On this day, all the strong members of the Daluo ancient camp were told that the sword was clean and closed, and all matters were handed over to Qin Xiaosheng, the elder of Tianjian Pavilion.

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Qin Xiaosheng, a well-known sage on the top of the mountain for a long time, is also the most reliable protector of jianqingchen.

It did not cause much trouble for him to take charge of the power of the Daluo ancient region camp.

But anyone who knows the inside story is worried!

Information may be hidden for a while, but how can it be hidden to the end?

Jian Qingchen is one of the eight unique talents of Qingming. He is the leader of the young generation in ancient wasteland. Once the news of his disaster comes out, the whole battlefield of jiuyu will be shocked!

The most terrible thing is, if he doesn't have a sword, what else will he take to compete with other regions?

"Check! In any case, we must find out who the murderer is! "

Qin Xiaosheng's face was cold and his eyes were full of deep hatred.


"Jian Qingchen is dead. Are you going to spread it out?"

On the way back to the ancient wasteland, Zhao Jingxuan asked casually.

After thinking about it, Lintian shook his head and said, "now, I'm afraid no one knows that I did it. In that case, it's better not to publicize it for the time being."


Zhao Jingxuan couldn't help asking, "you should know that Jian Qingchen is the leader of the daruo ancient region camp. His death is enough to cause a heavy blow to the daruo ancient region camp. For other regions, I'm afraid they are also happy to see this scene."

"For the ancient wilderness camp, this is also a big good news, which has immeasurable benefits for establishing your prestige."

Lintian said with a smile: "the wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it. If you let the big figures in other domains know that the sword Qingchen died in my hands, how do you think they would react?"

Zhao Jingxuan understood in a flash.

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Jian Qingchen is one of the eight great masters of Qingming. His death is enough to make Kun Shaoyu, Zhu Yingkong, lie Qian, Chi Wushu and other leaders fear.

Lin Xun, who killed Jian Qingchen, would be regarded as the most dangerous person by them!

Once they were all staring at him, they would join hands to fight against Lintian by all means.

"It's not the time for a full-scale war. The ancient wilderness camp is too weak. It's hard for us to compete with the other eight regions just because we have a few top saints."

Lintian pondered, "when the war really starts in an all-round way in the future, spreading the news of jianqingchen's death will surely give an unexpected blow to the enemy's morale."

Zhao Jingxuan frowned and said, "I'm afraid I'll soon know the death of Jian Qingchen."

"Do you think they will publicize it?"

Lintian asked.

Zhao Jingxuan was stunned. He immediately knew it and said with a smile, "if I were a strong man in the ancient area of daruo, I would block the news for the first time and find out who the murderer was as soon as possible. In this way, at least the influence of the death of jianqingchen could be eliminated as far as possible."

Her smile was as bright as a flower, and her eyes were as bright as a pair of stars. Lintian could not help pinching her pretty face and said, "smart!"

Zhao Jingxuan spat lightly, with a touch of rosy clouds on her pretty face.


Two days later.

The ancient wasteland, the city of road protection.

The golden wall is like a rolling dragon body, coiled on the earth. Every brick is as clear as glass, with bright red blood color. It can be seen that there are many white bones embedded between the bricks.

Thousands of feet away from the city of protecting the road, a group of strong men from the ancient region of the northern underworld, led by five great saints, are inviting to fight.

"Is there no one in the ancient wilderness? Nobody dares to fight? "

"Well! When the troops are in the city, you only dare to shrink, and you are not ashamed? "

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"Bah! A two legged sheep is a two legged sheep after all

Bursts of ironic, sarcastic abuse, resounding between heaven and earth, it is a group of long-lived plunder the top of the king, one by one confident, elated.

On the upper floor of the city, SHAOHAO's hand is on his back. He looks calm and unmoved.

But many of the strong people in the ancient wasteland nearby were angry and indignant.

"A month ago, powerful foreign enemies from the eight regions came and went in droves, cruising and galloping in our ancient wasteland. These days, they are even more aggressive. They all come to the city to shout and provoke. They can't bear it!"

Some people gnash their teeth.

"They must have heard that Lintian was not in the city, so they had no fear to challenge him!"

Others frown and worry.

Lintian had been away for several months and had not heard from him. Many people could not help worrying whether he had encountered any accident in the outside world.

"At the beginning, Lintian alone besieged a city in the blood demon world. Now, we are surrounded by these eight foreign enemies. It's really deceiving!"

Some look gloomy.In fact, everyone knows that the reason for this is that the foundation of their ancient wilderness camp is too weak.

