Chapter 1080: Rapid Leveling Up

Lin Yi telling her to stop only confused Lingshan!

After all this time, only the jacket was enough?

Lin Yi only wanted to see the nerves on her wrist- just pulling the sleeve up was enough, and Lin Yi had only been joking with Lingshan!

“This… This is it? Then what do we do now?” Lingshan’s plans were all messed up at this point- she could only look at him, confused.

“Just sit on the sofa,” Lin Yi said flatly.

With that, Lin Yi went and took a seat on the sofa, followed by a hesitant Lingshan, who sat beside him.

“Alright, now?” Lingshan asked.

Lin Yi didn’t spend too much time talking. He took Lingshan’s hand, putting a slight blush on her face. This was her first time holding hands with the opposite sex, and it was gone, just like that… So not romantic!

“Channel your spiritual practitioner’s art,” Lin Yi finshed speaking and closed his eyes, entering the jade space!

Lin Yi learned before that the energy inside the jade space could pass through his body- which acted as a medium- and transfer itself into other people’s bodies without affecting the energy inside his own. This made Lin Yi quite pleased- he didn’t need to downgrade himself when leveling people up now.

Of course, if he didn’t lose his own energy then he couldn’t apply the ‘no pain no gain’ concept, and as a result he wouldn’t benefit at all!

But he’d just broken through, and he still hadn’t reached the wall of Mystic late phase, and so even if he made himself empty and weak in order to burst himself to the next level, it still wouldn’t work. It would have to wait until he reached the barrier to the late phase.

Even so, Lin Yi now had a secret weapon that other people could not compare with! Many people only walked the border of a breakthrough, trying to find that one thread where they could step past into the next level, some of them spend their entire lives for it… Lin Yi, on the other hand, was different. As long as he collected enough qi within him, he’d be able to break through with ease!

After he entered the jade space, Lin Yi started chanting the Art of Dragon Mastery.

LIngshan was a little troubled- channel her spirtual arts? Her house didn’t have that much energy in the air, and if they were to do practitioning here, that wouldn’t be useful to a late phase Golden class, would it?

She wanted to ask him what was going on- but the guy already had his eyes shut. Without a choice, she decided to follow Lin Yi’s instructions and started channeling her arts.

But in the next instant, a shocked look appeared on her face!

Because at that moment, she felt a thick, powerful amount of qi rapidly entering her body from Lin Yi’s, and it wasn’t stopping at all!

What was going on? Was Lin Yi passing his energy to her?

Was he giving her his qi?

Lingshan was a warrior of the Wulin world, and naturally she knew about the rules regarding qi. Usually, every spiritual practitioner’s arts had different qi, and they were not interecheangeable- one might even damage their nerves if two conflicting qi rejected each other, threatening their lvies!

But Lin Yi’s qi didn’t have that effect, because once it entered her body she quickly absorbed it, as if it were the same qi that her own spiritual arts created!

This really did shake her to the core- how was it possible that she could use Lin Yi’s qi?

She suddenly remembered that time in the hospital, when Lin Yi cured Liu Bojia’s wounds- he used qi, as well!

Did that mean that Lin Yi’s qi could be used on other people?

Alright, even if Lin Yi’s qi could really be given to her, she knew at the same time just how precious that was- people practiced and trained hard to gather this qi, and even just a little required special treasures and artifacts- yet Lin Yi was already givingher months’ worth of qi!

Was he really so willing to give her something so precious? At that thought, she felt that Lin Yi really did treat her very well! She really did misunderstand him earlier- so this was the leveling up method he was talking about, it wasn’t the double practitioning on the bed she assumed it to be, it was just him passing energy to her!

A sense of gratefulness flooded her, and she questioned the situation- they weren’t that close yet, were they? After all, many of the great sects had a bunch of disciples practitcing the same arts, yet no one would just pass the qi they trained for so tirelessly to someone else without reserve!

Because the pain and effort that came into the process was unimaginable- the higher the level, the harder it was to press on… Who would just give their precious qi away like that?

She knew very well that there was only her grandpa and grandma who maintained a transferring of qi for their practitioning, but… They were a married couple, and they were an old couple, people who had spent their lives together- of course they’d work together to better the family! But she wasn’t even… a couple with Lin Yi, was she? Why would Lin Yi be so willing??

After all, each time grandma helped grandpa level up, she’d lose a lot of qi- she was already a Mystic mid class peak since a long time ago, but always lost some of her strength level when helping her grandp level up… This was why her grandma had never improved all these years!

With that thought, the eyes she used to look at Lin Yi became filled with gentleness! So she was right to like him after all, he really did treat her we welll… She felt really touched by his actions.

But the next instant, the look on Lingshan’s face became ever more confused!

Because Lin Yi still wasn’t stopping! His qi was flowing into her without pause, and this was way past what she had expected! Even when her grandma transferred qi to her grandpa, she wouldn’t send this much in one breath.

But Lin Yi seemed to be restlessly feeding her everything!

She frowned- should he really be doing this?

Lingshan kept her mouth shut- Lin Yi seemed to be silent and focusing.

But she still sighed, closing her eyes and continued channeling her spiritual arts, absorbing all the qi Lin Yi was sending to her!

She had just reached Golden class late phase, and it hadn’t even stabilized yet… But now, she felt her strength improve at a visible rate- she was getting stronger rapidly!

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