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The body of Jian Qingchen was cut off in a flash, then exploded, and the blood rain was like a waterfall.

Yuan Tu sword produced a passionate chant, which absorbed the holy blood of the sword.

Lintian gasped, and his face was pale and transparent.

It should be noted that from the beginning, he used "18000 Swords" and "there is no way back" to kill, and only then hurt the sword.

In addition, in order to eliminate the sword and clear away the dust, Lintian successively used such treasures as the infinite bottle, the forbidden magic power, the endless tower and the broken blade!

It's no exaggeration to say that this battle was the first big enemy that Lintian met since he set foot in the holy land.

Of course, the reason why Lintian exposed so many means was very simple. He was worried that Zhao Jingxuan, who was going through the robbery, would be disturbed!

If not, in a fair fight, even if he didn't use the treasures at the bottom of the box, Lintian would have confidence to suppress the opponent.

However, the power of sword Qingchen left a deep impression on Lintian.

Even before, in order to avoid the other side's reckless counterattack, Lintian was like a fish on the way. The fish did catch the bait, but if he wanted to catch it successfully, he had to use up his strength first, so that he could catch it.

Just like chasing sword Qingchen just now, if he forces it too hard, he will spare no effort to fight back, which will undoubtedly cause unexpected danger.

But Jian Qingchen thought that he had the hope to escape, and he kept struggling to escape. Virtually, his only remaining strength was consumed again and again.

When he finally wanted to work hard with Lintian, the oil was exhausted and the lamp was dead!

Hua La ~

with a wave of Lintian's sleeve robe, a brilliant light swept out, wiping away all the blood and flesh left by the sword dust one by one.

"Xiaoyin, Xiaotian, you clean the spoils."

Lintian gave an order and turned back to the place where Zhao Jingxuan had been robbed.

What he was most concerned about was Zhao Jingxuan.

As for the death of Jian Qingchen, it is no matter.

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Thunder roars and lightning flies. Under the sky, Zhao Jingxuan is still in the process of robbery. His situation is neither good nor too dangerous.

Seeing this, Lintian relaxed from a tense state.

He sat on his knees and began to meditate.

This battle was the first time that Lintian had used the power of forbidding death since he became the supreme saint. Different from the past, although he consumed a lot of physical strength, he did not exhaust his physical strength.

In addition, when using the power of forbidding death, you can use it with ease with your mind. Unlike before, you still need to work hard to urge it.

Besides, Lintian was quite satisfied with the power of the bottle. The most wonderful thing about the bottle was that the accumulated power was enough to release double power!

Even the power of the supreme holy land.

After Duan blade was transformed into a holy soldier of his own life, he was quite satisfied with his power, which was obviously stronger than yuan Tu sword.

The reason is very simple, just "Yuan", "Ji" and "Zhu" are used together, which makes the power of broken blade far from other holy treasures.

However, the yuan Tu sword also has a unique magical effect, that is, the more holy blood it is contaminated with, the stronger its fierce spirit will be!

After a stick of incense.

Lintian suddenly moved in his heart and opened his eyes.

On the sky, the plundering clouds are rapidly collapsing, and under the sky, a graceful shadow bathes in the bright thunder, emitting a holy breath.

Lintian's eyes were straight at once.

Because at this time, Zhao Jingxuan's body was full of snow and smooth, and his attractive figure was fully revealed at this moment.

Obviously, she had just succeeded in the robbery and fell into a kind of realization, which she was not aware of.

So that Lintian saw such a "soul stirring" picture.

Lintian's heart beat violently, and his heart lake was like an electric shock.

Zhao Jingxuan is very beautiful. Her beauty is like a pure and refined hibiscus. Her body is like coagulated fat. Her face and facial features are delicate and clear, just like a fairy coming out of the painting.

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But at this time, her perfect body was so exposed in the air, and the pictures made Lintian have a kind of amazing impact.

the only thing that made Lintian speechless was that there were crystal clear thunder like light and rain around Zhao Jingxuan, making her beauty looming.

When Lintian couldn't help but appreciate the beauty, he saw an ancient dragon shadow all around Zhao Jingxuan, which was vivid and circled around her.

Bursts of deep dragon chant, then surging in the world and open, produce a palpitating Longwei.

Beauty is like jade, accompanied by a dragon, standing high above the sky, as holy as a fairy, and has a kind of boundless majesty like the highest!

Real dragon?

Lintian's mind suddenly wakes up and shows a different color. After she succeeds in the robbery, does Jing Xuan really wake up to the talent of the real dragon in her blood?"Is it good?"