As soon as Lintian left, SHAOHAO and ruowu were the only saints left in the city. In order to protect the powerful people in the city, it was impossible for them to go out and fight with the enemies outside the city.

On the other hand, the enemies of the eight regions, the great sages of juetong, who are in large numbers, are obviously right. They are weak in the ancient wasteland, and they can only take advantage of the city of protecting the road to protect themselves from the wind and rain, so they dare to challenge so fearlessly.

"The purpose of their provocation is very simple. In two months, the secret place of yuanci will come to the world. As long as the city is blocked, it will be equivalent to blocking the chance for our ancient wasteland strongmen to enter the secret place of yuanci!"

SHAOHAO said in a deep voice, "of course, they must have found out that Lintian was not in the city now, so he would come to challenge with such confidence."

After a pause, he continued: "of course, if we can't stand their provocation and go out to fight with them, we will fall into their trap. If anything happens to me and any of them, they will take advantage of the situation and attack the city on a large scale!"

They all knew that what SHAOHAO said was true, but they were blocked in front of their own door by the enemy and provoked frequently, which made them feel resentful and unhappy.

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What worries them most is that if they are still trapped in the city when yuanci's secret land comes, what else can they take to seek the chance of becoming a saint?

In fact, SHAOHAO and Ruo dance are also quite depressed.

Of course, they are not afraid to fight with each other, but they have to consider the safety of all the ancient wilderness strongmen in the city of moat.

"After so many days, Lintian never appeared. It can be seen that the news is not false. He must not be in the city."

In the distance of the city of protecting the road, a sage at the top of the mountain opens his mouth.

At the beginning, when they learned that Lintian was not in the city of moat, they were not sure. They were extremely alert and cautious when they came to challenge.

But after so many days of trial, despite all kinds of humiliation and provocation, Lintian didn't show up, which made them gradually relax.

For them, the only one in the ancient wilderness camp to fear was Lintian. Since Lintian was not there, it was undoubtedly the best time for them to invade the ancient wilderness.

Therefore, during this period of time, all the domain forces, such as Beiming ancient domain, Tianhuo ancient domain, yinjue ancient domain, Jiuli ancient domain and dongsang ancient domain, have rushed into the ancient wasteland and swept around.

The ultimate goal, as Shao Hao speculated, is to prepare for the coming yuanci secret land in two months!

"Hum, even if this son appears, with his own strength, how can he prevent the strong in our camp from entering the yuanci secret place?"

"Last time, the seven regions army was completely destroyed, in the final analysis, it was because no one thought that Lintian could arrange a holy way forbidden array of terror."

"But this time, it was different. When the secret place of yuanci came, there was no way to arrange the array. As long as he dared to stand up, he would be attacked by a group of top sages from the eight regions!"

Some of the other top saints nearby all sneered.

When they mentioned the news of the last fall of the coalition forces in the seven regions, they were all shocked.

But when he calmed down, he would find that Lintian's own fighting power might be very powerful and unusual. But the key reason for the destruction of the seven regions' allied forces was the holy way forbidden array, not that Lintian's fighting power was strong enough to sweep 70 top saints.

This is also an important reason why the eight regions of their strong dare to wreak havoc in the ancient wilderness during this period of time.

It is also because of the fear of the holy way forbidden array of the ancient frontier city that they only dare to provoke from a distance and dare not really attack the city.

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"Son of a bitch! If Lintian is here, how dare you be so arrogant? "

Suddenly, there was a roar from the city of moat.

This made those strong people in the ancient region of the northern underworld laugh. These poor two legged sheep only dared to threaten them with Lintian.

"Unfortunately, Lintian is not here."

A great saint joked.

"What if he Lintian appeared? I can't wait to enter the city, and he can't wait for me! "

The other sneered.

"After several months, Lintian didn't show up. Should he Has something happened to him? "

Others speculate maliciously.

For a moment, on the upper floor of the moat City, all the people were livid and gnashing their teeth.

At this moment, they finally realized that without Lintian, they could only shrink here after all, and they could only bear to be provoked.

When Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan returned, they noticed such a scene from a distance.

"It seems that during your absence, the ancient wilderness camp has been very passive. They have been bullied by the enemy to the front door, and they can only bear it."

Zhao Jingxuan glanced at Lintian with emotion in her voice.Along the way, she had learned all kinds of things that had happened in the past year from Lintian. She knew very well that without Lintian, the city of protecting roads in the distance would not have been built.

"Now you understand that, in the final analysis, there are too few saints on the top of the ancient wilderness camp. At present, they are far from being able to fight against other domains."

"However, I believe that after yuanci's secret land comes, all this will definitely change!"

When Lintian spoke, he had stepped forward with dark eyes.

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