soldier!

In the past few months since he left the camp of the ancient wilderness, Lintian had been wandering through many realms. The broken blade that he had raised in the "mixed hole" in his body also changed from a king soldier to a saint soldier!

Although it is still incomplete, its power can not be compared with before.

Before, Duan blade was driven by Lintian's secret of impermanence. He successfully intercepted the path of sword Qingchen and had to retreat.


In the rear, Lintian, who seized the opportunity, cut out with a sword.

Jian Qingchen's long hair dances wildly, and his consciousness is on the verge of extinction. He roars: "open!"

With the terrible roar and collision, Jian Qingchen's body was blown down from the air and smashed on the ground.

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His body was cracked, blood was flowing, and his bones and muscles were broken.

However, he still had spare strength, and he didn't know what secret method to use. His body bounced and ran away again.

This moved Lintian.

Such peerless figures as Jian Qingchen are not so easy to kill. They not only have all kinds of inheritance and secret treasures, but also have terrible inside information.

However, it also strengthened Lintian's intention to kill.


Next on the way, the sword escaped and Lintian pursued.

Every blow that Lintian cut was blocked by the sword Qingchen with various means to protect his life. There were miraculous secret methods and dazzling treasures.

But even so, Jian Qingchen didn't change his situation. Lintian followed him closely and didn't give him a chance to breathe.

Along the way, the sword clean dust coughs blood frequently, the road foundation is injured, the body is broken like cotton wadding, blood dripping.

For the first time in his life, he was chased so miserably!

Under the stimulation of death, he is as crazy as a whole. His only idea is to run for his life. As long as he can survive, he will make a comeback!

Before long, on the horizon in the distance, emerged a door suspended in the void, which is the exit of the secret place.

At this moment, the dying sword Qingchen broke out with unprecedented speed and strength, and moved away at full speed."Lintian, I will repay you a hundred times and a thousand times in the future."

Jian Qingchen's voice was venomous and hissed. When he spoke, he had already stepped forward and jumped into the secret place.

"Unfortunately, you don't have a chance."

But at that moment, Lintian's figure appeared in front of the secret place door. In that way, Yuan Tu sword in his hand had already been cut out.

The scarlet and turbulent sword spirit is like the torrent of the river Styx coming down from the sky.

At this moment, the color of resentment and anger on Jian Qingchen's face suddenly solidified, and the pupils of his eyes appeared to be unbelievable.

"It turned out that he was worried that I would fight back on my deathbed all the way, so he didn't really kill me. He didn't hesitate to do it until my strength was exhausted due to running for my life..."

When this idea came to mind, Jian Qingchen's mind, vision and body had been covered and submerged by the vast bloody sword.


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