Suddenly, Zhao Jingxuan on the sky opened his eyes and looked at Lintian from a distance, with a beautiful white face.

When she spoke, she made a simple move, covered her slender body with a jade robe, and walked towards Lintian.

Lintian's face was stunned and said, "what's good to do with the robbery?"

Zhao Jingxuan blinked shuilingling's eyes, bit Shuirun's lips and said, "dare you touch your conscience?"

Her temperament has changed, there is a kind of holy breath, sound Ding Dong pleasant, just like the sounds of nature.

When she spoke, she sat beside Lintian at will, with her white chin on her elbow, and turned to stare at Lintian's side face.

Lintian didn't look askance and sighed: "my conscience told me that there's nothing good to see. You don't know. Just now, I tried my best to kill the guy who wanted to do something wrong to you. Up to now, my strength hasn't recovered."

As soon as his voice fell, he felt a pain in his waist and was severely twisted. Then he saw Zhao Jingxuan smiling and said, "don't change the topic. You're the devil of the forest. Do you dare to see it

Lintian took a cool breath and knew that he couldn't put it on any more. He turned his head and stared at Zhao Jingxuan's beautiful face. His eyes were burning. He said, "well, I admit that I'm a coward, OK?"

Zhao Jingxuan stayed.

At this time, her body was light, and Lintian took her in his arms and bowed her head to kiss her.

At this moment, all the plundering clouds in the sky broke away, the sky was clear, and there was a quiet and peaceful atmosphere between heaven and earth.

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In the distance, little Yinxing said, "I'm rich this time. The sword Qingchen is one of the eight wonders of Qingming. There are so many good things on me. If the master knows, he will be very happy."


The butterfly's wings flashed, blocking silver.

"What's the matter?"

The small silver sword eyebrow picks.

The next moment, he was stunned and saw the scene in the distance. He was shocked and almost jumped up.

After a long time, he murmured: "master, he Finally like a man! Xiaotian, you don't know. Since I've been fighting with my master, he has never been greedy for women. At that time, ALU and I both doubted whether the master didn't like women... "

"How many years?" What a wonderful way.

"Let me see. At that time, the master was still a little monk in Linggang realm. It's almost decades now..."

"Not a confidant?"

"Of course, but the master has never been interested in it. Only Miss Zhao can make the master worry all the time."

Speaking of this, silver suddenly thought of a person, "no, there is a summer solstice girl."

Xiaotian sighed: "it's too few. Since ancient times, which world-famous person has never been accompanied by many beautiful people who are beautiful and beautiful? Master, he Poor thing

"It's pitiful of you to say so." Xiaoyin sighed.


Suddenly, Zhao Jingxuan's sweet and ethereal voice sounded. Xiaoyin and Xiaotian looked up and saw that Zhao Jingxuan had come to them and looked at them with a smile.

Both of them were all hairy and felt a murderous air. They both shook their heads and laughed.

But in my heart, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian sigh. Even if the master wants to find more confidants, he will have to pass Miss Zhao first.

As for Lintian, he looked at all this with a smile, but his lips hurt a little, which made his smile show his teeth.

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"Master, your mouth is bleeding."

Xiao Yin screamed.

All of a sudden, Lintian's smile solidified, while Zhao Jingxuan's pretty face turned red and her star eyes were ashamed.


On that day, they left the secret place.

Three months have passed since we left the camp, and only one month or so is left before yuanci's secret place comes.

On the same day that Lintian left, many powerful people in the world of Da Luo came to the entrance of this secret place.

"No, there was a fight here!"

A great sage's face suddenly changed. "It's clear that there is a big enemy invading here. Hurry up! Enter the secret place and have a look, young master

But when they enter the secret place, after searching for a long time, everyone's face has become very blue and gloomy.

In this secret place, there is also a world shaking duel, and through the residual breath in the field, it is enough to recognize that jianqingchen has suffered a terrible blow!

Even, most likely already died!

It's just that none of them can believe it and can't accept it.

Jian Qingchen, this is the first person of the young generation in daluoguyu and the leader of their camp. If he is in trouble

That will give them a heavy blow!

In this way, what else do they use to compete with other domains?"No one is allowed to divulge this news, otherwise, I will kill him!"

In the end, a highly respected supreme Saint takes a deep breath and makes a decision.

"Also, check as soon as possible, which enemies have appeared in this area recently, and check who the killers are as soon as possible. We need to see people alive and corpses dead!"

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