Chapter 1079: You Misunderstood

“Oh… Sure, I’ll go then,” Lin Yi nodded, stood up, and started to leave.

Seeing Lin Yi get up and leave just like that… It suddenly made LIngshan hesitate!

Was Lin Yi telling the truth earlier? She thought deeper about it- didn’t all that seem a bit of a stretch? First of all, the things he just said were very unreliable. She’d known him for a while now, and it didn’t seem like he was that kind of person?

Could it be that Lin Yi lied about all that on purpose because he didn’t like her? So she wouldn’t go and bother him in the future?

It might very well be possible!

Every time she bothered him, asking him to solve a case for her… He agreed, but unwillingly! It was clear that he was a bit impatient when he helped out, so could it be that he was using this as an excuse to put distance between them? Was that why he was saying all this??

“Wait….” Lingshan didn’t want Lin Yi to leave just like that.

“Anything else?” Lin Yi turned around.

“You… You really did that with General Weiwu and Uncle Fu?” Lingshan looked into Lin Yi’s eyes, looking for the answer.

“Do what?” Lin Yi asked.

“S… Sex…” Lingshana gritted her teeth.

“Sex??” Ling Yi’s eyes went wide as he looked at her, “Sex with General Weiwu and Uncle Fu? Is your retarded brain acting up again? How the hell did you come up with this, have you been reading too much messed up porn?”

“I- I haven’t been looking at any messed up porn! It’s you who said it, you said you gave your first time to yourself, then to Weiwu, and the third was Uncle Fu…” Lingshan said, frustrated that Lin Yi was denying it right away! Calling her a retard again, too- she’d just gotten promoted to idiot, and it hadn’t even been a couple of days yet!

“Yeah, the first time I used this level up method was on myself, the second time was on General Weiwu, and the third was on Uncle Fu- what’s wrong?” Lin Yi asked, “What were you thinking about? What’s wrong with you brain?”

“Ah? You were talking about leveling up…” Lingshan’s face went red- was she really the one at fault here? But wasn’t that intimate act the only way of leveling up? Didn’t she level up using exactly that method? Lingshan didn’t want to back down, “Then just how were you planning on leveling me up?”

“Take your clothes off,” Lin Yi said faintly after one look. He wasn’t done messing with her yet.

“Ah? Take my clothes off?” Lingshan hesitated.

If this was a bit earlier, she would very gladly, very happily undress everything…

But now, after all that scary shit Lin Yi just spat at her? Things didn’t seem to be what it had seemed, and she really didn’t know if she wanted to go through with this procedure! Could Uncle Fu have taken his shirt off when he helped him level up?

“Do you want to get stronger or not? My time is limited, if you don’t want to I’ll just leave,” Lin Yi frowned.

“I do…” Lingshan gritted her teeth, feeling wronged- but something popped into her mind that instant!

She thought that perhaps Lin Yi was merely testing her- after all, if he really did have that sort of relationship with Weiwu and Uncle Fu, would Mengyao and Yushu really let him stay in the villa for so long? They’d kick him out!

Plus, he had a pretty girlfriend Tang Yun. If there really was something different with his sexual orientation, then what was the deal with her? She couldn’t just be something he got hooked up with for fun, right? Wouldn’t he choose Zong Pinliang for that or something…

Of course, the other situations was that Mengyao and Yushu didn’t know about these things at all, but how was that possible! All walls had ears, and if Lin Yi was willing to just tell her these things without trouble then that meant that it wasn’t a secret in the first place!

And so, Lingshan thought that this might very well be a test from Lin Yi, making himself look dirty so that Lingshan wouldn’t cause him truoble!

And so- with that thought- she understood, and let go… She went for her belt…

She was someone who liked things neat and tidy. The first thing she did when she got home was take her pants off and sit on the sofa, getting rid of all the other clothing pieces so the sofa wouldn’t get dirty…

And so, without thinking, she took her pants off.

“What are you doing?” Lin Yi found it funny that the girl was taking her pants off right away- he decided to stop teasing her. Things might really go wrong if he didn’t stop! After all, he really did come here to pureply help her level up, not for that other thing.

“You’re the one who told me to take my clothes off…” Lingshan said, confused.

“I told you to take your shirt off, not your pants.” Lin Yi said.

“Ah?” Lingshan paused- taking off her shirt… Was that any different from pants? Yes, technically they did mean different things if you focused on it, but didn’t one usually address pants as clothes as well?

Lingshan was feeling rather troubled- could Lin Yi have some sort of fetish? Was he only interested in the upper body, not the lower body?

But, keeping in mind her suspicions of the situation, she decided to not voice her opinion anymore and just go with it- fine, she’d take her shirt off! She felt numb at this point, and decided that it didn’t matter anymore, as long as she could get stronger!

That crazy mindset of her started acting up again- but she didn’t care anymore.

She took the outer shirt off and started working on the dress shirt’s buttons.

“Alright, the jacket is enough,” Lin Yi wanted to see what was beneath that shirt, but he pushed the thought away.

Some jokes couldn’t be pushed too far- after all, helping Lingshan out was more diffucult than helping Xiaoxiao fulfill her wishes! Plus, he didn’t want to suddenly have a new relationship or anything.

From where they currently stood, things were messy enough as is- although Tang Yun did confirm that Xiaoxiao was the small wife.

The Miss and Shu… He didn’t know what they truly thought, too. Yushu was more expressive, but kept lying and messing around; the Miss didn’t lie much, but she didn’t express much either.

Then there was that half lover Sun Jingyi- Lin Yi really didn’t want to have another Song Lingshan on his plate.

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